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Charlotte Eats!

There are plenty of good restaurants in Charlotte.  Unfortunately, we've lost a few that we're truly landmarks in the Queen City.  Here is good video showcasing a few of them.


Of course, I have to mention the Mallard Creek BBQ.

It's a Penalty... It's a Tax... No! It's Shared Responsibility!

It’s a penalty… it’s a tax… No!  It’s Shared Responsibility!

Once a particular brand has become tainted, liberals will use a different term as a means to make their initiatives more palatable.  Obamacare is getting a makeover.  The Daily Caller reports:

The Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) final rule on Obamacare’s individual mandate, released this week, uses the term “Shared Responsibility Payment” more than 50 times to describe the mandate’s non-compliance penalty, which the Supreme Court in 2012 defined as a tax.
The IRS also used the term “shared responsibility penalty” in the rule, which does not identify the individual mandate as a tax.
The 75-page rule published by the IRS, which is tasked with enforcing Obamacare as the law is fully implemented in 2014, is entitled “Shared Responsibility Payment for Not Maintaining Minimum Essential Coverage.”

F.A. Hayek wrote about the bastardization of the language.  Here is a foreward to his The Road to Serfdom:


The fact that this book was originally written with only the British public in mind does not appear to have seriously affected its intelligibility for the American reader. But there is one point of phraseology which I ought to explain here to forestall any misunderstanding. I use throughout the term “liberal” in the original, nineteenth-century sense in which it is still current in Britain. In current American usage it often means very nearly the opposite of this. It has been part of the camouflage of leftish movements in this country, helped by the muddleheadedness of many who really believe in liberty, that “liberal” has come to mean the advocacy of almost every kind of government control. I am still puzzled why those in the United States who truly believe in liberty should not only have allowed the left to appropriate this almost indispensible term but should even have assisted by beginning to use it themselves as a term of opprobrium. This seems to be particularly regrettable because of the consequent tendency of many true liberals to describe themselves as conservatives.

He also wrote:

If one has not one’s self experienced this process, it is difficult to appreciate the magnitude of this change of the meaning of words, the confusion which it causes, and the barriers to any rational discussion which it creates. It has to be seen to be understood how, if one of two brothers embraces the new faith, after a short while he appears to speak a different language which makes any real communication between them impossible. And the confusion becomes worse because this change of meaning of the words describing political ideals is not a single event but a continuous process, a technique employed consciously or unconsciously to direct the people. Gradually, as this process continues, the whole language becomes despoiled, and words become empty shells deprived of any definite meaning, as capable of denoting one thing as its opposite and used solely for the emotional associations which still adhere to them.

Video Game Depicts Quest for Infanticide

Here is another example of a trivialization of life.  A “pro-choice” group has designed a video game depicting characters on a quest to get an abortion in Texas.  And as with all liberals, they need other people’s money to support their project.    

Their IndieGoGo, which asked for donations, advertised the game in further detail:

The game “Choice: Texas” is an educational interactive fiction game which will be freely available on the web. Players will explore the game through one of several characters, each of whom reflects specific socioeconomic, geographic, and demographic factors impacting abortion access in Texas. Although billed as interactive fiction, Choice: Texas is based on extensive research into healthcare access, legal restrictions, geography, and demographics, and is reflective of the real circumstances facing women in the state.

Why not lobby Planned Parenthood?  They’re well known for fleecing the taxpayers.  I’m sure they would be more than willing to “finance” their infanticide fantasies.  Or, they could sell fetuses for baby soup.  I read it's a delicacy in China.

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Conrad the Constitution Episode 8

War Drums

Mark Levin on Obamacare and the Constitution

Senator Richard Burr Preens His Obamacare Feathers

North Carolina republicans have a riff in their congressional delegation.  All have ceremoniously voted to defund Obamacare.  A few refuse to take the full measure, which would entail a showdown on funding the general government.  Here are the weak kneed:  Senator Richard Burr, Rep. Robert Pittenger, Rep. Renee Elmers, and Rep. Patrick McHenry.

When it comes to preening feathers, politicians will make a big show.  But when it comes time to put up or shut up, the gamers tuck tail and run.  The excuse for the impertinent four is that the Senate will not vote to defund Obamacare; so, they're willing to let this monstrosity exist and enslave us all to a bureaucratic and financial hell.

