Thursday, April 4, 2013

N.C. Republican Legislators Propose Driving Privileges to Illegal Aliens

The unrelenting drumbeat for the legitimacy of illegal aliens is shocking.  North Carolina republican legislators are proposing a plan to authorize “driving privileges” to the invading hordes under the specious pretense of public safety.
Republican state Rep. Harry Warren, who last year co-chaired a special House panel on immigration, said this week that he planned to introduce his legislation Tuesday or Wednesday. He declined to share details, but he said the bill “focuses on an appropriate state-level response to the issue of illegally present persons in North Carolina.”

An estimated 325,000 people live illegally in North Carolina.
Details are still being finalized, but those familiar with the discussions say driving applicants likely would be required to prove they’ve lived in the state for a year and demonstrate proof of insurance. Those who pass all required tests will be eligible for temporary driving permits – not driver’s licenses. It’s unclear whether the one-year permit would be renewed.

North Carolina has a 9.4% unemployment rate.  Of course, it’s more like 14%.  And here we are extending privileges to foreigners who have no regard for our laws and sovereignty.

Citizenship means nothing to politicians.  Look out Roman Empire.  Here comes the United States. 


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