Monday, January 15, 2018

President Trump's Economic Policies are Looking Bright

What a difference a president makes. The economy is booming and the future seems bright. America is wearing a pair of shades. Here is an excerpt from the Hill:

The Wall Street Journal asked 68 business, financial and academic economists who was responsible for the strengthening of the economy, and most “suggested Mr. Trump’s election deserves at least some credit” for the upturn. 

A majority said the president had been “somewhat” or “strongly” positive for job creation, gross domestic product growth and the rising stock market.

The pros cite the White House’s push for lighter regulation and the recent tax bill as critical to a pro-growth environment; more than 90 percent of the group thought the tax bill would boost GDP expansion over the next two years.

I remember when a business owner from Georgia publicly declared he would not hire anyone until King Obama was out of office. Someone reported him to the FBI as a national security risk, I kid you not. The Secret Service ended up interviewing this guy. What a farce!

I can personally state I wouldn’t have bought a brand new 2018 Ford Transit Connect had Hillary Clinton won. I would’ve kept my 1997 Ford pickup truck on life support, because I simply do not have faith in the Democratic Party’s socialist policies. All I needed was a hint of optimism and a president who doesn’t want to fundamentally transform this country into a third-world shithole.


President Trump: The Patron Saint of Blue State, Sh**holes

It’s an MLK Day miracle! Good news just seems to abound since Donald Trump became president. The unemployment rate for minorities has reached a low unseen since the Nixon administration. Here is an excerpt from IBD:

Almost unnoticed by the mainstream media, unemployment rates for Hispanics, African-Americans and Asians have not only fallen, but are now at all-time lows. That's right: Unemployment has never been lower for minorities, at least not since 1972, when such records first started being kept.

Over the past year, the unemployment rate has dropped 17% for Hispanics, 14% for African Americans and 11% for Asians.

More significantly, the jobless rate for African Americans fell to a record low 6.8% in December from 7.2% the month before. And it was the first time ever that unemployment for African Americans ever fell below 7%.

And blue state, shitholes are seeing an influx of manufacturing jobs. Fiat Chrysler announced they’re moving 2,500 jobs from Mexico to Michigan and they’re giving their employees bonuses thanks to President Trump’s revamping of our tax codes and NAFTA renegotiations.

If this keeps up, we’ll have to declare President Trump the patron saint of blue state, shitholes.


Geography Made Easy

President Trump makes 6th grade geography easier.  Is there anything this man can't do?  

H/T:  Muskegon Pundit

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Activist Judge Legislates in Favor of DACA

Another federal judge has just abused his office by legislating from the bench.  A San Franciscan jurist ruled that King Obama’s royal decree subverting Article I Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution will stand.

But on Tuesday, U.S. District Judge William Alsup in San Francisco ruled that the Trump administration's decision to eliminate DACA was based on a shoddy legal argument and called the move "arbitrary" and "capricious."

Ruling in favor of the University of California, Alsup ordered the government to resume DACA renewal applications while challenges to the September order work their way through the courts.

It’s about damn time Congress stepped up to the plate and do their duty by putting these rogue justices in their place.  Article III specifically defines the court’s original jurisdiction and that all other considerations are regulated by Congress.  However, considering how corrupt and gutless our elected officials are, we’ll have to endure more outrageous rulings by black robed thugs before we slap these scoundrels down by demanding an Article V Convention of States.


The Truth About 'Sh*thole Countries'


Liberal Media are Derelict Vessels

Fake news everywhere and rarely a drop of truth in sight. Is it any wonder, American citizens are tuning out the mainstream media and seeking alternative news outlets? Yet, liberals have the nerve to decry polarization and a complete breakdown in trust when their propaganda has been refuted time after time after time - ad nauseum.

King Obama recently lamented on David Letterman’s show that Americans no longer have a baseline of facts and that we are living under two different information universes. Well, the simple fact, President Pen and Phone, is progressives have infiltrated and bastardized long trusted and revered institutions. Intrigue and deception are corrosive. People will eventually seek a different vessel if the one they’ve depended on for years has been compromised and its hull breached and crumbled. Eventually, those institutions become derelict eye sores.

Yesterday, I was sitting at a lunch counter reading a book when I overheard a conversation about Donald Trump allegedly paying a pornstar hush money over a sexual encounter. This was the first time I’ve heard this and it didn’t take a second thought to completely dismiss this as nonsense. Yet, these two gentlemen apparently believed it.

Stormy Daniels  

I went home and sure enough, Newsweek and other outlets are running with this story. However, later that day,Stormy Daniels refuted this report as complete nonsense. All I have to say is: Thank God for alternative news sources.

Let’s face the facts, the media has never been a truthful institution to begin with. The book I was reading at the lunch counter just happened to underscore the dishonesty of newspaper reporters especially when it comes to their political foes.