Senator Richard Burr stated that threatening to defund Obamacare and potentially “shutting down the government” was the stupidest idea he ever heard of.  Well, you just became the poster child for repealing the 17th Amendment.  If the state legislatures had the ability to appoint senators we wouldn’t have populism run amuck.  And the federal government wouldn’t run roughshod over the States and their citizens.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Is America Facing Another Civil War?

If I could measure the political temperament of the country, I would liken today’s to America’s civil war, the first civil war: The America Revolution.  The parallels are uncanny.  We have a president who’s not held accountable for his policies.   King George III was treated the same way.  Much of the turmoil that preceded the Declaration of Independence was considered a political quarrel that got out of hand.  The colonist blamed the king’s ministers, members of parliament and those who profited from government.  
Political disagreement turned bloody.  George Washington wrote about his fellow countrymen who were called Tories.  Here is an excerpt from Thomas B. Allen’s Tories, Fighting for the King in America’s First Civil War:
In 1776 Washington had seen Tories merely as disillusioned people, calling them “Unhappy wretches!  Deluded mortals!”  But his attitude toward them gradually hardened.  Writing to his brother, John Augustine, Washington was uncharacteristically nasty about the Loyalist departure: “All those who took upon themselves the style of government-men in Boston, in short, all those who have acted an unfriendly part in the great contest, have shipped themselves off in the same hurry….One or two have done, what a great number out to have done long ago, committed suicide.

The acts of a monarch that brought about America’s first civil war are being reenacted today.  The States and their citizens are being marginalized and disenfranchised by federal bureaucrats and an overzealous attorney general.   King George III acted much the same by taking away the colonies charters, abolishing their laws, and altering their forms of government.  Their next step was to confiscate firearms and ammunition.  Sound familiar?

How can we avoid the pitfalls of another civil war?  Mark Levin has pointed out the solution in his book The Liberty Amendments, outlined in article V of our Constitution.  But are the States too dependent upon government largess to shake off the shackles.  We’ll find out.  But what I do know is this can’t last.

If another civil war breaks out, we know our fate if we lose: death, imprisonment, and slavery.  But what about the legions of government men that infest today’s America.  What will we do with today’s Tories?  Well, I expect they’ll be treated the same as their ideological brothers in the 18th century.  Many left voluntarily to Canada and other territories of Great Britain.  Others were forced to leave.  States enacted expulsion and confiscation laws to ensure that their “neighbors” never returned, or made them take loyalty oaths.  Here is a statue depicting the fate of the “Loyalist.”

United Empire Loyalist monument in Hamilton, Ontario. The accompanying plaque reads:

This Monument is Dedicated to the Lasting Memory of The United Empire Loyalists who, after the Declaration of Independence, came into British America from the seceded American Colonies and who, with faith and fortitude, and under great pioneering difficulties, largely laid the foundations of this Canadian nation as an integral part of the British Empire.

Neither confiscation of their property, the pitiless persecution of their kinsmen in revolt, nor the galling chains of imprisonment could break their spirits, or divorce them from a loyalty almost without parallel.

“No country ever had such founders — no country in the world — no, not since the days of Abraham.” — Lady Tennyson

There are plenty of totalitarian countries out there for the progressives to choose from.  However, there is only one America for us patriots.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dear Leader Blames Republicans for Obamacare Failures

Either Obama is an economic retard, or he is something worse.  The rising cost of health care is due to federal and state mandates and regulations.  Obamacare has escalated those costs exponentially.  He blames republican congressman for thwarting his monstrosity by stating they refuse to help their constituents.


The real reason they can’t help is because the law is over 7’ high in pages.  They have no idea what is in it.  And I thought War and Peace was an ordeal!

Dear Leader tells us if we want to find out more about the law to go to his website.  I wonder if they published this monstrosity in its entirety.  Now that’s job security! 

