Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Conservatives are Winning, Bigly

Are you getting tired of all this winning? Hell, I was beginning to think conservatism was a mirage; something mythological such as a unicorn or a griffin. It’s been 30 years since we’ve had a semblance of respect for the U.S. Constitution, and it’s coming from a New Yorker. Who would’ve thunk it?

The recent Supreme Court decisions and subsequent announcement of Justice Kennedy’s retirement is sending libtards into a panic. They know the only way they can force their agenda down our throats is through the judiciary and President Trump is going to make sure we get a constitutionalist on the court.

One of the perks from all this winning is watching libtards foam at the mouth. Here is the cherry on top of our conservative sundae.

How it sounded inside a DNC committee meeting the moment Justice Kennedy’s retirement was announced

 And we can always count on Spittles:

Monday, June 25, 2018

Liberals Equate President Trump's Rhetoric with Their Bullying

How dare liberals compare President Trump’s rhetoric to these whacked out liberals who’re harassing and threatening Republican politicians and officials. I know it’s a shock we finally have a president who’ll stick up for himself. God knows, conservatives suffered through eight years of George W. Bush. That man was the mainstream media’s pinata. Trump refuses to be their bitch and they can’t handle it.

Since when has self-defense become belligerence? Does anyone remember President Barack Obama’s war cry, “If they bring a knife, we bring a gun” ? I didn’t hear outrage from the media about that.

I have a question, did Republicans confront liberals in the public square and provoke a fight? Did we surround Lois Lerner’s house for harassing the Tea Party? How many Obama officials were kicked out of restaurants and theaters for their acts of hostility to the American people? None!

The editors at the Charlotte Observer have the audacity to equate President Trump’s rhetoric with the lawless behavior of liberals. Here is an excerpt:

It might also seem necessary to liberals to take such drastic action in the face of an administration that tears children from parents, and a president who so often disregards decency. So said congresswoman Maxine Waters to a California crowd over the weekend. “If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd, and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,” Waters urged.

But such behavior shouldn't feel satisfying, and it's not necessary. It's liberals trying to beat Donald Trump by becoming Donald Trump.

It wasn't long ago that these same Democrats fretted about Trump's crassness and willingness to demean anyone who dared disagree with him. They and we worried that his bullying would do more harm to political discourse, and that's exactly what's happening, as nastiness has bled from the political fringe into the political mainstream.

Certainly, that's been encouraged by members and supporters of the Trump administration, who regularly ridicule the press and political opponents. All the more reason to punch back, say progressives, who contend that the only way to defeat Trump is to fight bile with bile. But that's not true, as liberals themselves showed last week by getting Trump to back down from his policy of separating immigrant children from parents at the border. How'd they do it? By shining a light on injustice, by flooding social media, by swaying public opinion and eventually Republicans in Washington with the force and volume of their voices.

The editors at the Charlotte Observer are delusional. I got news for these morons, you didn’t win. These illegal aliens weren’t released into the general population, which is what libtards want. Nice try.

You gotta love it. These people are the bullies and they don’t see it. We have suffered through their thuggish behavior for decades and when we finally have a president who refuses to have sand kicked in his face, they consider him a bully.

Yeah, I don’t think so.


Red Hen Co-Owner Stalked and Harassed Press Secretary Sarah Sanders

I’ve noticed that these so-called protesters, who’re harassing conservative women in public places, are lying through their teeth. The thugs who confronted Pam Bondi at a theater stated they wanted to discuss her position on illegal aliens and their children, when in fact, they were trying to provoke an altercation. That is diabolical.

The co-owner of the Red Hen, who asked Sarah Sanders to leave her restaurant, also lied. Here is what Fox News reported:

After White House press secretary Sarah Sanders and her family were kicked out of a Virginia restaurant on Friday evening, the owner of the establishment followed the group and kept berating them, Mike Huckabee, Sanders’ father and the former Arkansas governor, told Fox Business on Monday.

“In fact, a little known part of this story, is that after Sarah and her husband left and the family relocated to a restaurant across the street, the owner of the Red Hen then organized an effort to go and scream at them from the sidewalk at the other restaurant,” Huckabee claimed in an interview on “The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan.”

