Friday, February 13, 2015

ISIS Follows Prophet's Example by Immolating Jordanian Pilot

What’s the problem?  Why is everybody outraged over ISIS immolation of a Jordanian pilot?  They were just being good Muslims by following an example by the most perfect man that walked the face of the earth.  Here an excerpt from the Inquisitr:

Perhaps in response to what may have been an unexpectedly strong condemnation from other Muslims, ISIS used the latest issue of its propaganda magazine Dabiq to defend the burning of a living human being.

“In burning the crusader pilot alive and burying him under a pile of debris, the Islamic State carried out a just form of retaliation for his involvement in the crusader bombing campaign which continues to result in the killing of countless Muslims who, as a result of these airstrikes, are burned alive and buried under mountains of debris,” an article in Issue 7 of Dabiq stated.

The article went on to attempt to justify the burning of al-Kasabeh in religious terms, saying that the ISIS killers “followed the footsteps of Allah’s Messenger … in his harshness towards the disbelievers.”

Oh, those quirky people from that “Religion of Peace.”  Where would the world be without them?


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