Mark Levin's "The Liberty Amendments" on Hannity - Complete Show

This is a must see.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

O'Reilly Calls Out Sharpton the Shyster

H/T:  Weasel Zippers

NC Spin Host: Tea Partiers are Bullies

Tom Campbell, a former assistant state treasurer and host of NC Spin, laments emerging voices that don’t accept the status quo and have the audacity to speak their minds.  Statist, like Mr. Campbell, look upon the Tea Partiers as past generations looked upon children:  seen but not heard.  Here is an excerpt from his article:

Republican Congressman Robert Pittenger, home for the summer recess, has been holding Town Hall Meetings in his district. In a recent one, a Tea Partier rose to ask Pittenger what he described as an easy question, requesting a simple yes or no answer. Would Pittenger vote to defund Obamacare, he asked?
 When Pittenger asked the Tea Partier if he was willing to listen to the thoughtful answer to his question, he was abruptly told, “No.” So just as quickly Pittenger responded “No” to the question.
 The Congressman’s very thoughtful reason and the debate over repealing or defunding The Affordable Care Act is worthy of more conversation but the vehemence in which the question was posed and the refusal to hear anything but a black-or-white response illustrates the growing schism between the mainstream and Tea Party extremists in the North Carolina Republican Party, a schism more threatening to continued GOP control of North Carolina than any threat posed by the disorganized Democrats

Mr. Campbell thinks Tea Partiers are uninformed brats.  The reason this citizen wanted a yes or no answer is because we are already living the ramifications of Obamacare.  And most informed Americans know that establishment Republicans are big government advocates.  Here is an excerpt illustrating just that:

Those who identify themselves with the Tea Party apparently have as poster boys, Barry Goldwater and Grover Norquist. Some still remember Goldwater, in his acceptance speech for the 1964 Republican presidential nomination, saying, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.” The extreme element’s definition of the defense of liberty is to be unyielding, anti-government, in fact just about anti-everything. Am I wrong or do they appear to have no use for any government program, public infrastructure or the common good? It seems they define liberty as the freedom to be able to do what they want without question, obligation or responsibility for others.

Mr. Campbell has no understanding of our federalist system, or the United States Constitution; he, like many of his ilk, look upon the government as a sugar daddy with bottomless pockets.  Compassion and the common good are equated with loose monetary policies, confiscatory taxation and rampant regulations.  As for public infrastructure, a little knowledge of history will answer that question. 

And the Tea Partiers are the bullies?

Tea Partiers are using these same tactics to effectively silence and make impotent those within their own party who are willing to seek consensus and compromise; leaders who heretofore have included the likes of Jim Broyhill, Jim Holshouser, Jim Martin and others. Today’s mainstream Republicans are conservatives but they are also pragmatist,s willing to include others, to get far more accomplished with cooperation than by being unyielding, threatening or mean-spirited.
One doesn’t have to be a political expert to understand reality. The continued domination by those on the far right is a sure recipe for defeat. They do not speak for the majority of North Carolinians. Both political parties have large numbers of members neither far right nor far left in their convictions, and the fastest growing registrations come from unaffiliated voters, now consisting of 24 percent.
The question North Carolina Republicans face is whether they will allow this extreme hardline element to dominate their party or whether they have the courage to stand up to them and regain control. They need to know the bullying will continue until someone stands up to the bully. The mainstream’s response will determine their party’s future and will impact our state

This is laughable!  If recent memory hasn’t failed me, I do believe the IRS targeted and harassed Tea Party organizations.  And it doesn’t stop there.   A concerted effort by federal government bureaucracies has also targeted and harassed Tea Partiers as well.  And we’re the bullies?

Hey, Mr. Campbell, why don’t you travel to Missouri and ask a recently unemployed rodeo clown about being bullied.  You might want to reassess your definition.

Two "Immigrants" Convicted for Doing a Job Most Americans Won't Do

Here is a case of two “immigrants” doing a job that a majority of Americans aren’t willing to do.

NEW BERN — Clinton residents Angela Christina Lainez-Flores, 44, and her daughter Karen Mejia, 23, both citizens of Honduras, pleaded guilty as charged in a conspiracy to defraud the federal government through the filing of false income tax refunds.

Each signed a plea agreement with the federal prosecutor following hearings July 22 at the federal courthouse in New Bern. Lainez–Flores also pleaded guilty to a separate charge of aggravated identity theft.

Their scheme involved the filing of multiple tax returns using fabricated identities, phony W-2 earnings statements, and the listing of dependents that do not exist.

Their arrests in May followed an IRS undercover operation conducted with the assistance of an unnamed cooperating witness who prepared the fraudulent tax returns with information provided by the two women. 

The federal government’s criminal complaint stated that seven fraudulent returns claiming a total of $60,784 in refunds, signed by Lainez-Flores or Mejia, were prepared for tax year 2012.

