Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mark Steyn Schools a Bunch of Creeps on Free Speech

A Confederate Soldiers Prophetic Letter to Home

I don’t know how many times I’ve been told that the average Confederate soldier fought to maintain slavery at the behest of the plantation class.  Their motives for taking up arms couldn’t possibly be to confront a Northern invasion and protect future generations from an abusive and controlling central government.

A Confederate soldier’s letter summarizes why he fought and it’s quite prophetic.


AmeriGEDDON Trailer | Playing Select Cities May 13

Obama's Priorities

Obama Administrations Mad Hatter's Disease

The people of the United States are under a mass psychological assault by the Mad Hatters in Washington D.C.  Liberals in that town have introduced a special blend of stupidity that dulls common sense and parades mental illness.  We have fallen through the looking-glass and are in an alternative universe that mocks Christian values and applauds perversity.

I know I’m not the only one who thinks this.  I’ve had conversations with many people, even the so-called Millennials, and we’ve all concluded this country is off its rocker.   Finally, someone who deals with mental disorders has spoken out about this whole transgender issue.  Here is an excerpt from BizPac Review.

The former psychiatrist in chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital is pouring rain on the Bruce Jenner “Call Me Caitlyn” parade that’s sure to have the former Olympic athlete’s cheerleaders steaming.
Not only does Dr. Paul R. McHugh consider changing sexes “biologically impossible,” he thinks being what is popularly called “transgender” these days is actually a “mental disorder.”
McHugh, who has authored six books and at least 125 peer-reviewed medical journal articles, made the statements in a piece he penned for the Wall Street Journal that argued surgery is not the solution for patients who want to live life as the opposite sex.
Such people, he wrote, suffer from a “disorder of assumption” in believing they can choose their sex.
 The Obama administration has a “disorder of assumption” in believing they are our lords and masters.


Sunday, May 8, 2016

London Has Fallen


Western Civilization has a death wish. 
H/T: Bare Naked Islam

Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight.

Her voice annoys me as much as that piece of crap that currently occupies the White House.  I don't believe I will be able to make it all the way through a SOTU address if she becomes president.

Walter Williams on the Rise of Socialism | The Daily Signal

Trans Freak Show Coming to North Carolina Bathrooms

A traveling one-man freak show is about to embark on a North Carolina tour.  Shakina Nayfak, a self-proclaimed actress (waiter), wants to exhibit his mental illness in men’s bathrooms throughout the Old North State. 

Nayfack is happily and successfully living her womanly life in New York but her birth certificate says “male”, so according to the new laws in North Carolina she iseffectively banned from female public restrooms in that state.

She’s so peeved, she’s mounting a rebel tour. And from the Capitol in Raleigh to the gas stations of Greensboro and cafes of Charlotte, she plans to tinkle in men’s toilets galore, tweeting and taking selfies as she goes.

“Hovering over a urinal is actually very tricky. I’m going to need a lot of Purell,” she said.

She could scuttle into a stall and hope no one notices, of course. But that’s not the point.

“They are trying to create a situation where trans people are supposed to be invisible. This is an absurd, panicked reaction from the ignorant, it’s a massive step backwards, so I felt it was my duty to go down there and take selfies in as many men’s bathrooms as possible,” she said.

Is this what Senator Ted Cruz meant by New York values?  Welcome to the Age of the Mad Hatter.


Former Mexican President Vicente: Trump supporters are lazy

Who in the hell does this guy think he is?  This man has a lot of balls calling American citizens lazy while his uneducated horde invades our country and floods our school systems and welfare rolls with their teat squawking offspring. 

The simple fact is illegal aliens drive down wages.  They do this while violating housing codes by stuffing 2 to 3 families in a unit.  I’ve also seen what amounts to a closet turned into a bedroom. 

Hey, Vincente!  Why don’t you address the problems in Mexico?  Why are 25% of your citizens in the United States?  How come your country is a steaming shithole?  Why don’t you address that instead of lecturing Americans?  Could it possibly be the remittance payments to their impoverished families keeps your government afloat?

Yeah, that’s what I thought

Saturday, May 7, 2016

How About a Fairness Doctrine for Our Public Universities?

A couple of years ago, I referred to the Charlotte area as a talk radio desert.  There was only one station that had any semblance of a conservative format and that was 1110 WBT.  I could not wait for the 12:00 time slot, which of course, is when Rush Limbaugh comes on.  And believe me, it is the fastest three hours in talk radio because to state it quite frankly, the local talent sucks.

