Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Jacobin Snowflakes Destroy Silent Sam Statue

Silent Sam, a Confederate monument at UNC-Chapel Hill, was erected over a hundred years ago to commemorate students who lost their lives during the War of Northern Aggression. For many alumni, this statue was seen as a protector of this institution of high learning, but today’s doctrinaires see this inanimate object as an oppressor. Silent Sam withstood many a storm over the century, but it couldn’t survive the wails of snowflakes.

As a student of history, I cannot help but think of radicals who’ve destroyed institutions, lives and complete civilizations. They usually start with statues, then they desecrate cemeteries and churches and finally the slaughter of human beings.

These snowflakes remind me of the Jacobins of the French Revolution; nothing was sacred to these people. Here is an excerpt from Citizens by Simon Schama:

But the most unruly demonstrations of dechristianizing zeal probably happened more or less spontaneously. When a regiment of the army, two thousand strong, arrived at Aurexxe en route to Lyon, for example, the cannoneers smashed in the church doors and mutilated images and statues of saints. A crucifix was taken from the chapel of Mary and paraded about upside down for citizens to spit on. When a local quarryman refused to do this, one of the soldiers cut off a part of his nose with his saber.

And of course, some of these revolutionaires were people who held prominent positions in the community.

More orderly forms of dechristianization were provided by such representanats-en-mission as the ex-Oratorian priest Fouche, who undertook a particularly enthusiastic campaign in the Nievre, where he stripped cemeteries of all religious symbols and posted on the gates his famous dictum “Death is but an eternal sleep.”

Governor Roy Cooper is as despicable as the ex-priest Fouche; this man is a demagogue who has just a much contempt for our history as the snowflakes who destroyed Silent Sam. These modern day Jacobins should be prosecuted, but justice will not be served when a fellow traveler resides in the governor’s mansion.

The Governor understands that many people are frustrated by the pace of change and he shares their frustration, but violent destruction of public property has no place in our communities. 2/2


Monday, August 20, 2018

President Jimmy Carter: A Legacy Worth Revisiting

One of the legs on this year’s summer vacation was a trip to Andersonville prisoner of war camp. I happened to notice Plains, GA was a short jaunt away, so I decided to add it to my itinerary which happened to be on the 4th of July.

When driving to Plains, one cannot help but notice that this town is a deeply rural area; it reminded me a lot ot where I grew up, but this place was smaller. My town at least had a 7-Eleven. The only gas station I saw was Billy Carter’s and that’s a museum. I mean this place is small. I stood in the middle of road on the 4th of July and had no worries about someone running me over. Here are some pictures.

I also visited Jimmy Carter’s boyhood home and the graves of his mother, Miss Lillian and his brother Billy, who was a memorable character. They rest in a cemetery down the road.

I was a kid when Jimmy Carter was president of the United States. That was a memorable time in more ways than one. We celebrated the bicentennial around that period. We also had rampant unemployment, inflation and an energy crisis which entailed gas shortages and lines. And who can forget the “malaise” speech and lecture about lowering thermostats and wearing sweaters? But hey, we had great music back in those days and people were patriotic. You can’t deny that.

I didn’t care much for President Carter’s policies. The Panama Canal was particularly irksome. To this day, I still don’t understand why he and the Democratic controlled Senate gave it away. Twice, I’ve watched a documentary about this debacle and I’m still not satisfied. 

While I visited the old high school/museum, I bought his book, “A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety.” I checked to make sure the Panama Canal was indexed and have added it to my reading list. I’m not sure when I’ll get to it, but I will.