But at a probable cause hearing in May, IRS special agent Bennett Strickland stated the women were involved in much more, filing fraudulent federal tax returns for refunds totaling $1.4 million involving tax years 2006-12.

Their sentencing hearing is scheduled for Oct. 28 and each is facing up to 10 years in prison for the conspiracy to defraud charge. They remain in custody because they “represent a substantial risk of flight as they are in the U.S. from Honduras,” according to the criminal complaint.

Anyone willing to bet they’re illegal aliens?

SEIU Aid and Abets Illegal Aliens

I wonder what percentage of their membership is illegal.

Source:  Weasel Zippers

Libtards Lament Deep Red, North Carolina

North Carolina was supposed to be the crown jewel for the national Democratic Party.  Their aspiration to make inroads into the South seemed promising when Obama won the Old North state in 2008.  They thought North Carolina was going to become a Northeastern outpost.  But what was once considered purple turned deep red.  Now the teat squawkers are screaming about the state’s legislative session.  Here is an excerpt from the New York Times:

 But with Republicans controlling all branches of the state government for the first time in more than a century, the legislature pushed through a wide range of conservative change. The Republicans not only cut taxes and business regulations, as many had expected, but also allowed stricter regulations on abortion clinics, ended teacher tenure, blocked the expansion of Medicaid, cut unemployment benefits, removed obstacles to the death penalty, allowed concealed guns in bars and restaurants, and mandated the teaching of cursive writing.
Just this week, Mr. McCrory signed into law strict voter identification requirements, prohibiting same-day registration and cutting early voting. “Many of those from the extreme left who have been criticizing photo ID are using scare tactics,” he said in a video on his Web site. “They’re more interested in divisive politics than ensuring that no one’s vote is disenfranchised by a fraudulent ballot.”
Lawsuits have been filed — including one on Monday by the N.A.A.C.P. — and protests are taking place almost weekly in Raleigh, the capital, and other cities, leaving North Carolinians across the political spectrum worried that the state’s often-hailed political pragmatism may have given way to the ideological warfare of Washington.
“This is a definite break from what I would consider normal behavior for North Carolina,” said David French, 27, who is looking for a job in industrial design here in rural Rockingham County. “The whole political system nowadays is becoming more extreme.”

I find it strange that people consider what the Democrats are doing as “normal behavior.”  And as far as North Carolina, I believe the people had enough of the corruption and bad policies that have put this state and its citizens in financial straits.  Here is a pontification of another clueless libtard :

 “It shocked everybody,” said Sam Hummel, a 76-year-old retired investment adviser who was arrested last month in Raleigh wearing an Uncle Sam costume and taking part in the protests that have come to be known as “Moral Mondays.”

This guy was shocked?  Well, it was no surprise to those of us who were paying attention.  The past two election cycles are a direct response to the policies of the Progressives.  Gov. Pat McCrory and the Republican controlled General Assembly are reinstituting values that ensures the integrity of a republican form of government:  fiscal responsibility, accountability, and restoring confidence in the electoral process.  Values that Democrats are determined to undermine.

Conrad the Constitution Episode 7 - Unemployment

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

NBC Finally Reports on Obamacare's Assault on Poor and Middle Class

Where in the hell have these guys been for the past couple of years.  I guess better late than never.

Climate Day Protestor Wants to Arrest Dissenters of Big Government

This statist wants to arrest anyone who disagrees with Obama and try them for treason.  He drones on about how we should become subservient to the federal government, because that’s what “we” voted for.  Would someone remind this libtard that the House of Representatives has a republican majority.

These people are scary.

H/T:  Weasel Zippers

USDA Undermines NC Mountain Pride

An agent for the USDA was given an award for corrupting a proud North Carolina community by making them dependent on food stamps.  People should be rewarded for helping others become independent and self-sufficient.  That concept is long gone in the age Obama.  

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

NOAA Wins Obama's Climate Denier Award

Obama’s OFA organization is handing out Climate Denier Awards.  I believe his own NOAA will be the next recipient.

( – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently released its “State of the Climate in 2012” report, which states that “worldwide, 2012 was among the 10 warmest years on record.”

But the report “fails to mention [2012] was one of the coolest of the decade, and thus confirms the cooling trend,” according to an analysis by climate blogger Pierre Gosselin.

