Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nanny Bloomberg Targets North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan

Mayor Nanny Bloomberg is taking his authoritative freak show on the road.  The lord and master of the five boroughs isn’t content on flouting power in his NYC fiefdom.  Now he wants to impose his will on the rest of the country.  His Grace has targeted vulnerable senators in so-called swing states with ads like the following:


I don’t trust Nanny Bloomberg.  This ad may seem innocuous.  He isn’t.
I personally take issue with an authoritative NYC mayor trying to have influence over a North Carolina senator.  Senator Kay Hagan is supposed to look out after our state’s interest.  Unfortunately, she like many others has been swayed by outside players.  That’s why the 17th Amendment should be repealed.  A North Carolina U.S. senator should have to answer to the state legislators and not to an ambitious northeastern city dictator.  And if she fails to protect our interest, we at least would have a mechanism to recall her, which is what would have happened after her vote on Obamacare.


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