The reason why I’m writing about President Carter is The Abbeville Institute recently published an article about his legacy. I don’t agree with their policy analysis, but I do on President Carter’s character. Here is an excerpt:

Certainly Carter had his problems as president, but most of this involved perception not policy. Carter can be credited with beginning the deregulation of the Ronald Reagan era and with installing Paul Volcker as Federal Reserve chairman, a move that helped end the destructive inflation of the 1970s. He also pushed for American energy independence long before it was trendy. Carter’s record on taxation and foreign policy are mixed at best, and no one would credit him with doing anything to end the Cold War, but he was as interested in negotiation and diplomacy as Reagan but without a willing partner in Moscow. Carter’s insistence that people put on a sweater when it was cold and turn down the thermostat rubbed the consumerist American culture the wrong way, but that was the Southern man in him. “Environmentalism” was in fact just a Northern distortion of Southern agrarian. Carter could eloquently discuss Civil Rights and race because unlike most men who lived at Pennsylvania Ave., he had been around African-Americans his entire life. He was a reconciliationist in Washington, something most ideologues could not and cannot understand.

I believe the CATO Institute published something similar awhile back particularly about the Federal Reserve and Paul Volcker. This is an argument that should be studied further. I believe this president deserves that much.

What I learned on my visit is that Jimmy Carter was the consummate outsider not only in Washington D.C. but in the capitol of Georgia. Anyone who participates in the political process has to deal with an entrenched machine. The Georgia clique tried to deny the man from Plains the governorship. Carter fought back and won; that takes character.

Here is another excerpt from the Abbeville Institute.:

It’s fitting that Carter never profited from his time as president. His books don’t sell much. He scribbles, paints, and makes furniture, teaches a bi-monthly Sunday school class, works with charity and humanitarian organizations, and walks around town with Rosalynn. They have been married for seventy-two years, and she is as Southern as Jimmy. Their house is unremarkable, and his “museum” is nothing more than the former Plains public school. He flies coach and the American taxpayer spends the less on Carter’s retirement than any other living president. Carter is just another citizen of his home town, just as Jefferson became just another citizen of Charlottesville.

If you visit Plains, Georgia, you can’t help but admire our 39th president and his little town who’s only gas station is his brother’s museum.


Sunday, August 19, 2018

Fake News: ICE arrests husband taking pregnant wife to hospital for delivery

Fake news at it again.

Fake News Covers for Pregnant Illegal Alien and Her Murderous Husband

Last Thursday, the president of the United States and his legions of supporters were reprimanded by editorial boards across the country for calling their propaganda - fake news. Well guess what? This morning I read an article that originated from the Los Angeles Times documenting another arrest of an illegal alien whose only crime was driving his pregnant wife to the hospital OH, THE HUMANITY!

Angel Jennings, the unbiased reporter and consummate professional, lambasted ICE for arresting this innocent man, who has never committed a crime in his life! All the tears and gnashing of teeth will not correct this injustice. Here is an excerpt:

An emotional Venegas, with her belly burgeoning beneath her shirt, is seen talking on a cellphone inside the gas station.

The mother of five drove herself to the hospital and delivered a healthy baby boy without her husband at her side.

Later, in a hospital bed holding the sleeping newborn, she recalled the confusion surrounding her husband’s arrest.

She said her husband had no criminal history, and never even had a traffic ticket.

“My husband needs to be here,” she told the TV station in Spanish. “He had to wait for his son for so long, and someone just took him away.”

Mother of five! Don’t sit here and tell me this illegal alien family doesn’t receive public assistance. But I digress.

Well, guess what Maria del Carmen Venegas’ husband is wanted for murder in Mexico. But you won’t hear that from the mainstream media. Here is an excerpt from the Daily Caller:

News of Arrona Lara’s arrest quickly spread nationally, with several media outlets characterizing it as an example of the Trump administration’s heavy-handed crackdown on illegal immigration. Venegas told CBS 2 in Spanish that Arrona Lara had never been stopped by police and didn’t have a criminal record of any kind, including traffic violations. (RELATED: Woman Arrested At Suspected Jihadi Compound Is 20-Year Visa Overstay)

But immigration authorities say Arrona Lara is not just an otherwise law-abiding illegal immigrant. He is also wanted by Mexican authorities for murder.