“To no one’s surprise, the report gives the reader the impression that warming is galloping ahead out of control,” writes Gosselin. “But their data shows just the opposite.”
Although the NOAA report noted that in 2012, “the Arctic continues to warm” with “sea ice reaching record lows,” it also stated that the Antarctica sea ice “reached a record high of 7.51 million square miles” on Sept. 26, 2012.
And the latest figures for this year show that there’s been a slowdown of melting in the Arctic this summer as well, with temperatures at the North Pole well below normal for this time of year. Meteorologist Joe Bastardi calls it “the coldest ever recorded.”

And the winner is…

H/T:  Weasel Zippers

Open Borders Group Undermines Asylum Sanctions

Homeland Security has once again screwed up.  The subversives who run this department opened a wormhole for an unfettered invasion of our country.  Last week, they gave asylum to a group called “Dreamers 9.”  Now a progressive organization that advocates open borders is exploiting that decision.  The Daily Caller reported the following:

“By the twisted logic of the Dream 9 group, every person in the nation of Mexico can be an asylum applicant because everyone has some fear that cartel violence will effect their community.” he added.

“It will be very interesting to see if the Obama administration is willing to come to grip with reality and try to get off this slippery slope” caused by their asylum policies, he said. “If they allow this asylum claim, it will redefine asylum to make it virtually” limitless, he said.

Kobach also said that the Dream 9 group has inspired hundreds of other potential immigrants to follow suit.
“The word has gotten back to Mexico that this is a new tactic for getting into the United States and getting released,” he claimed.

The open border movement consists of progressives and business leaders who want of minimize border curbs that restrict the flow of Latinos, workers and customers into the United States of America.

The pending Senate bill goes partway towards that goal, by doubling today’s 1 million annual inflow of immigrant workers and consumers, most of whom are low-skill and are likely to vote Democratic. Overall, the bill would allow roughly 46 million people to immigrate by 2033, according to estimates on the right and left.

The Dream 9 group’s tactics have prompted a backlash from established progressive leaders, who say it will embarrass Obama as he pushes for passage of a transformative immigration bill.

I don’t believe anyone in the Obama administration is capable of being embarrassed.

Mark Levin Discusses Liberty Amendments on Hannity

Mark Levin is on Hannity for the full hour this coming Friday.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Mark Levin on the Liberty Amendments

Here is another must read.  This will be bumped up on my list.

Obama Zombies Sign Petition Supporting Infanticide

And these people vote.

H/T:  Weasel Zippers

Sen. Harry Reid: Federal Government Takeover of Healthcare is Inevitable

Senator Harry Reid let the cat out of the bag.  The federal government will eventually take over the healthcare system.  Forget about our Constitution and the concept of limited government, we need our federal overlords to rule over us all.

I have to laugh at the statements Democrats make.  They say Republicans want to deny the poor and middle class access to health care.  Well, I’m here to tell you the dirty little secret is all the regulations, mandates, and laws that our government rulers have implemented over the years is the true reason why health care is so expensive.  But that cat has sunk to the bottom of the river.

Obama Intends to Collapse U.S. Economy

H/T:  NC Renegade

The Illegal Alien Trade in Mexican Border Towns

I watched this documentary this past weekend.  It was aired on Current TV.  Yeah, I know.  What I found interesting is the only industry some of these Mexican border towns have is smuggling illegal aliens into the United States.  That's it.

Even though this film was designed to draw sympathy for illegal alien sojourners, it really is an indictment of Mexico and all of Latin America.  

Food Stamp Rat Living the Beach Bum Life

I watched this special last Friday.  All I can say is this country has lost its soul.  I remember a time when people were ashamed of taking a government handout.  Now its no big deal.  As a matter of fact you're considered clever for scamming the "system."

We have become a degenerative culture.  And this beach bum is living a rat's life.

Illegal Alien Horde Demand Asylum from Drug Cartels

Last week, Homeland Security released a group of illegal aliens on the specious claim their lives are under threat by drug cartels.  These young adults once resided in the United States.  Their parents smuggled them into this country when they were children.  As adults, they became discouraged because States refused to grant them the rights and privileges of a citizen; so they self-deported.  Once Obama unconstitutionally issued a partial amnesty, they demanded to be allowed back in.

Now we are witnessing a disturbing trend.  Illegals are demanding asylum.  Fox News reported the following:

A loophole is allowing hundreds of immigrants across the Mexico border in to the United States.

