Sunday, October 11, 2015

World's Debt Bubble Ready to Burst

Those who pay attention are certainly aware of the dire warnings of an impending financial crisis.  The world is facing a monstrous debt bubble created by central banks, easy money and emerging markets.   

Governments and central banks risk tipping the world into a fresh financial crisis, the International Monetary Fund has warned, as it called time on a corporate debt binge in the developing world.
Emerging market companies have “over-borrowed” by $3 trillion in the last decade, reflecting a quadrupling of private sector debt between 2004 and 2014, found the IMF’s Global Financial Stability Report.
This dangerous over-leveraging now threatens to unleash a wave of defaults that will imperil an already weak global economy, said stark findings from the IMF’s twice yearly report.

Couple that with China and other countries dumping U.S. treasuries on the market doesn’t portend particularly well for us.  I remember the years before the housing bubble popped.  Pollyannaish financial analysts insisted that there was no end to the good times.  Housing prices were going to skyrocket from here to eternity and beyond.  Boy, were they wrong.


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