“Finally, one of Sarah’s in-laws, who happens to be very liberal, it’s her brother-in-law, went out in the street and said, ‘Look, Sarah’s already left. She didn’t stay for obvious reasons. She’s had all she needs tonight. The rest of us are trying to have dinner. I’m a liberal. I’m not a Trump supporter. But you guys aren’t helping our cause,’” Huckabee went on to say. “So, it wasn’t just what happened in the Little Red Hen restaurant, it’s what happened ongoing by the owner of that restaurant.”

Stephanie Wilkinson, a co-owner of the establishment, told The Washington Post that she felt compelled to take a stand, citing what she called the Trump White House’s “inhumane and unethical” actions

I wonder if Stephanie Wilkinson believes stalking and harassing a person is humane and ethical. I’ve been to Lexington a couple of times. That surrounding area is highly conservative. I wonder how long they’ll stay in business after pulling that crap.


Pam Bondi: Three Huge Guys Came Up One Inch from My Face - Cursing... On...

That is diabolical.  It's hard to believe people will stoop to that level.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Archie Bunker explains why cave women had short legs & fat butts.

All in the Family wouldn't have survived today's PC culture.

Liberals Project their Character Traits onto Conservatives

Wow. The moonbats in the mainstream media have lost their minds. They can’t accept the fact they’ve been exposed for propagandist. What’s hilarious is they’re projecting their character traits upon conservatives who’re merely refuting their assertions. We have the facts and they have nothing but deceit and emotion.

The latest from the Charlotte Observer’s editorial board is hilarious. Isaac J. Bailey is in need of therapy and some heavy duty soul searching. I believe the diagnosis would be denial. Here is an excerpt from his emotional tirade:

Congratulations on your pyrrhic victories.

All it cost you was your integrity.

All you had to do was make a man who rose to national political prominence on open bigotry president of the United States.

And relinquish all credible claims of being the party of family values and faith.

And embrace policies that include stealing children from their parents, and maybe forever separating them.

And excuse a diabolical level of lying and misdirection.

And declare that morality and character and principles no longer matter.

You’ve mistaken bombast for bravery, cruelty for toughness, mockery as plain talk.

You’ve criminalized the desperation of the poor and oppressed and weaponized your fear.

You’ve demanded civil discourse in service of the uncivil and inhumane.

And you can’t even see it.

Was Mr. Bailey looking in the mirror when he wrote this screed? This is laughable. How dare this fool lecture us on morality and civil discourse when leftist all over the country are hunting and shouting down conservatives.

I don’t recall any moral outrage from the Charlotte Observer when the Obama administration wiped their ass on our Constitution and committed all sorts of felonies that we’re dealing with to this day. I guarantee you, hadn’t Donald Trump won the election we wouldn’t know about the crimes the Obama administration committed.

And how is it that Mr. Bailey can compartmentalize laws that were enacted during the Clinton administration and were practiced by Obama’s, but somehow demonizes President Trump. A liberal federal judge imposed this “consent decree” in 1997, whereby illegal alien families are to be separated. I didn’t hear this fool bitching about this then. And he dares lecture us on integrity?

I will agree with him on the following:

We are amid a reckoning. We are deciding who we want to be.

You must pick a side; each of us has to pick a side. None of us is exempt.

Choose wisely. But first make sure that decision is being made by the best part of you, not the worst.

My side believes in the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law; your’s is mob rule and the ends justifies the means. 

Oh, there will be a day of reckoning, and I believe both sides are looking forward to it.


Conservative Women Tear Apart Liberal Misconceptions

James Hansen's 30-year-old Quackery

A couple of days ago, I scanned through my Google news feed and stumbled upon this headline: NASA’s chilling 30-year-old warning. I thought, alright, let’s check it out. Half way through the article, I began to wonder who published this crap. Come to find out, it was Fox News! Hell, I thought it was Mother Jones. Here is an excerpt:

We were warned. On June 23, 1988, a sultry day in Washington, James Hansen told the US Congress and the world that global warming wasn’t approaching — it had already arrived.

The testimony of the top NASA scientist, said Rice University historian Douglas Brinkley, was “the opening salvo of the age of climate change.”

Thirty years later, it’s clear that Hansen and other doomsayers were right. But the change has been so sweeping that it is easy to lose sight of effects large and small — some obvious, others less conspicuous.

