Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Democrats See the Second Coming After Virginia Gubernatorial Race

Democrats are euphoric after Tuesday’s election results.  You would’ve thought it was the second coming ... of Karl Marx.  They can’t believe their good fortune.  In Virginia, the D.C. suburbs swarmed the polls in a vociferous repudiation of America’s determination to drain the swamp.  No one should be surprised that these lip-smacking, teat squawkers would go quietly into that good night.   

Somehow, pundits and politicos believe the Old Dominion is a bellwether for the 2018 midterm elections.  They’re not alone.  This sentiment isn’t unique to beltway courtesans.  The editorial board at the Charlotte Observer weaves a common thread.  They believe President Trump influenced our local elections.  Democrats in Charlotte, North Carolina dominated both mayoral and city council races.  Here is an excerpt from an editorial by Peter St. Onge at the Disturber, notice the contempt he has for conservative voters:

The result: With a couple of recounts to come, Democrats might be on the verge of a stunning takeover of the Republican-controlled Virginia House of Delegates.

What’s the thread through all this? College educated voters are swinging big to Democrats, not only in Charlotte on Tuesday, but in Virginia and other special elections across the country – even some that Democrats have lost. At the least, those voters are expressing a clear anxiety with Donald Trump’s administration and Republican leadership in Congress. At most, it’s a repudiation.

In North Carolina, there’s an added dimension: A conservative state legislature has bullied Charlotte and other urban/suburban areas for years. That GOP brand was an additional headwind for Smith to face Tuesday, and it goes a long way toward explaining his startling 18-point loss.

A big caveat: Elections and polls show Democrats are not persuading rural and lesser-educated voters that they’ve made a mistake supporting Trump and other Republicans. So it’s a good idea to tap the brakes a bit on predicting a Democratic wave in the 2018 congressional elections.

But this is also true: It’s not always awful for a political party to have the other guys completely in charge for a little while. Especially when the other guys are led by Donald Trump.

The hubris of this guy is appalling.  I have read Peter St. Onge’s editorials for years and I can definitely declare without hesitation that he is not my intellectual superior.  I will further state that today’s college graduate is more indoctrinated than educated.  Today’s institutions of higher learning are no different than a cult.  The only thing missing from these doctrinaires is a Che Guevara brand on their forehead.

With that being said, Charlotte, North Carolina is a libtard city.  I had no expectation of a Republican winning the mayoral race or gaining seats on the city council.  To expect otherwise is just plain foolish.  Likewise with the Virginia gubernatorial race.  It has become quite clear the D.C. suburbs dominate statewide elections.  Democrats would have won with or without a bogeyman like Donald Trump.  That should be as obvious as the Che Guevara on Peter St. Onge’s forehead.