Immigrants are being taught to use "key words and phrases" to be allowed to enter and stay in the country. 
Just this past Monday, Border Patrol agents say about 200 people came through the Otay Crossing claiming a quote: "credible fear" of the drug cartels. 
So many were doing this that they had to close down the processing center and move the overflow by vans to another station.
"They are being told if they come across the border, when they come up to the border and they say certain words, they  will be allowed into the country," said a person who did not want to be identified on camera.  "We are being overwhelmed."
Pete Nunez, former U.S. Attorney and immigration expert says, "This will swamp the system."

"To make our system even more ridiculous than it has been in the  past," he adds.  "There are no detention facilities for families, so the family would have to be split up. We don't want to split families up, so we end up releasing people out into the community on bond, on bail."

Nunez says, "It's a huge loophole."

"There has to be a policy change, something implemented, an emergency implementation that will stop this, or otherwise we will have thousands coming in."

Immigrants are telling the Port Enforcement Team -- or P.E.T. -- that the cartels are ripping apart their state.
There's no word on whether this same loophole is being used in Arizona.

We are being invaded by a third-world horde and the Obama administration is the main culprit.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Joe Biden Buy a Shotgun Song

What Medicaid Expansion Means to North Carolinians

North Carolinians are constantly bombarded by special interest groups, editorial boards, and general liberal riff raff about our state not expanding Medicaid.  Every one of these groups has yet addressed the cost, or how we’re going to pay for it.  Apparently, they don’t care. 

The Civitas Institute has done their homework.  They have outlined what expansion of Medicaid means for North Carolina and the country in general:

  • The federal government covers the cost of the new enrollees for only the first three years. But where would they get the money? Some estimates put the cost of expansion nationally at $118 billion over the next decade alone. If you haven't noticed, the federal government is broke.
  • After the first three years, states would begin to pay a share of the additional costs. Some estimates place the cost of expansion to North Carolina at more than $3 billion over the next decade (these are likely very low). Where would the state get the money? State Medicaid spending has already shot up 42 percent in the last decade.
  • Who will see the half a million new Medicaid enrollees? During a recent 8-year span, the state added 600,000 Medicaid enrollees, a whopping 50% increase in Medicaid patients. At the same time, the number of physicians accepting Medicaid patients decreased. The Medicaid system is already overcrowded, with enrollees having very limited access to actual medical care. What would happen if we jammed another half a million people into this program? That would be more than a million additional people crammed into a system chasing fewer doctors. Imagine adding a population roughly equivalent to all of Wake County into a system with already nearly 2 million people, all competing to see a dwindling number of doctors

I’ve yet to read an editorial, or an op-ed in the Charlotte Observer about the cost of this program.  No, it’s all hankies and condemnation.  Facts and consequences are irrelevant in that liberal rag.

Homeland Security Grants Asylum to Illegal Aliens

If you want proof that citizenship means nothing in the United States, all you have to do is look at the latest action by the DHS.  Breitbart reported the following outrage:

“The Homeland Security Department tentatively approved asylum requests for seven Mexican immigrants, including some who were living in the United States illegally but left and attempted to re-enter as part of a protest against U.S. deportation policies,” the Associated Press’ Alicia Caldwell reported on Tuesday. “The preliminary approval is highly unusual because it is rare for the U.S. government to grant asylum to Mexican citizens.”
Caldwell noted that the “immigrants were trying to call attention to hundreds of thousands who have been deported during President Barack Obama's administration. They had cited a credible fear of persecution should they return to Mexico.”
They were, according to a late July piece from the Huffington Post, part of a protest the pro-amnesty National Immigrant Youth Alliance (NIYA) organized. “In an audacious move even from a group known for pushing boundaries, the National Immigrant Youth Alliance organized the crossing at the Arizona border town of Nogales as a protest against President Barack Obama’s record-setting pace of deportations,” the Huffington Post’s Roque Planas wrote on July 23.

The fall of all great countries come when their citizens become apathetic, parasitic, and slovenly.  The Byzantine and Roman Empires fell because they refused to control their borders.  Now, they’re just a footnote in history.  If we keep this up, the United States will have the same fate.

Rep. Robert Pittenger Refuses to Defund Obamacare

Robert Pittenger is a huge disappointment.  He has proven himself to be a good ole boy, ingratiating himself with the D.C. clique.  The first head turning moment came when he proposed a collaboration with Democrats in order to “get things done.”  That usually means we bend over and take it. 