“Mr. Arrona-Lara was brought to ICE’s attention due to an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Mexico on homicide charges,” ICE spokeswoman Lori Haley told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Thank God for alternative news sources. If it hadn’t been for the Daily Caller, we wouldn’t have known about this outstanding warrant. President Trump has labeled the mainstream media correctly; they are fake news.


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Welcome to Hotel Blue State

Welcome to Hotel Blue State: You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. That pretty much sums up the mentality of liberals no matter where you live. These people are a bunch of busybodies who aren’t content unless they’re forcing their values onto everybody else. And if you believe you can escape their self-righteous dictates, you’ve got another think coming.

For instance, Illinois is developing a scheme to destroy the value of their citizens property by raising taxes so high, they can’t afford to leave. Rush Limbaugh summed it up best:

Furthermore, you would not be able to escape this by selling your house and leaving. You know why? You’re not gonna be able to sell your house. Nobody’s gonna buy your house in Chicago with this kind of taxation on it.

And the people that come up with these rules — this is the reasoning from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. “New taxes wouldn’t affect people thinking of moving to Illinois. While they would have to pay higher property taxes, that would be offset by not having to pay as much for their new homes. In addition, current homeowners would not be able to avoid the new tax by selling their homes and moving because home prices should reflect the new tax burden quickly.”

In other words, they fully expect the value of you in Chicago and Illinois who own your homes, the value of those homes to plummet with the application of these new property taxes. So people arriving in the state are gonna be able to afford your house because you’re gonna have to practically give it away, which means you’re gonna lose every bit of equity and wealth you have in your house if you try to sell it and leave.

And if you are able to escape a blue state hellhole, Progressives will use the courts to force their values onto the rest of the country. Illegal immigration, auto emissions, obamacare, environmental standards, it doesn’t matter, they’re going to make damn sure no one escapes their utopian worldview. The Washington Examiner published an article that outlined California’s nefarious schemes. Here is an excerpt:

Federalism has traditionally been a shield, protecting states from an overreaching federal government. But California’s blue-state bully federalism is more like a sword, trying to prod others into following its world view. States are required to give “full faith and credit” to the public acts, records, and court declarations of other states, according to Article IV of the Constitution. If not violating the letter of that law, California certainly disrespects and dishonors its spirit.

People will argue the auto emissions controversy both ways, but the larger story deserves attention as well. When a state sues the federal government 39 times in 19 months, something bigger is going on. In this case, California is trying to impose its own blue-state policies on immigration, civil rights, environmental standards, healthcare and more on the rest of the country wherever it can. That effort should be seen for what it is— a blue-state political power play, not a high-minded defense of federalism and states’ rights.

Progressives respect nothing if it doesn’t advance their agenda. Unfortunately, these totalitarians have fellow travelers in the judiciary who’ll do their bidding.


Monday, August 13, 2018

Welcome to Charlotte, NC

I just had to post this.

H/T:  Knuckledraggin

Time for America to Culturally Appropriate Hungarian Common Sense

Image result for hungary

Common sense is in short supply in the United States and I believe it’s time for Americans to culturally appropriate some. I believe Hungary is a prime candidate and I don’t think they would mind. These people are building walls to keep out Islamic invaders, they kicked George Soros’ Open Society Foundation out of the country, and now they’ve banned gender studies from state universities. Here is an excerpt from the College Fix:

Citing “no tangible use” and “ideology rather than science,” the Hungarian government announced that gender studies courses will no longer be taught at state universities.

Secretary of State of Hungary’s Ministry of Human Resources Bence Rétvári compared the gender studies field to the study of Marxist-Leninism, according to a report in Heti Világgazdaság.

A Hungarian government spokesman told Breitbart the country’s employers have “no demand for gender studies graduates.”

The new rule won’t affect many; only eleven students were admitted to the gender studies program at ELTE, and only two more at George Soros’s CEU according to the Breitbart report.

I can think of whole bunch of college programs and so-called studies that are of “no tangible use,” and let’s face the facts most of this crap is ideology without scientific basis whatsoever. Hungary is onto something. I’m all for cultural appropriation, especially when it’s warranted.