Earth is noticeably hotter, the weather stormier and more extreme. Polar regions have lost billions of tons of ice; sea levels have been raised by trillions of gallons of water. Far more wildfires rage

What a load of crap! James Hansen is a quack. He hasn’t been right about anything. The video below provides empirical data that refutes this huckster’s assertions.

I’m deeply disappointed in Fox News. They’re supposed to be the one outlet that’s immune to leftist propaganda. I don’t know how this one got passed them.


President Trump Separates Millennials from Their Parents

H/T: Muskegon Pundit

SJWs Hunt and Harass Conservative Women

Liberal hypocrisy was on full display last week. Prominent conservative women were harassed at restaurants, theaters and at home. Isn’t it interesting that SJWs demand safe spaces while denying it to others?

Pam Bondi was harassed at a theater that featured a documentary about Mr. Rogers. The Secretary of Homeland Security was hunted down in a restaurant and later had her home surrounded. Sarah Sanders was denied service at Red Hen. This type of behavior is unacceptable in polite society. I guarantee you, that if a conservative acted out in this manner, they would’ve been arrested and/or sued.

Last night I was told by the owner of Red Hen in Lexington, VA to leave because I work for @POTUS and I politely left. Her actions say far more about her than about me. I always do my best to treat people, including those I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so

Liberals believe making a spectacle of themselves is an endearing trait. Nothing advances a cause like making an ass of yourself. All I have to say is keep it up. One of these days, they’re going to run into the wrong person and someone is going to get hurt. 


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Deep State Activist Harasses Secretary of Homeland Security

I thought it suspect when I heard a pack of libtard activists hunted down the secretary of Homeland Security at a Mexican restaurant. You would have to be a stalker to pull this stunt off. Come to find out, that’s exactly what happened. A Deep Stater at the Justice Department was a participant of this atrocious act. Here is an excerpt from the Daily Caller:

One of the activists who chased Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen out of a Mexican restaurant Tuesday night over the Trump administration’s immigration policies is an employee of the Department of Justice, The Daily Caller News Foundation has confirmed.

Members of the Washington, D.C., chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America crashed Nielsen’s meal with a demonstration full of chants and other outbursts.

One of those participants, Allison Hrabar, actually works for the Trump administration — as a paralegal in the DOJ.

We have a serious problem in Washington D.C. when employees of the federal government are stalking and harassing people. Allison Hrabar should be fired for this type of behavior. We need to purge our government of Deep State activist.


Illegal Immigration has Changed the Culture of the Democratic Party

Can one trust today’s media? I sure as hell don’t and with good reason. For instance, take a look at their hysteria over illegal aliens and their children. You would’ve thought we invaded the Third World and installed concentration camps. All this hyperbole for merely protecting our borders and sovereignty. Hell, you would’ve thought President Trump imposed the Fourth Reich.

The editorial board at the Charlotte Observer is a perfect example of emotion over reason and they do it by distorting statistics and facts. I never trust their assertions. One must always check their sources, if they give them, and then do extensive research. Their latest defense of this Third World invasion is typical leftist propaganda: illegals commit less crimes than native born; massive migration is not a threat to our culture, and they are just entitled to the welfare state as an American citizen. Basically, citizenship and the rule of law means nothing to these people.

I don’t care what the crime ratio is for illegal aliens. Common sense should tell you that crimes by illegals aliens wouldn’t happen if we protected our borders; this should be a non sequitur. However, that won’t stop the libtards at the Charlotte Observer. Their latest editorial uses an article from Politico about crime statistics in Germany. Here is an excerpt:

Of the many words Donald Trump used this week in defense of his horrific policy to separate children and their parents at the border, one tweet should especially trouble Americans. It's not the tweet you think — the repulsive one from Tuesday that said undocumented immigrants "infest our country." This one came a day before, as the heat began to intensify in response to the administration's border policy.

"Crime in Germany is way up," Trump said about migration in Europe. "Big mistake made all over Europe in allowing millions of people in who have so strongly and violently changed their culture!"

First, a quick fact check: Crime in Germany is, in fact, not up. It's down 5.1 percent since last year and is at its lowest rate since 1992.

More problematic is Trump's concern that immigrants have changed Germany's culture. That's a different immigration argument from the president, who previously has focused on security and safety and protecting Americans from the crimes committed by those here illegally. That's bunk, by the way. Statistics show that undocumented immigrants are considerably less likely to commit crimes than native-born citizens.