Every once in a while, depending on the topic, I would listen to Diane Rehm on NPR.  Her show is usually filled with a bunch of libtards spewing liberal propaganda.  However, I can say that she is better than silence.

Recently, other stations have popped up in the market, notably 1660 AM and 94.5 FM which hails from South Carolina.  Lately, I’ve resorted to downloading some shows that are not available during work hours or conflicts with Rush such as Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham.

The reason I’m bringing this topic up is because the Charlotte Observer published an op-ed by a professor at the UNC School of Media and Journalism.  Mr. Jim Hefner believes the Fairness Doctrine should be reinstated and that republicans should get behind this effort to silence the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck.  Did I mention this should be done in the name of fairness?

His argument is the public airwaves shouldn’t be filled with a bunch of right-wing blowhards who have divided this country and the Republican Party.  Mr. Hefner is under the impression that white males are somehow constrained and force fed propaganda.  He refuses to believe that there is a market for conservatives with a dissenting point of view.

This so-called professor is outraged that conservatives have taken over the public airwaves.  After all he, I mean the public, owns it.  Why should Rush Limbaugh and a coterie of conservatives make millions of dollars off of his airwaves?  How dare they!

Well, Professor Hefner, I have a gripe too.  Why isn’t there a Fairness Doctrine in our university system?  Shouldn’t our public schools have a balanced education for young, impressionable students who are being spoon fed a dose of your lies and stupidity on a daily basis?  Unlike the public airwaves, students are forced to sit in your indoctrination classes at an exorbitant cost.  Listeners can turn off the radio.  Students have to endure your bullshit in order to obtain a degree.  How is that fair?

So I say North Carolinians should demand a Fairness Doctrine in our public school systems.  After all, a mind is a terrible thing to corrupt!


Obama Administration Taunts Cuckold Media

The Obama administration is bragging that they tricked the press into propagandizing the “Iranian deal” by creating an echo chamber in social media.  How is this new?  It’s not!  Only the technology has changed.

Conservatives have known the media have been cuckolds for the Democratic Party for decades.  It’s amazing they pretend to be unaware of it.  Here is an excerpt from the Daily Mail:

Times reporter David Samuels spent time with the 38-year-old Obama whisperer in February on the day of the president's final State of the Union address, watching as he massaged a willing press corps to delay the outrage after Iran's navy intercepted and seized two U.S. Navy boats and their 10 American sailors.

Samuels wrote at length of how Rhodes, trained as a novelist, works – '[t]he narratives he frames, the voices of senior officials, the columnists and reporters whose work he skillfully shapes and ventriloquizes, and even the president’s own speeches and talking points.'

All those forces of nature, moving from Rhodes' mind to the computer keyboard of his deputy ned Price, blow through 'the administration’s well-cultivated network of officials, talking heads, columnists and newspaper reporters, web jockeys and outside advocates who can tweet at critics and tweak their stories backed up by quotations from "senior White House officials" and "spokespeople".'

Once each chosen talking point ping-pongs to reporters from spokesmen at the White House, the State Department and the Pentagon, it rockets 'across the Twitterverse, where it springs to life in dozens of insta-stories, which over the next five hours don formal dress for mainstream [news] outlets.'

Samuels singles out two 'handpicked' reporters, Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic and Laura Rozen of Al-Monitor, as vehicles the White House uses to push its messaging.

Goldberg famously quoted an unnamed 'senior White House official' calling Netahyahu 'a chickens**t' in October 2014, for instance.

The only people who were fooled about this deal are the ones who wanted to be fooled.  And the press wonders why they are so despised when they act like a bunch of cuckolds.



State Attorneys General Criminalize Global Warming Dissenters

Progressives are the most dangerous people in the United States.  If they don’t like your politics, they’ll look for ways to shut you up.  They usually employ government bureaucrats to harass and intimidate opponents.  Now they’ve found a more effective means to silence those who are bold enough to question their assertions and motives.

A group of state attorneys general are using the courts to quash dissent on man-made global warming.  Here is an excerpt from the Daily Caller.  

“Instead of honoring legitimate academic and scientific inquiry, the far-left has gone to extremes to silence those who disagree,” Inhofe told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “This is not about the science, it is about personal attacks and politics at its worst.”

Inhofe’s referring to investigations launched by the attorneys general of California, Massachusetts, New York and the U.S. Virgin Islands into ExxonMobil’s global warming activities over the past 20 years or so. Virgin Islands AG Claude Walker has subpoenaed Exxon and a libertarian think tank for records under the guise the oil giant was violating the territory’s anti-racketeering law.