Judge Rules in Favor of Democratic Rat - Chris Anglin

Image result for rat chewing on a paper

If you leave a hole big enough for a rat to gets its head in, you’ll end up with an infestation. Chris Aglin is a Democratic party rat who found a hole in a law and is gnawing on judicial ballots in hopes of splitting the GOP ticket.

Judge Rebecca Holt ruled in favor of this rat and the GOP has no one to blame but themselves. Democrats are unsavory characters who will do anything to win. Chris Anglin is a slip and fall lawyer who was a registered Democrat until last June. His campaign is ran by a Democratic party operative. The lawyer who represented Anglin is also a Democrat. These people are fooling no one.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN/AP) - A judge has ruled in favor of a North Carolina Supreme Court candidate who sued after a law was passed that says a judicial candidate's party affiliation won't be listed next to the candidate's name if it was changed less than 90 days before filing for a race.

Judge Rebecca Holt ruled in favor of Chris Anglin Monday afternoon, preventing the state Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement from printing ballots that label Anglin as anything other than a Republican.

He’s running as a Republican, but had been registered as a Democrat up until early June.

“I’m going to continue my race to run for disaffected Republicans who are disgusted by the actions of the Legislature,” Anglin said.

During a special session in July, the Republican-led General Assembly passed a law that would have resulted in Anglin having no party affiliation next to his name on the November ballot.

He’s facing off against current Republican Justice Barbara Jackson and Democrat Anita Earls.

Republicans have accused Anglin of entering the race to pull votes from Jackson in an effort to help Earls win, which he denies.

If anything, we’re disgusted at your actions, Mr. Anglin. You people have absolutely no shame and voters should be well aware of your actions and never allow you to hold an office of public trust.


Sunday, August 12, 2018

A Liberal's Lying Eyes

That perfect split second when the lie is being formulated to answer yet another question on a subject about which you, as usual, know nothing...

White Demonization and the Coming Dark Age

Image result for south african genocide

A disturbing trend has permeated the world’s stage: the demonization of white people, particularly white men. This phenomenon has taken over college campuses and is now seeping into our political discourse. When I first heard this nonsense, I laughed like everybody else. What fool would believe this crap? I completely forgot to factor in the libtard horde.

What’s really odd is that white people have taken up this self-loathing banner without thinking about the consequences. These idiots are trying to assuage a guilt that is completely self-inflicted. We have nothing to be ashamed about. The United States is the most prosperous country in human history and that is due to our Anglo-American heritage. 

Anyone who is of a different race, legally comes to this country, acculturates and subscribes to our creed is welcome to the land of peace and prosperity. But that’s not what’s happening. We have political forces who are trying to balkanize this country by pitting one subset group against another. This is called multiculturalism.

One has to ask, what will happen when white people become a minority population. Will the American creed still hold? The left has basically repudiated our founding principles of life, liberty and property. They laugh at the notion of federalism and the rule of law. They want to destroy American exceptionalism, because they think we don’t deserve it.

To all those fools who repudiate the American creed, all I have to say is look elsewhere and see the results of your ideology. Latin America is an anarchist’s wet dream. Europe is under siege by an Islamic horde hell bent on jihad. And white people are facing genocide in South Africa. Here is an excerpt from the BBC:

The party has found it impossible to ignore the calls to go beyond its willing-seller-willing-buyer approach to land reform.

And Mr Ramaphosa appears to have bypassed a parliamentary consultation when he said in a television address that the constitution should be amended.

Section 25 of the constitution deals with property issues and there has long been a debate about whether it allowed the state to take land without money being paid for it.

A parliamentary committee has been looking into changes to the constitution to allow expropriation in the public interest.

Its nationwide televised public hearings have been a show of emotion by people of all racial groups, regardless of class or political affiliation.