An interesting thing about this assertion is that statistic was presented by Interior Minister Horst Seehofer who wants to crackdown on asylum seekers and deport Muslims. Here is an excerpt from an article by Handelsblatt Global:

As of late, Mr. Seehofer has been resorting to dog whistle rhetoric to woo sympathizers of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which is expected to mount a strong challenge to his CSU party in a Bavarian regional election on October 14. Shortly after joining Ms. Merkel’s cabinet, he caused controversy by claiming “Islam is not a part of Germany,” rekindling a bogus debate in a country that is home to between four and five million Muslims.

Ms. Merkel is trying to defuse the row with Mr.Seehofer by offering concessions such as supporting his plan to speed up deportations of asylum seekers by building so-called “anchor centers” to house them from their arrival in Germany until their possible departure.

Deportations? Detention centers? Geez, that sounds alot like what is happening in the United States. Funny how the Charlotte Observer left that out of their editorial.

How about massive migration not changing the culture? Here is another excerpt from the Disturber:

The targets of all these policies and proposals share one thing — they're not part of Donald Trump's America, the one that is whiter and richer and doesn't want its "culture" changed.

He's wrong about that, of course. Immigrants are not a threat to our culture. They are, and have always been, woven deeply into who we are. But now, with a president who has become even bolder and more vile about immigrants, we should be vigilant not only about how we treat those at our border, but those who contribute to the heart of America's greatness.

Immigrants aren’t a threat to our culture? Wrong again. This assertion can easily be refuted, just take a look at California. California used to be a red state 25 years ago. Not anymore. Here is an excerpt from the Los Angeles Times:

If it seems laughable to think that less than a generation ago California was a red state, for all intents, then laugh away.

From the elections of Harry S. Truman to Bill Clinton — a span of 44 years — Democrats won the presidential contest here only once, in the landslide post-JFK election of 1964. More often than not, in those days, Republicans won elections for governor and U.S. Senate as well. But since then?

Six straight presidential wins for Democrats. Nine straight Senate victories. An overwhelming advantage in other statewide offices. And the biggest voter shift in that time? The percentage of Latino voters has more than doubled. And those voters have grown far more loyal to Democrats.

"It's a huge demographic shift, the likes of which the country has never experienced," said Mike Madrid, a Republican political strategist who has long studied the impact. "Not just the size of it, but the speed in which it has happened. In one generation, California looks entirely different than how it looked before. It's changed our society. It's changed our culture."

Politically speaking, the shift has placed one-fifth of the electoral votes needed to win the presidency in the hands of the Democratic Party. And as nearby states grow more Latino, they become more Democratic. Nevada and New Mexico used to be reliably Republican in presidential contests; lately they've been easily Democratic. Arizona appears to be following suit, if more slowly.

Illegal immigration didn’t just change the culture of California and neighboring states, it changed the culture of the Democratic Party and the sycophants that make up the mainstream media.


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Democrats Give Free Pass to Criminals if Parents

I know we have morons in Congress, but the latest to come out of the Senate is astonishing. Senator Dianne Feinstein and a cadre of libtards have written a bill that would give a free pass to criminals if they’re parents. This particular stupidity is in reaction to the hysteria of separating illegal alien invaders from their children. Here is an excerpt from The Federalists:

Democrats’ proposed legislation to prohibit so-called border separations would actually prevent federal law enforcement agencies almost anywhere inside the United States from arresting and detaining criminals who are parents having nothing to do with unlawfully crossing the border and seeking asylum.

Every Senate Democrat has now signed on to cosponsor a bill written so carelessly that it does not distinguish between migrant children at the border and U.S. citizen children already within the United States. The bill further does not distinguish between federal officers handling the border crisis and federal law enforcement pursuing the ordinary course of their duties.



Democrats Cede U.S. Territory to Third World

There is a sickness that pervades the United States. Liberals are ceding territory to illegal aliens and by default a Third World jurisdiction. These people want an open border policy.

