Friday, September 27, 2019

Genderfluid Dolls Pepper Spray Children for Using Wrong Pronoun

It’s getting harder and harder to distinguish fact from fiction these days. It looks like Western civilization has checked into a rubber room. We’ve “collectively” decided to sit in a corner and drool on ourselves. Nevermind the piss and sh**, strap on a straitjacket and join the rest of the boobs in this Alice in Wonderland farce.

I’m beginning to think the Babylon Bee is more than a parody site. In this political climate they might be considered the next Nostradomus. Here is an excerpt from there latest:

EL SEGUNDO, CA—Mattel announced an exciting new line of gender-neutral dolls recently, causing progressives to praise the company and conservatives to foam at the mouth and demand a safe space.

But there's one feature of the dolls that hasn't yet been discussed: according to a Mattel insider, the dolls will emit a powerful blast of pepper spray and alert authorities if your child refers to the doll with the wrong pronoun.

An early, limited-release of the doll has already employed this feature several dozen times. Cleveland five-year-old Maddy Paulson excitedly picked up her doll and said, "This girl is so pretty. I want to play with her!"

Immediately, the doll's eyes turned red and its head swiveled slowly toward Paulson's face. "DID YOU SAY 'HER'?"

You’ve got to read the rest. All I can say is this brings a whole new perspective on liberal possession, which is what is happening to our country. I hope we can exorcise these demons out of our culture and send them back to hell where they belong.


Sunday, September 22, 2019

Little Girl Buried in a Rum Keg

By T.L. Coston

I was strolling down Ann Street in ole Beaufort town
When darkness rolled in, a seaside wind bellowed through vacant halls
Alone, I was caught in a maelstrom of dirt and leaves
Under protest was pushed and shoved with relative ease

This abuse did not abate until the gate of The Old Burying Ground
There in a window of a clapboard church
A singular light pulsated and lurched
I thought it odd how this rhythmic throb mimicked a beating heart

It was then, a giggle descended from the tombs of moldered lore
As I questioned what I heard, there echoed a third
This I could not ignore
There on the gate, a beaded necklace laid
“What an odd place for a trinket,” I thought

It was then the gate swung in. At this I cried aloud
I hesitated once, maybe twice, then looked to the rolling sky
Silhouetted in the fore, great oaks groaned
Bearded sentinels wary, embraced their charge

As I entered the grounds, the smell of rum assaulted my nose
As soon as I recovered, a flash darted from stone to stone
It was a girl, around ten, if I had to guess, dressed in her bedtime gown
I saw her look back as she darted down the path
What’s a child doing in a graveyard at this hour?

She wasn’t far away,
I could hear her play
Laughing - laughing all the while
As I came around the bend
I spied her bent over a toy-ridden tomb

She shot up with a smile
Then bade me goodbye
Then faded in the nighttime air
What just happened? Where did she go?

I looked around but no one was there
This couldn’t have happened! There is no way! 
Did I just see a ghost?
The smell of liquor dissipated as I stumbled about
Shocked, I bent to read 

A wooden marker with a simple epitaph:

Little Girl Buried in a Rum Keg

Enough said.

Nation's Psychopaths Undecided About Democrat's New Gun Laws

I read this article by the Babylon Bee and had to post it. This just demonstrates how idiotic Democrats are on gun confiscation and background checks. A rational person already knew this, but it takes parody to really point out their stupidity. Here is an excerpt:

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Democrats such as Beto O’Rourke have proposed a number of new gun laws, such as universal background checks, a ban on magazines that hold more than ten bullets, and possibly even a “mandatory buyback” of some weapons such as AR-15s. While these laws are likely to be a headache for law-abiding gun owners, the nation’s murderous psychopaths aren’t quite certain how the laws will affect them.

“The background check sounds concerning,” explained deranged murderer Steve Mason, known as “Murdering Steve” to his friends. “I would definitely fail it since I’m a well-known psychopath. But I’ve never actually purchased a gun through a gun-dealer; I just steal all my murder weapons. And so far no one has proposed a background check on theft, so I think I’m good.”

You have to read the whole, it just gets better.


Sunday, September 8, 2019

An Aged Vessel

By T.L. Coston

Ah, who is this stranger staring back at me
An imposter mocking youth and vitality 
Eyes once bright and fair
Are now creviced within folds of an aged man

A lifetime seen through the prism of self
Weighted in experience; Leaden with guilt
I see the boy trapped behind hazel guile
He, who was once fair, I barely recognize

I see him standing askance in a stare
And beside him others who I am unaware
They are multitudes spanning time and space
Imprisoned in a vessel not long for this race

The hour glass has passed the pessimist test
Soon, there will be time for plenty of rest
For, this old man is about to give up the ghost

And join those in another human host