Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Old Woman and the Whipping Post

by T.L. Coston

Axles squeak and wheels rumble
As multitudes shuffle and mumble
Heading to ole Winston town
On down the old plank road.

It’s an affair for families to beware
For a wretch is about to be scourged.
That before these courthouse steps
Justice projects, shadowing the end of the old plank road.

‘Tis a carnival of the pious
Where the merry and innocent riot.
A Sabbath of penitence - Nay, probity
As the righteous inflict veracity; unto sinners - goad.

“Bring out the Stranger!” the crowd brayed,
“The sun is at its zenith.  No more delay!”
For this community of Friends shall make amends.
Ah, but only God should punish this poor, old soul.

The courthouse doors opened with a thrust
A disheveled, old woman did Justice lug.
The crowd fell silent.  Their mouths agape.
This aged spinster will not survive the knout!

The bewildered, old woman looked around - aghast.
Her eyes widened when doom cast
A monument that ails the wicked and diseased.
She then cried a piteous scream.
Behold the Whipping Post!

The old woman collapsed on the courthouse steps.
But Justice held tight with ungentle caress.
“Mercy! Mercy!” She spittled upon a dirty, tattered dress;
But pity isn’t mete at the Whipping Post

Chains rattled iron rings, hoisting this repentant upon her toes.
The back of her dress ripped open; flesh exposed
From out of the crowd came her torment.
A monstrous silhouette shadowed the Whipping Post.

With a crack came a horrific cry.
The crowd echoed her woe as flesh tore from rawhide.
Blood trickled down a striped, flayed back
Each lash begat a moan; each shook the Whipping Post.

“Enough!  Enough!” The crowd cried
As the old woman collapsed and died
What have we done? What did we do?
Bewildered, each took succor in justice not denied.

Across the street from courthouse way
The old woman moulders in a stranger’s grave
No stone or plaque records her life
No infamy to blemish ole Winston town.

On the anniversary of the old woman’s death
Friends gather at the courthouse steps.
A faint wail can’t be denied
When the sun silhouettes a darkened sky
And the iron rings rattle the old Whipping Post.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Michelle Obama Accuses Judge Kavanaugh

Hell, this is more believable than Professor Ford's accusations.
H/T: Knuckledraggin

Democrats Sink to a New Low

I want to thank Democrats, once again, for bringing the country to a new low. How can anyone watch the news today without a general feeling of disgust, and at times, outright hatred for people who have no regard for decency and the rule of law.

There was a time when a person had to substantiate an accusation. Now, anyone can make the most outrageous statements without a scintilla of evidence. A man’s life is being destroyed right before our eyes by a woman who can’t even remember what the hell happened at a party 36 years ago. And we’re supposed to take her seriously?

Someone posted a comment in an article that both parties are guilty of this kind of nonsense. I’m sorry, but that’s an outright lie. I don’t recall any Republican making such loathsome accusations of this nature. Does anyone remember what happened to Clarence Thomas? This is all Democrats and as far as I’m concerned that party has no business regaining the reins of power, ever again. That party and all the cockroaches that infest it needs to be destroyed.

What’s next? Are they going to question a nominees actions when he was a toddler? Somebody arrest that kid!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Deep State Unmasked: State Dept on Hidden Cam "Resist Everything" "I Hav...

So the Deep State is just a conspiracy theory?  Well here's proof it exist.  I can't wait for more videos. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Economist: Obama Didn't Build This Economy

Obama's audacity of lies.  I guess we shouldn't be surprised that the Anointed One would try and take credit for Trump's economy.  I remember reading articles about small business owners refusing to hire anyone until Obama was gone.

So all I have to say is Obama didn't build that.  And that is the truth. 

Monday, September 10, 2018

The Incredible Shrinking EPA

If there was a movie called the Incredible Shrinking EPA, I would go and see it. I would especially enjoy the scene where they were crying at their desk. But instead, I’ll just have to read about it:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shed approximately 1,200 jobs as roughly 1,600 employees departed and fewer than 400 new employees were hired during President Donald Trump’s first year and a half in office.