But it wasn’t until Tuesday night that an un-redacted copy of the subpoena Walker sent Exxon was obtained by reporters. Walker’s subpoena asked for information from 88 mostly-right-leaning think tanks along with 54 scientists and policy experts skeptical of global warming.

Progressives will abuse their authority.  Republican Majority Leader Tom Delay can attest to that.  A politically motivated District Attorney fished for a pliable Grand Jury until he got the people he wanted.  Delay’s conviction was a travesty of justice.  He was later exonerated by a Texas Court of Appeals.  It’s unfortunate that democrats have to resort to such tactics.    


300: Making America Great Again [Donald Trump Parody]

Not bad.

Pope Francis Meets Stan Laurel

Stan Laurel was a comedic actor who played a fool.  Pope Francis is a fool playing the Vicar of Christ.  There is nothing funny about a communist welcoming an Islamic invasion into Europe.

Pope Francis Welcomes an Islamic Europe

It’s hard to believe Pope Francis is this na├»ve.  He envisions a Europe as a borderless society where Muslim refugees are free to invade and suckle from the welfare state.  He fails to see the inherent dangers of a supremacist ideology that will eventually destroy Christendom and Western Civilization.   Here are his latest inane comments.

Invoking the memory of the EU founding fathers' pursuit of integration in the aftermath of World War II, the pontiff said they inspired because they had "dared to change radically the models" that had led to war.
"Today more than ever, their vision inspires us to build bridges and tear down walls," he told a Vatican audience including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has been at the centre of the EU's attempts to resolve its biggest refugee crisis since the war ended in 1945.
And in a rhetorical flourish with echoes of Martin Luther-King's legendary 'I have a dream' speech, the pope said he dreamed of a new European humanism that embraced the poor, the elderly, the young and the sick.
"I dream of a Europe where being a migrant is not a crime but a summons to greater commitment on behalf of the dignity of every human being," he said.

I hope the Red Pope remembers those words when Muslims turn St. Peter’s Basilica into a mosque.  What a fool!


Friday, May 6, 2016

The Real Victims of Islamic Terror

I personally am sick of the media distortion on Muslim refugees.  Their cynical attempt to rehabilitate a so-called religion is reprehensible.  Does anyone remember the three year old child who drowned off the shores of Turkey?  The whole narrative was a lie just like Islam is a peaceful religion.

Progressives would have us believe Islam is the victim in this whole sordid affair.  The real victims are anyone who is not Muslim.  Bare Naked Islam has a post that will make your stomach turn.  Warning this is not for the faint of heart.


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Are One in the Same?

There are many republicans who are very angry over the prospective nomination of Donald Trump.  Many don’t see the difference between him and Hillary Clinton.  Some of these bitter-enders are raving mad with hyperbolic invective.  The Blaze published a rant written by Matt Walsh that is over-the-top.  Here is an excerpt:     

They’re both elitist progressives. Both pathological liars. Both morally bankrupt. Both narcissists. Both entirely unconcerned about the issues and willing to take whatever position assures them more power. Both Statist. Both authoritarian. Both tyrants, the only difference is that Trump actually ran on a platform of tyranny – promising to murder women and children and squash dissent. etc. – whereas Clinton has to pretend she’s not a tyrant. That means Trump will have a mandate for tyranny that Clinton will, much to her chagrin, not be granted.

Trump promised to murder women and children and squash dissent?  Is that part of the party platform?  Come on!

I too am concerned about a Trump presidency.  I doubt this man understands federalism or has read the Constitution.  What troubles me is he might act like Barack Obama by incessantly using executive orders in an attempt to bypass Congress.  Worse, he might act like Obama by using the federal bureaucracy to harass citizens who disagree with his policies.  That is a possibility.  Power is a temptress.

However, there is a silver lining in a Trump presidency.  He might just do what he campaigned on, except of course raising tariffs which would be a disaster.  And if he transgresses, the American people will come to the realization, if they haven’t already, that Washington D.C. is completely corrupt and incapable of reforming itself.  The States will have affirmation that an Article V convention must be convened and force the federal government at all levels, including the Supreme Court and the bureaucracies, to adhere to the rule of law as dictated by original intent in the Constitution.

Is it possible that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton might be one in the same?  It could be.  We might just have to wait and see what bathroom he will use.


Healthcare Administrators Far Exceed Number of Physicians

You want to know why healthcare cost so much?  This chart says it all.  No doubt outrageous tuition fees for a college education can be attributed to a ridiculous amount of administrators as well.