Recently, a constituent at a town hall meeting asked if Rep. Robert Pittenger would defund Obamacare.  He rudely said no.  I know that is not what I voted for in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District primary.  And believe me; I along with many others will not forget this.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Federalist Panel on North Carolina's Voter ID Law

H/T:  Civitas Institute

Mountain Moral Monday Fake Education Petition

Just another Moron Monday in North Carolina

H/T:  NC Renegade

Manning Brothers - Football Phone

Medicaid is North Carolina's Second Biggest Budgetary Item

North Carolina’s General Assembly received all sorts of attention during their last legislative session.  Liberal rags such as the Charlotte Observer and the New York Times criticized the republican’s budget that was deemed hostile to the poor.  A group of teat squawkers gathered in Raleigh on Mondays to protest, some were arrested.  Most of those were public employees.  One of their contentions as an outrage is the state’s refusal to expand Medicaid.  They would have you believe this program is a miniscule budgetary item.  It’s not.  As a matter of fact, it is the second biggest item that our government has to deal with.  To give you an idea of how large this program is, here is an excerpt from a Civitas Institute article:

·         A small program? Try this experiment: Walk down the street and think of every fifth person as a Medicaid recipient. That’s because nearly one in five North Carolinians is enrolled in the program.
·         Limited? Imagine that over eight years one city the size of Greensboro and another the size of Durham were added to North Carolina. Well, that’s how many people were added to the Medicaid rolls in one recent eight-year span.
·         Impoverished? Someone with a $490,000 house, jewelry, a good retirement account, a nice car and a business can still qualify for long-term care under Medicaid.
·         And good care?  Care may be good quality – if you can get it. Poorly designed cost-cutting measures have significantly reduced the availability of care to Medicaid patients.

The above was written in September of 2012.  However, libtards would have us believe that Republicans are cutting Medicaid spending in the coming fiscal year, when in fact it is being expanded, thanks to Obamacare.  Here is an excerpt from a Carolina Journal article:

RALEIGH — The new state budget includes a provision creating an advisory panel to rewrite the way the state delivers Medicaid services. It’s part of the Partnership for a Healthy North Carolina reforms championed by the McCrory administration. The budget adds more than $1 billion to Medicaid spending to cover what legislative leaders called cost overruns. 

The additional spending also accounts for mandates from the federal government as the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, takes effect. One mandate is the so-called woodwork effect. Thousands of residents eligible for Medicaid who never enrolled now will sign up because of the mandate for individual insurance coverage. Another is the transfer of 51,000 participants from Health Choice, the subsidized program for low-income children, to Medicaid

You also won’t here from these liberal editorial boards the reforms being made to control the cost of Medicaid.

In addition, 11 components are mandated for inclusion in the advisory panel’s report to the General Assembly. 

Several of those include defining methodologies used to increase efficiency and reduce cost growth. DHHS also must detail how any pilot programs will improve current operations, setting forth the methodologies to show they are scientifically valid. 

The report must show how financial risks will be allocated and how private contractors will be held accountable for implementing the plan. 

The McCrory administration envisions three or four competing private managed care organizations would deliver Medicaid services, replacing the monopolistic Community Care of North Carolina model now in place.

The advisory panel further is tasked with developing Medicaid State Plan Amendments, Medicaid waivers, amendments to state law, and any other actions necessary to implement the reforms.

“What’s in the budget looks pretty much like what we came up with,” said State Rep. Marilyn Avila, R-Wake, who served on one of the House subcommittees working to negotiate with Senate counterparts to develop the Medicaid budget.

Medicaid reform is vital, and experiences in other states that already have gone that route demonstrate the need, she said.

“If you look at the numbers and the results, you have to say it’s got to be the direction to move in when you look at dollar savings,” Avila said.

“But to me, as important as the dollar savings are the outcomes. You look at the data where they’re doing those comparisons of outcomes for people on Medicaid versus other programs, people who are on self-pay, and things of that nature, and the Medicaid outcomes are really, really bad,” Avila said.

“And when you’re spending that kind of money, you would expect a much higher, positive outcome for your patients,” she said. Better outcomes are “to me, just as critical as the fact that they’re showing savings.”

Though criticisms are abound about NC republicans, no one mentions the role of the federal government. States have to negotiate with bureaucrats from Washington D.C.  But you’ll never hear a peep from the statist about that.