Departing employees included “at least 260 scientists, 185 ‘environmental protection specialists’ and 106 engineers,” according to the Washington Post.

The EPA’s workforce is now down 8 percent to a size it has not been since former president Ronald Reagan was in office, reported the WaPo.

Of course, we had to get a parting shot from a disgruntled bureaucrat:

“I felt it was time to leave given the irresponsible, ongoing diminishment of agency resources, which has recklessly endangered our ability to execute our responsibilities as public servants,” scientist Ann Williamson told the WaPo.

Williamson left the EPA in March after working for the agency for 33 years, according to the WaPo.

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.


Rampant Voter Fraud in North Carolina!

North Carolinians are constantly told by liberals that voter fraud is rare; it’s even more rare by illegal aliens. Well guess what? We’re finding out there is a whole lot of voter fraud going on despite the denials by editorial boards across our great state. The New York Times reported 12 Alamance county residents were charged with illegal voting in the 2016 elections. Wilmington has 19 foreign nationals who are charged with voter fraud. Here are their names as reported by WECT:

Jose Cruz Solano-Rodriguez, 41, of Mexico

Guadalupe Espinosa-Pena, 63, of Mexico

Sarah Emilia Silverio-Polanco, 35, of the Dominican Republic

Elizabeth Nene Amachaghi, 44, of Nigeria

Maria Rufina Castillo-Boswell, 31, Philippines

Dora Maybe Damatta-Rodriguez, 64, of Panama

Elvis David Fullerton, 54, of Grenada

Olive Agatha Martin, 71, of Guyana

Kaoru Sauls, 54, Japan 

Charges of voting by an undocumented immigrant were filed against the following foreign nationals:

Jose Jaime Ramiro-Torres, 52, of El Salvador
Juan Francisco Landeros-Mireles, 64, Mexico
Alessandro Cannizzaro, 46, of Italy
Dieudonne Soifils, 71, of Haiti
Hyo Suk George, 69, of Korea
Merius Jean, 54, of Haiti
Rosemarie Angelika Harris, 60, of Germany
Daniel Tadeusz Romanowski, 39, of Poland

An eighteenth defendant, Diana Patricia Franco-Rodriguez, 26, of Mexico, is charged with fraud and misuse of visas, permits, and other documents, and voting by an undocumented immigrant.

Denslo Allen Paige, 66, is charged with aiding and abetting Espinosa-Pena in falsely claiming United States citizenship in order to register to vote.

On Aug. 14, Ramon Esteban Paez-Jerez, 58, of the Dominican Republic, pleaded guilty to passport fraud and voting by an undocumented immigrant. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 11 in New Bern.

Apparently, illegal alien voter fraud is so bad in North Carolina that ICE has subpoenaed 44 counties! Here is an excerpt from McClatchy:

Among the state records from Jan. 1, 2010 through Aug. 30, 2018 that were requested: all voter registration applications, federal write-in absentee ballots, federal post card applications, early-voting application forms, provisional voting forms, absentee ballot request forms, all “admission or denial of non-citizen return forms,” and all voter registration cancellation or revocation forms.

North Carolina has nearly 7 million registered voters, according to the State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement. The board said it has more than 15 million documents and images stored within the state’s voter registration database.

Nothing to see here, please disperse. Nothing to see here, please disperse.


Trump Administration Tells International Criminal Court to go to Hell

What a difference a president makes. I don’t think Americans can truly comprehend how close we came to losing our country. For the past 25 years, our sovereignty and economic power was being subverted by Beltway courtesans who entangled us in unfavorable trade deals and compromising agreements. Some of those traitors work in the State Department. These scoundrels have plotted to sell us out to foreign bodies like the International Criminal Court. That was until Trump came to town. Here is a message to the ICC from national security advisor, John Bolton as reported by CBS News:

"Today, on the eve of September 11th, I want to deliver a clear and unambiguous message on behalf of the President of the United States," Bolton said. "The United States will use any means necessary to protect our citizens and those of our allies from unjust prosecution by this illegitimate court.We will not cooperate with the ICC," Bolton said. "We will provide no assistance to the ICC. And we certainly will not join the ICC. We will let the ICC die on its own. After all, for all intents and purposes, the ICC is already dead to us."