H/T: Muskegon Pundit

Venezuela Feels the "Bern"

Garry Kasparov, an ex-Soviet Union citizen, tweeted socialism is a luxury paid for by capitalism.  This man lived the nightmare Bernie Sanders supporters have romanticized.  He and others, who’ve escaped socialist hellholes, wonder how Americans could possibly embrace an ideology that has meted out nothing but poverty and misery.  One only has to do a minimal amount of research to debunk this mythical paradise that only naredewells and college professors embrace.

Venezuela is a perfect example of how socialists can expropriate wealth and impoverished its people.  This once prosperous country was Latin America’s beacon for handouts.  Now look at them.  President Maduro is now the one with hat in hand begging for scraps.

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — An association of South American countries on Friday urged the region to help Venezuela keep basic goods on the shelves.
The 12-nation UNASUR group called on every country in Latin America to do what they can to ensure Venezuelans have access to staples after a delegation met with President Nicolas Maduro. Secretary General Ernesto Samper said UNASUR would create a special commission to strengthen distribution chains.
Pantry and cleaning basics like dish soap, detergent, milk and cooking oil, chronically in short supply in recent years, have become been even harder to find in the socialist-governed country since the year started

Venezuela is feeling the Bern.  Fools who believe this can’t happen in the United States have another think coming.


Sanders Supporter Feels the "Bern"

A Bernie Sanders supporter was stranded on the side of the road.  She was in need of a tow when the following happened.

When the tow truck driver saw the stranded motorist’s Bernie Sanders sticker, Fox Carolina reported, he aborted the pick-up and left her on the side of the highway.
According to Fox Carolina: “Kenneth Shupe said he was called to pick up a woman stranded on I-26 in Asheville on Monday.
“When he saw ‘a bunch of Bernie Sanders stuff’, he said he told the woman ‘very politely’ that he couldn’t tow her car because she was ‘obviously a socialist’

Shupe “advised her to ‘call the government’ for a tow”, the report said, adding: “Every business dealing in recent history with a socialist-minded person I have not gotten paid … every time I deal with these people I get ‘Berned’ with an ‘e’ not a ‘u’.’”

I can’t feel sorry for this moron.  Socialists are destroying this country.  It’s only fair they feel the “Bern.”


The DNC Freak Show Stayed in Charlotte

The Democratic National Convention left Charlotte in 2012, however, some residual freaks decided to stay and squat in our public bathrooms.

The Peoples Cube

Rip Van Winkle State Wakes Up in a Dress

North Carolina was once known as the Rip Van Winkle state.  Tar Heels had a reputation for adhering to an economic model of incremental growth and a virulent suspicion of the central government.  This mindset can be contributed to Nathanial Macon, a statesman and true patriot.  Here is an excerpt from the North Carolina History Project:

Nathaniel Macon’s political reputation and voting record contributed to the nickname’s ascription.  The Tar Heel statesman voted against much economic legislation that increased the national government’s power and influence in the economy.  He believed, for instance, that state-government-sponsored roads were constitutional but federal-funded roads were unconstitutional.  As a result, North Carolina accepted only a slim percentage of federal transportation funds during the early 1800s.  Others believed that such political views retarded the state’s economic progress and contributed to its nickname.  Some even suggest that a lingering Maconite suspicion of government is what prevents some North Carolinians from considering all the benefits that government can bestow upon the state.

No doubt, Macon was a wise man.  Those “benefits” the federal government “bestows” upon states have strings attached that compromise long established moral and ethical codes.  One only has to look to this transgender bathroom absurdity to witness the power one administration can wield simply by threatening to withhold taxpayer dollars as a means to advance an agenda.

This agenda couldn’t have happened without local agitators and their enablers.  North Carolina is infested with liberal rags that incessantly expound the virtues of an omnipresent central government while spitting in the eye of federalism and Christian principles.  Here is an excerpt from American Thinker which accurately details the shenanigans of progressives in the Old North State:

The bathroom wars raging in North Carolina, set off by House Bill 2 passed by the N.C. General Assembly, have attained international attention, partly from a febrile cadre of gay activists, but largely due to the Charlotte Observer that covers the city where the donnybrook began – and N.C.'s capital city daily, the Raleigh News & Observer.  Without these papers, both owned by the McClatchy chain, the bathroom gender issue would have come and gone in a few days.