During a session held this week in Cape Town's Goodwood suburb one woman representing the South African Homeless People's Association said: "Twenty-four years of liberal democracy [has] increased poverty.

"The masses are worse off because of the willing-buyer-willing-seller principle."

Another person who gave testimony said: "We are going to take the land, even if it means we're going back to the dark ages. This country must be African. We are African."

After listening to all these teat squawkers in the United States, do they sound like they respect property rights, the rule of law, or the U.S. Constitution itself? The answer is hell no! These people are of the same mind as these South Africans. They will take away everything you have, even if it means going back to the Dark Ages.


North Carolina Pensions are a Ticking Time Bomb

Image result for pensions explosion

North Carolina’s General Assembly has done a superb job managing the state’s finances. However, there is a time bomb ticking and it will go off if we don’t defuse it now. What is this potential financial disaster? The state’s pension fund.

Look around the country and you’ll see the problem everywhere, especially from blue states who are so irresponsible that they are beyond help. We all know who these fiscal basketcases are. Here is an excerpt from Fox Business:

And Connecticut isn’t the only state struggling with a debt crisis: California, Illinois, New Jersey and New York are unable to make pension payments to retired government workers.

In Illinois, for instance, vendors wait months to be paid by a government that’s $30 billion in debt, and one whose bonds are just one notch above junk bond status, according to Daniels. New York’s more than $356 billion in debt; New Jersey more than $104 billion; and California more than $428 billion.

“They’re just one of a number of states, including some of the biggest states, that are in deep water,” Daniels said. “I think it is irretrievable. Pensions is the core of it. It’s not the only fiscal recklessness that they have practiced, but in some of those cases, the bill are genuinely unpayable.”

God forbid, North Carolina becomes like that. So far, Republicans have managed this behemoth. But drastic changes are going to have to be made. Instead of providing pensions, the state employees may have to opt for 401k’s like everyone else. Here is an excerpt from Civitas:

NC’s pension fund is falling further and further behind promised benefits, causing the unfunded liability to grow to $7.9 billion. The $7.9 B liability is a dramatic reversal from just 2005, when the pension plan actually had a $3 B surplus. An $11 billion spike in unfunded liabilities in 13 years should raise some red flags.

Moreover, this isn’t a future problem to be addressed at a later date, but has major budget implications right now.

For instance, the state budget passed earlier this summer requires pension contributions from state agencies of 12.29 percent of payroll (see pg. 203). That comes to a rough estimate of almost $1.5 billion in taxpayer dollars in this year’s budget going toward retiree pension payments. That’s more money than the budget devotes to the entire community college system, and about half spent on the entire UNC system.

The 12.29 percent rate is up nearly by half from the 8.33% used just six years ago. In dollar terms, the nearly $1.5 billion in taxpayer funds for pension benefits is up from about $800 million just six years ago – a staggering spike of about 85 percent. In short, pension obligations are ballooning at an unsustainable pace.

State employees may not like 401k’s but that’s too damn bad. Try and find a company in the private sector that provides pensions. You’ll be hard pressed.


North Carolina's General Revenue Fund Exceeds Projections

North Carolina’s financial health is the best its been in decades, no thanks to Democrats. It took a tea party revolt back in 2010 to set this ship aright and what thanks do Republicans get? A derisive backhand from legions of teat squawkers and their poo peddlers in the media.

Back in June, The General Fund Monthly Financial Report projected that the state was running a surplus. But I’m sure no one read that in the Charlotte Observer, the News & Observer, or any other Observer that infest North Carolina. Here is an excerpt from the Civitas Institute:

The General Fund Monthly Financial Report reported that when compared to the prior year – through May 31st — net tax and non-tax revenues were up $834.9 million, an increase of 4 percent over the previous year. Overall tax revenue is up $803.3 million while non-tax revenue is up $31.6 million over the previous year.

The report continued:

The Fiscal Research Division estimates that General Fund revenue through May 2018, is $252.8 million above the revenue target. The revenue targets are monthly projections based on the May 2017 consensus forecast, 2017 session adjustments, and previous monthly collection trends.