The ICC was formally established in 2002, although then-President George W. Bush authorized the U.S. to "un-sign" the Rome Statute and the Senate never ratified it. Bolton suggested the ICC was created to attack U.S. leadership, not to truly hold egregious international criminals accountable.

"In theory, the ICC holds perpetrators of the most egregious atrocities accountable for their crimes, provides justice to the victims, and deters future abuses," Bolton said. "In practice, however, the court has been ineffective, unaccountable, and indeed, outright dangerous. Moreover, the largely unspoken, but always central, aim of its most vigorous supporters was to constrain the United States. The objective was not limited to targeting individual U.S. service members, but rather America's senior political leadership, and its relentless determination to keep our country secure."

If the ICC does come after the U.S., Israel, or any allies, Bolton said the U.S. will not sit quietly. He listed a number of possible actions Bolton might pursue, from withdrawing financial aid to banning judges from entering the country.

"We will respond against the ICC and its personnel to the extent permitted by U.S. law," he said

What is that strange feeling I’m having? Could it be that I’m proud of my president? After eight years of Obama, I forgot what that felt like.


Sunday, September 9, 2018

Time to Make American Horror Story Great Again

American Horror Story is in its eighth season and hopefully, this time around, they’ll stay away from the perversions and hostile political messaging that has plagued the past three. I can barely remember last year’s episodes let alone the past four years. The first couple of seasons were spectacular.

AHS has a lot of potential if they stick to the formula that made it successful. People want horror; not gay sex and anti-American messaging. A vast majority of the people in this country are not Marxist, sexual deviants. We just want a good story.

I’m hoping the writers, directors and producers of this show have learned from their past mistakes; it’s time to make American Horror Story great again.


Sen. Ben Sasse Accurately Describes the Swamp

When I first started this blog, one of my main gripes was how Congress abrogated its constitutional responsibilities to unelected and unaccountable federal bureaucrats and judges.  

Finally, a politician summed up the swamp and he did so in less than 12 minutes. 

Monday, September 3, 2018

Illegal Aliens and Immigrants Flee our Welfare System

One of the problems the citizens of the United States has is Washington D.C.’s failure to enforce our laws. This third world invasion couldn’t have happened without the federal government’s aiding and abetting of illegal aliens. One of those factors is ignoring The Public Charge Doctrine which deports immigrants, whether legal or illegal, who are dependent on our welfare system. However, the Trump administration is putting the fear of the law back into these diasporas. Here is an excerpt from the Daily Wire:

Illegal immigrants are asking to be dropped from the welfare program because they are scared of being deported, while some legal immigrants apparently believe their legal status will be in jeopardy because of rumors circulating about potential Trump Administration rules, according to health officials speaking to POLITICO.

There were some 7.4 million women and children enrolled in WIC when President Donald Trump first took office; that number declined to roughly 6.8 million in May. The drop-off in WIC enrollment is also being attributed to a bolstered economy and a decline in immigrant birth rates.

WIC, created in 1974, is a "largely immigration-blind" program, notes POLITICO; "most of the infants it serves are citizens born in the U.S. regardless of their parents’ immigration status."

We also are going to have to address birthright citizenship. There has never been a definitive ruling on this matter and there shouldn’t be. Congress shall decide what constitutes citizenship under Article I Section 8 and under Section 5 of the 14th Amendment. It’s time we put Congress on notice and they in turn put a stranglehold on this runaway judiciary.


Who Checks and Balances the Federal Government?

We seem to be living in an age where a substantial minority believe the federal government is the country. They believe Washington D.C. and its armies of bureaucrats and magistrates can dictate whatever policy they deem appropriate. These statist have no regard for the restraints of the U.S. Constitution if it conflicts with their ideology. They believe their special brand of moral supremacy benefits the general welfare whether we the people like it or not.