Senator Dianne Feinstein and the Democratic caucus have introduced a bill that would render null and void enforcement of our immigration laws within 100 miles of our “border.” Here is an excerpt from the Daily Wire:

When the bill seeks to define the geographic area where it would apply by stating "at or near the port of entry or within 100 miles of the border," it does a very poor job of actually limiting the scope of the area it covers, as Malor writes, "That area includes almost the entirety of the geographical territory of the United States and the vast majority of people living in it," adding, "Two hundred million people live within 100 miles of the border."

Wow! Don’t sit there and tell me we don’t have a Progressive problem in this country. This open border policy will be the end of the United States. Time to wake up, people.


President Trump's Kiddie Concentration Camps

America the terrible! How dare President Trump protect our borders. Who in the hell does he think he is, the commander in chief? Oh, the humanity! Progressives are shocked that a politician is actually following through on his promise to enforce our immigration laws. I guess those laws weren’t so inhumane at the time of passage.

Listening to this rhetoric, you’d think President Trump invaded the Third World, rounded up their children, installed them into kiddie concentration camps, so we can conduct experiments on them. Just take a look at your local rag and count how many editorials and op-eds are about this manufactured atrocity. These people are absolutely shameless.

President Trump has exposed progressive hypocrisy in more ways than one. This faux outrage on illegal alien families just happens to be the latest. The game is up. We know what these people are about: Politicians will pass a law with provisions they want implemented while at the same time laden it with all sorts of promises to appease the potato eaters with no intention of enforcement. They have taken us for suckers far too long.

The genius of President Trump is his ability to expose these frauds. I don’t believe we’ve ever had a leader like him.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Western Civilization has a Self-Loathing Disease

A disease is spreading throughout the West. Heirs of a great civilization have come to the conclusion we are unworthy of our success; that our preeminent status has been built upon imperialism that denied lesser cultures their opportunity at greatness. Self-loathing has become fashionable. These aggrieved philosophers bask in a faux humility by begging the world to forgive us for modernity.

I will not apologize for modernity. As a matter of fact, I believe it’s an accomplishment that people have the leisure to ponder the benefits this great civilization has gifted the world, while complaining about it. And without a doubt one of the biggest beneficiaries of Western civilization are women.

Today’s women have the leisure to attend college, enroll in women’s studies and bitch about men. But it was men who liberated women from the drudgery of household work. Take for instance the electric washing machine. Elva J. Fisher invented Thor back in 1910 and life was made easier. Here is an excerpt from the Irish Times:

This morning I placed the dirty laundry in the washing machine, pressed start and went next door for coffee. Later I transferred the clothes to my dryer, pressed a button and “wash day” was over.

Gone is the drudgery of wash day of my childhood in rural Ireland in the 1950s. Monday was laundry day. I helped when I was not in school. Mam was up early bringing water from the nearby pump. The big pot was boiling on the cooker and the two big galvanised metal tubs were ready in the scullery. The laundry was separated in piles according to colour and soiling. The whites were washed first, and that water was reused, topped up with hot water and the water changed as necessary. We used Rinso soap powder with carbolic soap to help remove stains.

Our washboard was a wooden frame with panels of fluted tin. It was the bane of my life. My hands were sore and chapped from rubbing dirty clothes up and down the board. We had a mangle outside the back door, and the clothes were fed through the rollers to remove the excess water. A blue bag was added to the rinsing water to whiten the shirts and detached collars and cuffs. My dad’s shirts needed to be starched, requiring yet another basin of water.

And that was in the 1950’s! There are women in Third World countries knee deep in a river beating clothes with rocks. I bet they would appreciate a little Western civilization right about now.

Oh, and let’s not forget two of the greatest crimes Western civilization has wrought upon humanity: slavery and imperialism. Today’s intellectuals would have us believe the West invented the twin sisters of the apocalypse. But that again is faux history. Here is an excerpt from an article by Philip Carl Salzman entitled, It’s Time to Fight for Western Civilization:

This make-believe postcolonial theory is based on willful blindness to the facts of history. Imperialism was a major phenomenon of world history for millennia prior to the venturing forth of the Europeans in the 16th century: the Akkadian Empire of 2300 BC, the Hittite Empire of 1700 BC, the Babylonian Empire of 1600 BC, the Persian Empire of the 6th century BC, the Chinese Empire 221 BC to 1911, the Arab Muslim Empire 632-1258, the Mongol Empire of 1206- 1405, the Ottoman Empire 1299-1922, the Russian Empire 1721-1917, and dozens and dozens of others.