Let’s all hope for a blue wave to wash away any fiscal responsibility that adorns this great state.


World's Teat Squawkers Depend on Blue Wave

The world’s teat squawkers are depending on a blue wave to overtake the United States and flood Washington D.C. with a bunch of irresponsible brats. Our enemies are depending on it; our so-called European allies are depending on it; but more importantly, all the “democratic socialist” who infest our country depend on it.

Adulthood is the enemy of these teat squawkers. It’s a shame that President Trump has to take on the mantle of being a parent to a bunch of babies who are constantly screaming for free stuff. And that includes our “friends” at the European Union.

I recently read an article in the American Thinker by Peter Skurkiss that summed up the United States’ perceived role. Here is an excerpt:

The Europeans might give the appearance of moving to fair trade under U.S. pressure, but that's a smoke screen. In the end, they know that their societies, as presently structured, cannot afford it.

The socialist mindset affects Europe deeply. Socialist countries cannot compete with capitalist ones. But more than that, it also influences how Europe looks at America. Europe sees the U.S. as tremendously rich in natural resources, wealthy, and powerful relative to them. Given how Europeans arrange their own societies, it is only natural that they feel it is America's duty to subsidize them in terms of trade and providing for their defense.

Sadly, most of the American foreign affairs establishment seems to agree with this sentiment -- a major reason why Donald Trump and his deplorable supporters are seen as an anathema to those 'experts.' And it must be noted, that subsidizing Europe (and China) on trade has not cost any of these elites anything, but it has helped devastate much of middle America.

Don’t ever trust a socialist whether they’re European or “democratic.” They’ll always lie to get their way.


The American Civil War: The North Couldn't Afford Secession

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blogpost questioning the reasons for the American Civil War. I stated that there was more to the North’s naked aggression than just slavery. Historians, for the most part, have neglected northern complacency and the financial repercussions had the South left the union.

Today, California radicals are proposing a referendum to leave the union. Many people, such as myself, are just fine with that. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass!

I’m sure this is the same attitude many Northerners had at the time the South seceded. My suspicions were correct. Here is an excerpt from an article published in the Abbeville Institute by Philip Leigh about an interview on PBS:

She fails to consider that Northerners could have let the cotton states leave in peace, thereby avoiding a Civil War altogether. The original seven-state Confederacy was so weak that many believed her component states might end up humbly asking to be readmitted to the Federal Union. According to historian David Potter: “No one was much impressed with the Gulf Coast Confederacy. No one was convinced that it would be economically or politically viable.”[1]

Moreover, many Northern leaders were prepared to “Let the erring sisters go in peace.” Among them was abolitionist Horace Greeley, then editor of The New York Tribune, which was America’s largest newspaper. Greeley wrote, “We have repeatedly said . . . that if the slave states choose to form an independent nation, they have the right to do so.” President James Buchanan added that many Republicans shared Greeley’s opinion when he wrote: “Leading Republicans everywhere scornfully exclaimed ‘Let them go;’ ‘We can do better without them;’ ‘Let the Union slide,’ and other language of the same import.” Ohio lawyer and future Republican President Rutherford Hayes was satisfied to let the free states remain alone as his January 4, 1861 diary entry reveals: “The [twenty] free states alone . . . will make a glorious nation . . . scarcely inferior in real power to the thirty-three states we had on the first of November.”[2] Similarly, President Lincoln’s future War Secretary, Edwin Stanton, said, “Oh, I would let the South go; they will be clamoring to get back in three years.”

Interesting. How about the economic consequences of the South leaving the union? There are a couple of possibilities the North would have to confront. Mr. Leigh continues:

First, it could not hope to maintain a favorable balance of payments. The South accounted for about 80% of America’s exports on the eve of the Civil War. Thus, without the South’s export economy, America would become a perpetual debtor nation forever at the mercy of its stronger trading partners that would deplete her gold supply in order to settle the persistent trade imbalances.