Whether or not boys who claim female hormones can use the girls' restroom is a red herring for a long-running phenomenon of activists and news outlets joining hands to effect social change to suit their vision of America.  They are at war with the N.C. General Assembly, claiming that H.B. 2 eliminates the option of state courts for claiming discrimination.  However, there is no there there: federal courts adjudicate these matters by long practice anyway, as do state agencies.

The Charlotte Observer claimed in an article, not an editorial, that HB2 outlawed being gay in North Carolina which is an outright lie.  Liberal tactics of hyperbole and dishonesty is nothing new.  However, their anti-family and anti-Christian platform is something to behold.  We can only wonder, when will Rip Van Winkle wake up from this nightmare?


Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Federal Church of Washington D.C.

The Obama administration is a study in federal tyranny.  The thugs that populate the Anointed One’s bureaucracies have no shame.  Had a republican president acted in this manner, he would’ve been impeached long ago and conservatives would’ve led the charge.   It has become self-evident we have two Americas: one for democrats and another for everyone else.

This other America, democrats are thrusting upon decent, law-abiding citizens, is replete with indecency, immorality and a sense of entitlement that is alien to a country founded by a god-fearing people accustomed to hard work.  This other America is a creature established by Washington D.C. elites who’ve created a caste system whereas they are the priestly rulers, illegal aliens are a protected class and the mentally ill can flaunt their diseased minds with naked abandon.  The last class on the rung is the lowly citizens who have to wade through their trickle-down filth.

A decade ago, no one would’ve thought Christians could lose their businesses for simply following their faith, or forced to buy a product that’s an affront to their religion.  In today’s America, Washington D.C. is the established church and their religion is antithetical to our founding principles. 

Currently, North Carolina is under assault from the heathens at the Justice Department.  These thugs are using our own taxpayer money against us to violate a long established moral and ethical code. 

The Justice Department said the North Carolina law violates federal Civil Rights Act protections barring workplace and student discrimination based on sex. Various federal agencies have further defined these protections as extending to transgender people, declaring that it violates the law to prevent people from using bathrooms that align with their gender identity.

"The State is engaging in a pattern or practice of discrimination against transgender state employees and both you, in your official capacity, and the state are engaging in a pattern or practice of resistance" of their rights, Justice Department Civil Rights Division leader Vanita Gupta wrote to McCrory.

Gupta also notified the 17-campus University of North Carolina system that the state law violates Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, which bars discrimination in education based on sex. That could lead to North Carolina losing hundreds of millions of dollars in federal school funding. In that letter, Gupta cited last month's federal appellate ruling supporting a transgender student's discrimination case against a Virginia school board that implemented a similar bathroom policy.

These progressives have bastardized title IX of the Civil Rights Act just like they’ve done with the 14th Amendment.  How long are the American people going to put up with this nonsense?  Washington D.C. is incapable of reforming itself.  It is time to invoke Article V and convene a convention of the States.


Sunday, May 1, 2016

This is What a Social Justice Warrior Looks Like

H/T:  Moonbattery

Coal Miners Interrupt Bill "The Molester" Clinton Rally

I recently blogged that you don’t see conservatives disrupting progressive events, it seems I was mistaken.  Well, to be honest it was a minor disturbance and I'm not so sure these people are conservatives.

This kerfuffle happened when Bill Clinton attended a rally in Logan, West Virginia. Citizens of that town weren’t too happy about it.  As a matter of fact, city officials warned that his appearance wouldn’t be a good idea.  Here is an excerpt from the Free Beacon:

Prior to Clinton’s appearance in Logan, city officials emailed Sen. Joe Manchin (D., W. Va.) attempting to prevent his visit, according to WVNS-TV. 

“Bill and Hillary Clinton are simply not welcome in our town,” their email stated. “Mrs. Clinton’s anti-coal messages are the last thing our suffering town needs at this point.  The policies that have been championed by people like Mrs. Clinton have all but devastated our fair town, and honestly, enough is enough.”

 At the same rally, Clinton was confronted about his wife’s March pledge to “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”
“When’s she going to lay us all off … and wipe us all out?” the protester said, interrupting Clinton’s remarks.
Clinton, hard of hearing, asked Manchin what the man said as the room filled with angry murmurs.
“He’s getting laid off and wiped out, what we gonna do about that,” Manchin said.
“Well, that’s good, that’s a fair question,” Clinton said.
In a letter to Manchin days after her promise to destroy coal jobs, Hillary Clinton admitted that she was “mistaken” and reiterated her commitment to “bringing jobs to Appalachia.”

And what kind of jobs does she promise to bring?  Clean energy such as windmills and solar panels.  Yeah, that’s going to go over real well.