So, the impression that post-colonialists wish to impart, that imperialism was uniquely a product of the West, that Western imperialism was uniquely evil, and that it corrupted through violence and imposition a peaceful and happy world, has no basis in historical reality. In addition to all of the earlier empires, societies outside imperial reach were often tribal societies characterized by a constant jockeying, competition, conflict, and warfare among tribes for access to resources and for honor and glory.

Postcolonialism exhibits a double standard: The West is condemned for its imperialism, but Asian, African, and pre-Columbian American (Aztec and Inka) empires are ignored. This theory also offers a racism of low expectations in describing non-Western cultures and societies solely as victims, lacking in their own agency, subject only to the will of their Western conquerors. Postmodernism is false history.

This article is well worth the read.

I believe we’re all getting sick and tired of aggrieved classes complaining about nothing. These people have no appreciation for where they live, nor do they have a comprehensive understanding of history, or the world at large. It’s time to call these thumb suckers out.


Sunday, June 10, 2018

Vengeful Huffington Post Reporter Destroys Family by Doxing

Some people are just vindictive pricks. I cannot believe a political disagreement can turn into warfare by any means, but that is exactly what a Huffington Post reported did to woman and her family whose twitter account offended his snowflake sensibilities. What did Luke O’Brien of the Huffington Post do? He did a little thing called doxing, but with a vengeance. Here is an excerpt from Fox News:

Lately, it’s become a tool of so-called journalism. The Daily Beast used it to target the daughters of conservative Pamela Geller. This time it was used both by and against HuffPost staff. Reporter Luke O’Brien went digging into the woman behind a popular Twitter account with about 220,000 followers.

O’Brien’s subsequent article didn’t just attack the author of the account. It went after her family. Here’s the unsubtle headline: “Trump’s Loudest Anti-Muslim Twitter Troll Is A Shady Vegan Married To An (Ousted) WWE Exec.” Only at the time he wasn’t “ousted.”

The story mentioned the woman’s husband who worked for pro wrestling’s WWE by name. O’Brien didn’t stop at targeting the man’s wife. He went after the man’s employer, asking for comment about the Twitter account.

O’Brien wasn’t satisfied with what he heard the first time from the WWE, so he tried again. This time he got results. “Now that it has come to our attention” the man (who I am choosing not to name) is no longer an employee,” said a WWE spokesperson. The completed story mentioned the WWE 10 separate times.

O’Brien’s story even brought in the woman’s brother and his wife, though they had nothing to do with her activities.

“Her brother runs a popular restaurant and craft beer bar in Brooklyn that also bears the family name,” O’Brien wrote

What a lowlife piece of trash. Apparently, what goes around, comes around because O’Brien got his just desserts along with other Huffington Post staff. What’s that saying? Live by the sword, die by the sword. I hope these people learned a lesson.


Tom Coburn tells Congress: 'America doesn't trust you'

National Popular Vote Equals Blue State Mob Rule

Progressives are constantly looking for ways to circumvent the U.S. Constitution and force their agenda down the American peoples throat. One of the unique aspects of our federalist system is to put a check on populism by ensuring the mob doesn’t force their will on everyone else. The latest scheme to come down the pipeline is a national popular vote.

Eleven states plus the District of Columbia have passed a law pledging their Electoral College votes to the winner of the national popular vote. NPR summed up their reasons why:

"With the exception of the presidency, every elected office in the country, from city council, to United States senator, to governor, is awarded the candidate who receives the most votes," Malloy said in a statement. "The vote of every American citizen should count equally, yet under the current system, voters from sparsely populated states are awarded significantly more power than those from states like Connecticut. This is fundamentally unfair."

There you have it. This is all about highly populated areas in blue states, whose people have completely different values than the rest of us, having the ability to shove their agenda down our throats. What they want is Blue State mob rule.

Of course, these people don’t have the courage of their convictions to implement this scheme until everyone else is forced to comply.

The bill adopts an interstate compact that's officially called "The Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote."

The agreement won't kick in unless it's backed by enough states and other voting areas to claim a majority of Electoral College votes.

In addition to Connecticut, the other jurisdictions in the pact are California, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington state, along with Washington, D.C.

"If the Electoral College is abolished, the compact terminates," according to the Connecticut legislation.