Second, since the Confederate constitution outlawed protective tariffs, her lower tariffs would confront the remaining states of the abridged Union with two consequences. First, since ninety percent of Federal taxes came from tariffs, the government’s revenue loss would be sizable. Articles imported into the Confederacy from Europe would divert tariff revenue from the North to the South. Second, and even more importantly, a low Confederate tariff would induce Southerners to buy manufactured goods from Europe as opposed to the Northern states where prices were inflated by protective tariffs.

In other words, the North couldn’t afford to let the South go. I wasn’t taught that in school and no doubt neither was the rest of the country, not even Southerners. What’s that saying? To the victor belongs the spoils. And that goes for history as well.


Charlotte Observer Runs Blocker for Liberal Candidate, Erica McAdoo

The Charlotte Observer’s editorial board has once again shown their true colors. We all know these people are just one Che Guevara shirt way from calling for a revolution, so we shouldn’t be surprised when they try to redefine a radical candidate as moderate. The candidate in question is Erica McAdoo, a former Wake County resident, who just moved into conservative Alamance 18 months ago and is running for office. Does that raise an eyebrow? It does mine.

We all know the Democratic party’s M.O.: They accuse Republicans of tactics they employ. In this case, they accused the NC GOP of propagating opposition research in an attempt to smear Mrs. McAdoo’s character. Here is an excerpt from their editorial:

The GOP sure has the goods on Erica McAdoo. On Thursday, NC House Republicans released a 35-page report — known as “oppo” to political insiders and observers — on the NC House 63 candidate from Alamance County. “Meet Erica McAdoo,” the @NCHouseGOP account said in a midday tweet with a photo of McAdoo holding a beer (gasp!) and having a good time at an outdoor event with friends. That same photo was in a news release that described the Democrat’s “radical agenda” and invited people to click an ominous red button to “learn more about Erica McAdoo.”

We did, and we have to say we’re not sure McAdoo will recover from the revelation that she (checks notes) got a speeding ticket 15 years ago.

Yep. That’s the dirt. See for yourself.

Well, I did see for myself and this “oppo research” clearly stated that there was no significant problems in the McAdoo’s background. Surely, the editorial board at the Charlotte Observer read that? It was in the fourth paragraph. The GOP didn’t try to hide their findings in some obscure passage in the middle or end of this “massive hit piece."  But let’s continue:

As for McAdoo’s politics, the report affirms what McAdoo gladly displays on her website and social media: that she’s a middle-of-the-road Democrat. She attended the Women’s March and thinks the NCGOP is trying to “suppress” voters with restrictive laws. She opposes the Trump administration policy of separating children from parents, and she calls for “sensible gun laws” and expanding Medicaid as most states have done. The report did note that she posted a picture and supported a local veteran who was selling T-shirts with guns on them. “We shouldn’t be tearing each other apart,” the report quotes McAdoo saying later about that post. “I support our veterans and I support local businesses.”

How radical.

Once again, you have to read the GOP’s opposition research and use some common sense. Mrs. McAdoo is an anti-gun radical who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She called a semi-automatic gun (I owned a .22 semi-automatic when I was 12 years old) a semi-assault weapon. When a liberal says they want “sensible gun laws,” they mean ban weapons they don’t like, which is pretty much all of them.

Mrs. McAdoo also wants to expand the welfare program called Medicaid. And how does Mrs. McAdoo plan on paying for that? She doesn’t. Logic would tell you that the state would have to raise taxes or incur massive amount of debt. A better idea would be to force the healthcare industry from a third-party payer system into a market based one. Let the patient/customer know the cost and let him decide what is in his best interest and let insurance be used for catastrophic purposes. The federal government’s policies monopolized this industry. The end result being higher prices and less competition which translates into crappy service. But that kind of out-of-the box thinking is too radical for statist Democrats.