Human Rights and Moral Turpitude

I came across an article that claimed London, England will likely have a Muslim mayor in the next election.  Sadiq Khan will be the first Mohammedan to head a major Western capitol since the Reconquista.  What does that tell you about the state of affairs across the pond?  That sounds rather ominous if you ask me.

After reading that bit of disturbing news, I dusted off my copy of Londonistan, by Melanie Phillips.  I noticed a dog eared page.  Here is an excerpt that many in the States can easily recognize in this Age of the Mad Hatter:

The Gender Recognition Act was passed to conform with a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights.  This ruling laid down that a transsexual had the right to claim that his or her gender at birth was whatever he or she now deemed it to be, as agreed by a panel of experts. 

The act accordingly gave transsexuals the right to a birth certificate that does not record the actual gender into which they were born, but states instead what they were born in the gender that they now choose to be.  While the plight of transsexual identity obviously deserves sympathy, this means that their birth certificate – the most basic guarantee that we are who we say we are – will be a lie.  It means that someone who was born a man, married as a man and fathered children as a man will have a birth certificate, if he so chooses, that says he was born a female.

Worse still, a wide variety of people will be prosecuted if they make known the truth.  Suppose a fitness club advertises for a personal trainer and takes up a reference at another gym for an applicant named Barbara.  If the gym’s owner employed this person as Barry, it will be a criminal offense for him to say so.  So he may be forced to tell misleading half-truths about “Barbara’s” performance.  If a woman becomes a man, “he” nevertheless remains the mother of his (her?) children.  Similarly, a man remains the father of his children and is therefore still liable for child support – even though his birth certificate might say he was born female.  Such are the absurd and unjust contortions that result from a legislated lie – a lie brought into being as a direct result of judge – made human rights law.

Such law is also turning social order on its head along with the concept of right and wrong.

The United States is currently convulsing under a moral turpitude that is slowly decaying any concept of right and wrong, respect for the rule of law and any notion of what constitutes citizenship.  Progressives are employing this “human rights” tactics to what end?  One can look to Europe to see the results.


CNN's Cuomo: Violent Illegal Aliens are Dissatisfied Citizens

Did you know that protesters who were waving Mexican flags and declaring California is Mexican territory at a republican convention are dissatisfied citizens?  That’s what CNN’s Chris Cuomo – a known moron – concluded when illegal aliens attacked Trump supporters and trashed police cars.

“Juana, now Matt is using the term “leftist agitator” to keep it in the political sphere, but, as we know, a lot of those people on that street were just dissatisfied citizens who were taking out their dissatisfaction the wrong way in anger and destroying a lot of property there,” Cuomo said. “But what does it speak to there in terms of the climate in which this general election will take place?”

What an idiot!

La Raza sympathizers attacked  rally-goers in 


Charlotte Democrats Responsible for Transgender Freak Show

It never fails. Liberals foist an absurdity upon the citizenry and the republicans take the blame for it.  This whole transgender freak show is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.  Democrats in Charlotte, North Carolina knew exactly what the consequences would be, both economically and socially; if they implemented this anything goes bathroom policy. 

Unfortunatley, Governor Pat McCrory is taking the heat for the actions of Charlotte’s mayor and its Democratic junta in the city council.  What’s surprising is the Charlotte Observer admits it.

Shortly after PayPal’s announcement, House Speaker Tim Moore and Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger, both Republicans, issued a joint statement blaming Roberts “and the far-left Political Correctness Mob she’s unleashed.”

“They’re trying to shift the blame for the damage being done from HB2 to Charlotte, and it’s a lot easier if you can find a face to blame it on,” said Thomas Mills, a Democratic consultant and blogger. “Right now, to a lot of people, (McCrory) is the face of HB2. And it’s a lot easier to say ‘Jennifer Roberts’ than the Charlotte City Council.”

Blaming the mayor is justified, according to one council member.

“She was hell-bent on doing what she wanted to do and she didn’t care about the consequences,” says Democrat Claire Fallon, one of four council members who voted against the ordinance. “This is the council’s fault. The governor didn’t start this. The (General) Assembly didn’t start this. We started it and we were warned.”

Mayor Jennifer Roberts didn’t care about the consequences?  Charlotte has become the laughing stock of the country and is suffering financially because a gang of radical leftist has taken over this city.  I’m sure she and her social justice warriors knew they could capitalize on a politically correct zeitgeist that has lost all common sense and any vestige of decency and morality.  It’s a shame we’re living in an age of the Mad Hatter.