Image result for george white an even chance in life

George Henry White was a black, republican congressman in North Carolina during the late 1800’s. He ended up being the last African-American to hold a national office before Jim Crow became institutionalized in the South. The attacks on this man is reminiscent of what is happening to President Donald Trump. Here is an excerpt:

Newspaper accounts of the infamous “circus incident” vary, but there seems little doubt that George White, either alone or in the company of a group of w0men and children, did attend John H. Sparks’s circus in his hometown of Tarboro on October 8. Perhaps he was seeking relief from the heat of the campaign, but if so, he found little solace inside the tent. The Greenville Reflector reported that White “took a seat among the white people.” refusing to move when requested and “saying he was as good as the white people and that he would not sit with the negroes.” Four policemen and twenty circus employees later, White and his entourage left the tent voluntarily but still protesting, according to the Reflector. Not content with simply reprinting this account, the News and Observer quickly sought out at least five Tarboro whites to sign affidavits affirming and embellishing the tale of the “great big black burly, leader of the fusion forces in North Carolina” and his demand for social equality: their affidavits were the basis for a longer follow-up story two days later.

Yet the entire story was outlandish at best. George White may have attended the circus, but the Tarboro Southerner made no reference to any such incident in its next edition, even after the intervening reports had been published.

And then this, a couple of paragraphs later:

The origin of the circus story is as difficult to fathom as one that appeared two weeks later in the Wilmington Messenger, supposedly involving 150 Lenoir County “Rough Riders” who had physically prevented George white from disembarking his train in Kinston for a campaign speech. Even the Kinston Free press called the story “a fake” and White publicly denied that anyone in Kinston had intimidated him. Yet a week later, a new type of intimidation appeared in the News and Observer in the form of an article accusing members of White’s family of fomenting racial strife and planning to commit armed violence; Josephus Daniels’s newspaper had in effect declared war on George White six days before the midterm election.

Doesn’t this sound familiar? We have a media who has declared war on President Trump and his family and they have no compunction or scruples in their quest to drive him out of office.

By the way, George White ended up leaving public office and the state of North Carolina. Here is an excerpt from his last speech to the United States House of Representatives about the tactics of the Democratic Party:

It would be unfair, however, for me to leave the inference upon the minds of those who hear me that all of the white people of the State of North Carolina hold views with Mr. KITCHIN and think as he does. Thank God there are many noble exceptions to the example he sets, that, too, in the Democratic party; men who have never been afraid that one uneducated, poor, depressed negro could put to flight and chase into degradation two educated, wealthy, thrifty white men. There never has been, nor ever will be, any negro domination in that State, and no one knows it any better than the Democratic party. It is a convenient howl, however, often resorted to in order to consummate a diabolical purpose by scaring the weak and gullible whites into support of measures and men suitable to the demagogue and the ambitious office seeker, whose crave for office overshadows and puts to flight all other considerations, fair or unfair.

Congressman White concluded:

Now, Mr. Chairman, before concluding my remarks I want to submit a brief recipe for the solution of the so-called American negro problem. He asks no special favors, but simply demands that he be given the same chance for existence, for earning a livelihood, for raising himself in the scales of manhood and womanhood that are accorded to kindred nationalities. Treat him as a man; go into his home and learn of his social conditions; learn of his cares, his troubles, and his hopes for the future; gain his confidence; open the doors of industry to him; let the word "negro," "colored," and "black" be stricken from all the organizations enumerated in the federation of labor.

Help him to overcome his weaknesses, punish the crime-committing class by the courts of the land, measure the standard of the race by its best material, cease to mold prejudicial and unjust public sentiment against him, and my word for it, he will learn to support, hold up the hands of, and join in with that political party, that institution, whether secular or religious, in every community where he lives, which is destined to do the greatest good for the greatest number. Obliterate race hatred, party prejudice, and help us to achieve nobler ends, greater results, and become more satisfactory citizens to our brother in white.

This, Mr. Chairman, is perhaps the negroes' temporary farewell to the American Congress; but let me say, Phoenix-like he will rise up some day and come again. These parting words are in behalf of an outraged, heart-broken, bruised, and bleeding, but God-fearing people, faithful, industrious, loyal people--rising people, full of potential force.

Mr. Chairman, in the trial of Lord Bacon, when the court disturbed the counsel for the defendant, Sir Walter Raleigh raised himself up to his full height and, addressing the court, said: Sir, I am pleading for the life of a human being.

The only apology that I have to make for the earnestness with which I have spoken is that I am pleading for the life, the liberty, the future happiness, and manhood suffrage for one-eighth of the entire population of the United States.

The media in North Carolina during George White’s time was as dishonest as the mainstream media is today. Their baseline of truth is just as biased and deceitful as the white supremacist were in the late 1800’s and they will do anything to destroy their political opponents. But truth, just like the Phoenix in George White’s speech will rise from the ashes despite the duplicity of Democrats and their scribes in the press.