The only way the Electoral College can be abolished is by amending the Constitution and there is no way in hell that’s going to happen. There are many Americans who would rather dissolve this union than be ruled by a bunch Blue State degenerates who want to turn this country into California, or any of those other states that are signatories to this un-American abomination.


NC SPIN: Gov. Cooper Playing Politics with State Budget

John Brennan Foaming with Invective over Trump Policies

You’ve got to love it. Nothing says success like apoplectic D.C. creatures foaming with invective over President Trump’s policies. Communist, like John Brennan, are having a hard time accepting their rejection, and I might add a little fearful of what the future holds if the truth ever comes out. Can Mr. Brennan say prison?

Your wrong-headed protectionist policies & antics are damaging our global standing as well as our national interests. Your worldview does not represent American ideals. To allies & friends: Be patient, Mr. Trump is a temporary aberration. The America you once knew will return. 

I have news for Mr. Brennan: Washington D.C. is not the country and all those scumbags who reside in that miasmic swamp do not represent the values of the American people. And if the polls hold true, President Trump will be more than just an aberration.

I would also like to note that a Convention of States movement is gathering steam all thanks to the likes of John Brennan and all the other creatures that infested the Obama administration.


North Carolina Puts Voter ID on the Ballot

Civitas supports legislation requiring all voters to present a voter photo ID when casting a ballot. Our most recent poll shows the majority of likely voters support it, too.

I remember watching poll results for Alabama’s special election for the U.S. Senate when something occurred to me: why are only 2% of Montgomery County precincts being reported? All other counties were finished or nearly finished tabulating their votes except for Montgomery. Then an avalanche of votes for Doug Jones came sliding in, ultimately handing this Democrat a victory.

What happened? Well, if we’re to believe the mainstream media, blacks turned out in record number for a special election. Their numbers even exceeded Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential election. Here is what NPR reported about this historic turnout:

Black voters made up 29 percent of the electorate in Alabama's special Senate election, according to exit polling. That percentage is slightly more than the percentage of Black voters in the state who turned out for Barack Obama in 2012. And a full 96 percent of Black voters in Alabama Tuesday supported Jones, including 98 percent of African-American women. "Black women led us to victory. Black women are the backbone of the Democratic party," Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez tweeted Wednesday morning, "and we can't take that for granted. Period."

And we’re expected to believe there were no shenanigans in this “special” election. Hogwash!

Citizens must have faith that their elections are valid and Democratic Party proof. What I mean by that is tamper proof and the best way to ensure the integrity of the ballot is to banish same-day registration and implement voter ID.

We can hear the howling now. North Carolina is putting Voter ID on the ballot as a constitutional amendment. Here is what the editorial board at the Charlotte Observer had to say:

Rep. John Sauls, a Lee County Republican who is a primary sponsor of the constitutional amendment, said, “Our state must not tolerate anyone’s vote being threatened because lawmakers failed to prevent fraud.”

What a sham. For years, Republicans in North Carolina alleged that in-person fraudulent voting is rampant. Then, in April 2017, the state Board of Elections released the results of an extensive, objective audit of the 2016 election. It found that out of almost 4.8 million votes cast, one fraudulent vote probably would have been avoided with a photo voter ID law. One!

If Sauls is worried about lawmakers failing to prevent fraud, he should pay more attention to Russian hacking or mail-in absentee-ballot fraud, both of which pose bigger threats than someone showing up at the polls illegitimately.

Another misguided justification? “Moore emphasized that North Carolinians show IDs for far more trivial matters than participating in elections,” his press release said.

Voting, unlike driving or buying strong narcotic cough medicine, is a constitutional right. The others are privileges. Americans should not have to jump through artificial – and for a small number of people, substantial – hoops to exercise their constitutional rights.

Russian hacking? Really? Oh yeah, I’m sure those pesky Russians are working night and day determining which party controls North Carolina's General Assembly. What a bunch of maroons.

Voting isn’t a constitutional right. People have to meet certain qualifications to vote. Voting privileges can be taken away from a citizen; a constitutional right cannot. This is the kind of stupidity we have to deal with in the mainstream media.

If North Carolinians pass a constitutional amendment for voter ID, you can damn well bet libtard organizations will find a judge to rule this measure unconstitutional. Liberals say they believe in democracy, but only the kind they approve.