Mrs. McAdoo also supports raising the minimum wage. How is that working out in Seattle and all those other libtard cities? Not too good. She is also supported by Planned Parenthood and big labor. This young lady also wants to throw more money at education while denying choice. And she signed a Progressive Pledge which is state imposed coercions that would make a true American recoil. But hey, according to the Charlotte Observer, there’s nothing to see here:

All of which got a good chuckle on social media late Thursday, turning the oppo report into a political self-own. Still, there’s a good chance most of the GOP’s intended audience didn’t actually click on the “learn more about Erica McAdoo” button. They saw the beer photo and all the references to “radical” and just assumed the rest. Which was exactly the idea.

It’s another example of how sour political discourse has become, and how much of it is untrustworthy. Make no mistake: There’s nothing unusual with doing oppo on a candidate. It’s also common to go public with damaging stuff because, well, that’s the point of trying to find it. But to release the oppo when it shows nothing, yet characterize it in an ominous way? That shows how little NC House Republicans think of voters, and how little they think of the truth.

This is Alamance County, I’m sure very few people object to drinking a beer. However, being lectured to by a bunch of Marxist at the Charlotte Observer while passively being called a bunch of hayseeds should raise some ire in this heavily patriotic district. Deflect much Charlotte Observer?


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

I was Dragged into the Mud by a Liberal Pig

I read an article today by Frank Miele entitled, The Left’s Love Affair with Doublethink. I can say that summed up an experience I had last week. Here is an excerpt from that article:

If you have a hard time following the logic of some liberal arguments, don’t worry. It’s not you.

Taking a page out of George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” our modern prog friends have mastered the art of doublethink — “the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”

As Orwell described the “labyrinthine” world of doublethink, it was “To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the Party was the guardian of democracy.”

Anyone who is paying attention to judicial elections in North Carolina is aware of a liberal attorney who’s trying to skirt the threshold of decency by passing himself off as something he’s not. Chris Anglin is a Democrat portraying himself as a constitutional conservative. His motive is to split the GOP ticket and usher in a liberal jurist. His campaign manager is a notorious partisan who constantly tweets invectives at our Republican dominated General Assembly. And we’re supposed to believe Mr. Anglin is a decent and honorable man whose sole purpose for running for office is to uphold the rule of law and the integrity of an “independent” judiciary. LOL!

Mr. Anglin wrote an op-ed that was published in the Charlotte Observer. I thought this man’s behavior was so reprehensible that I was willing to wade into the comment section of the Charlotte Disturber. I’m here to say it didn’t take long for a liberal pig to drag me down into the mud.

I’m not a newbie by any means. I’ve debated liberals for decades and am well aware of their lies and deceit. But this particular scumbag really takes the cake. I first commented that Chris Anglin outed himself as a flaming liberal. I received a response from a Mr. WH that stated, I didn’t read the article. Now mind you, Chris Anglin’s op-ed is an assertion that he’s a “conservative.” As a conservative, I can tell you he’s anything but. And here I have a liberal telling me, I didn’t understand what Mr. Anglin wrote.

I informed WH that I not only read Mr. Anglin’s op-ed, I critiqued it. And if WH would like to read my post, he could access my facebook page. His response was pure gibberish.

It was quite obvious this man didn’t want to debate Mr. Anglin’s conservative bona fides. No, he wanted to obfuscate the issue at hand. It only went downhill from there. This troll then declared I was an illiterate for not taking the time to decipher his nonsense. I informed this fool, that the failure was all his. A writer has the responsibility to communicate in clear and concise sentences. A thesaurus doesn’t deign a keen intellect which is exactly what WH was trying to convey.

In another thread, Mr. WH accused Republican operatives of trying to recruit Democrats for judicial office. I responded by saying at least they were Democrats and not posers. WH then denied he had written such a thing and accused me, once again, of being an illiterate. This was completely surreal.

Conservatives need to face the facts, liberals are completely unhinged. We need to constantly remind ourselves that these people are capable of the worst kinds of deceit and they will use doublethink to obfuscate and manipulate truth to advance their ideology.