Recently, General Assemblies across the country are being sued by liberal organizations in the hopes of redrawing congressional districts that favor the Democratic Party. A three judge panel just screwed North Carolina’s midterm elections by demanding our elected representatives reconfigure our whole state except one district or they will appoint a third party to do it for them. Our primaries are completely screwed and we may not have our midterm elections until next year, thanks to these scumbags.

Now who in the hell gave these three judges the authority to dictate our congressional districts? Certainly, the U.S. Constitution didn’t. As a matter of fact, Article I specifically grants that power to the General Assemblies who’re solely responsible for this outcome.

It has become quite apparent that there is no check and balance when it comes to the federal government. The States Rights doctrine of nullification and secession provided an avenue of sovereignty, but that was taken away when Lincoln invaded the South; now we are at the mercy of Beltway courtesans and their totalitarian offspring.

The Abbeville Institute published an article that pretty much sums up the mess we are in:

While the founding fathers and the ratifying conventions of Sovereign States specifically designed and endorsed a constitutionally limited federal government with the States as co-equal branches, it is clear today that we are living under the iron-rule of a supreme federal government capable of forcing its subjects to “hear and obey.” Professor Edward S. Corwin, writing in 1941, noted that there were no longer any limits to the powers of the federal government. He approvingly observed, “the National Government is entitled to employ any and all of its powers to forward any and all of the objectives of good government.” [7] And of course, the elites who control the federal government get to decide what is and what is not “good government.” Today, there is no doubt as to where supreme governmental power resides—it resides with the elites who control the federal government. All nine Federal Supreme Court Justices in Cooper v. Aaron, 358 U.S. 1 (1958), “…declared the basic principle that the federal judiciary is supreme in the exposition of the law of the Constitution.” [8] In Baker v. Carr, 369 U.S. 186 (1962) the Federal Supreme Court instructed state legislatures regarding the apportionment of the legislatures of the once sovereign states—clearly demonstrating that “states” had become mere provinces of Lincoln’s newly and unconstitutionally created Federal Empire. If we are courageous enough to measure the current supreme federal government by the American political metric of consent, then we are forced to admit that the federal government has been weighted in the balance and found wanting! It is an illegitimate government power.

It must be nice to be a federal judge where one can do as they damn well please. That is one branch that doesn’t have to worry about checks and balances.


Beware of Doctrinaires at Historic Columbia

Image result for hampton-preston mansion and gardens

This Labor Day weekend, I decided to tour parts of Columbia, South Carolina. I visited the state capitol, select cemeteries, and, of course, a few historical homes; one, of which, marred my trip. I was so disturbed by this visit, I posted to Yelp as a warning to others:

This is the first time I’ve posted on Yelp and I do so as a warning to students of history. As an enthusiast, I spend my vacations visiting historical sites and homes so as to get a better insight into prominent figures and families that I’ve read about. Usually these tours center on the subject at hand; not so at Historic Columbia and particularly at the Hampton-Preston home. Instead, I was treated to an alternative history by a college student that’s neither accurate or original.

I’m sure this doctrinaire was given a script but that’s no excuse for her attitude. She insisted that the States’ Rights doctrine was solely about slavery and that the soldiers who fought for the Confederacy did so for the preservation of slavery. She derived this premise based upon “the documentary evidence” of the Confederate Constitution. I tried to inform this young lady that a small percentage of the population owned slaves and that their constitution was written by a political elite. I also tried to inform her that four states didn’t secede until Lincoln demanded states conscription and financial aid to the Union cause. But that didn’t matter; she would have none of it. She didn’t even understand the Southerners of that time considered the war a Northern invasion.

I found it funny that this young lady lamented today’s “revisionist history.” A student of this era would know that the Lost Cause doctrine has been around since Reconstruction. You’ll find this lament in writings from carpetbaggers like Albion Tourgee; Marxist such as W.E.B. DuBoise; and red-diaper babies such as Eric Foner.. The only thing new that I’ve discovered by today’s revisionist historians is that the States’ Rights doctrine had nothing to do with tariffs and punitive federal policies, all Northerners were abolitionist and that all Southerners were rabid slave holders. So sayeth modern academia; so sayeth their doctrinaires.