Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Find Solace in Detroit

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Petition for "Mandatory Euthanasia" for Seniors

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Conrad the Constitution Episode 6 - Obama Care

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

NC Teachers Need to Educate Themselves on State Budget

Teachers in North Carolina might want to educate themselves on the state’s budget and subsequent reforms before making wild accusations like the attendees in Raleigh on “Moral Mondays.”  These bused in fools are regurgitating the bile of their puppet masters.   The point of distress for many of these protesters is that NC is cutting education spending; their master’s degrees are worthless; tenure is abolished, and they haven’t had a raise in the past seven years.

All of the above is false, except for the abolition of tenure.  The following Carolina Journal article puts the state’s budget in perspective:

 RALEIGH — Although authorized spending on K-12 public education in the newly enacted state budget will increase by nearly 5 percent over the previous school year, opponents of education reform have orchestrated rallies, flooded the media, and vilified the Republican-dominated General Assembly for its sweeping agenda.

Lawmakers adopted a 2013-14 budget conference report authorizing $7.9 billion in General Fund spending on K-12 education, which is up 4.8 percent over the $7.5 billion budget enacted for the 2012-13 fiscal year. 

"Since 2010, Republican legislators have made it clear that their policy agenda included a handful of core education reforms eventually incorporated into the budget,” said Terry Stoops, director of research and education studies at the John Locke Foundation. 

“These include the expansion of parental choice, elimination of teacher tenure and certain pay supplements, implementation of a school grading system, and development of a performance pay system for school personnel,” Stoops said. “Simply put, this budget is the culmination of an education reform agenda that had been laid out for the last three years."

Acknowledging there are naysayers who claim that the reforms are an attempt to destroy public education, Stoops said: “The truth is that these reforms discard or dismantle policies approved decades ago at the behest of a handful of special interest groups. Legislators both modernized and diversified public education in North Carolina."

Now comes the hard part, he said. 

“Status-quo teachers and administrators, along with the advocacy groups that support them, will do everything in their power to undermine these new policies during their implementation. As such, Republican legislators must remain vigilant,” Stoops said. “Otherwise, these worthwhile reforms will flounder through no fault of their own."

Overall General Fund allocations to education increase the share of spending on education from 55 percent of the General Fund budget last year to 56 percent this year

I can commiserate with these teachers.  I wish I had the ability to tell my boss, he can’t fire me, because I have tenure.  Oh, and I would like to have a minimum 5% annual raise.  And by the way, I’m going to retire at age 50 and you’re going to pay me an annual stipend, along with all my health care bills, until the day I die.

Geez, I wish I had that kind of leverage. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Obama Doesn't Need a Stinking Congress

Emperor Obama declared before an obsequious crowd in Illinois, that he will do whatever it takes to shove his agenda down our throats.  By hook or crook, the legislative process will not hold up the Anointed One.  It doesn’t matter what Congress says.  He’ll do whatever he damn well pleases.  Hell, after the election, he instructed his aides to find ways to bypass Congress.  This man is a totalitarian.

Recently, his majesty flipped the finger at our elected representatives.  He, once again, authorized another round of aide to the Palestinian Authority despite restrictions placed by Congress. 

On Friday, President Obama waived congressional restrictions and ordered another $148 million to the Palestinian Authority, claiming it was in the “national security interests” of the United States, the Washington Times said
According to the Times, the move comes as the administration prepares to host direct talks in Washington between Palestinians and Israelis for the first time since 2010.
In March, the Times said, Obama directed about $500 million in aid to the Palestinians, bypassing congressional restrictions.
Secretary of State John F. Kerry said at the time that he was seeking to give another $200 million to the Palestinians.
In late April, Obama did another end-run around Congress and ordered $192 million in aid to the Palestinians.
Congress is nothing but window dressing.  We really don’t have a separation of powers anymore. The House of Representatives has the façade of originating spending bills.  But as we’ve seen, they’re irrelevant.  Laws are supposed to be introduced in Congress; instead, we have federal bureaucracies writing regulations, which have the force of law; hence, another end round of Congress. 
To emphasize the pathetic nature of our elected representatives, here is an excerpt from a article:
WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. George Holding introduced his first piece of legislation in Congress this week – a bill that would require federal agencies to publish more information about rules they are planning.
The Raleigh Republican calls the bill the All Economic Regulations are Transparent Act. It would require federal agencies once a month to report on all rules they plan to propose or finalize in the coming year. The federal government would be required to post this information on the Internet each month.
The bill would “help business owners know what’s coming so they can determine what effect the regulations will have on them,” Holding said. It also increases transparency by requiring federal agencies to detail the effects of regulations, he said.
Holding has been a member of Congress since January and was one of the last of 84 freshmen to introduce legislation.
So now, we’re begging these federal bureaucracies to let us know in advance of their legislative intentions.  Isn’t that special?

Sen. Kay Hagan Wants to Replace Fannie and Freddie with Another Government Agency

When I read that Senator Kay Hagan wanted to rid the country of GSE’s Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, I couldn’t believe it.  A Democrat wants to abolish a quasi-government agency?  This is practically unheard of.  Here is a quote from the Charlotte Business Journal:

“For too long, Congress has ignored our broken housing finance system,” Hagan said in a statement Tuesday. “It is time we come together, Democrats and Republicans, to resolve this problem. This bipartisan bill provides an important road map for strengthening our housing finance system and protecting taxpayers while ensuring access to affordable, long-term mortgages for consumers.

“I look forward to working with my colleagues to advance this bipartisan legislation that will put our housing finance system on a stable path.”


“Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continue to dominate the housing market — guaranteeing nine out of every 10 mortgages made today,” Hagan's office says in a press release. “Despite this unsustainable situation, real reform to the housing finance has not happened since the financial crisis.”

Incredible!  Finally, Senator Kay Hagan has opened her eyes and sees the light.  But then came the caveat:

The bill would replace Fannie and Freddie with a new government agency, funded by the financial industry, that would offer insurance on approved home loans.

Currently, Fannie and Freddie are in government conservatorship after they faltered in the housing collapse of 2008. They have received more than $188 billion in taxpayer aid, which is being repaid from profits as the housing market rebounds.

So Senator Hagan wants to create another government agency that will end up being corrupted just like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Unbelievable!  Something must be in the D.C. water.

The Brad and Britt Show: Carpetbagger & Scalawag

If you’ve scanned AM radio in Charlotte, NC you’ll notice a lineup change at the 3:00 – 6:00 drive time slot at 1110 WBT.  Not even a year ago, the geniuses at this station replaced Vince Coakley with a carpetbagger and a scalawag; two unendearing qualities for a southern state.  Apparently, the geniuses who run that place believe their audience is a bunch of country bumpkins who enjoy being berated.

Brad Krantz, the carpetbagger in this dynamic duo, promised his NYC wife that North Carolina is just as progressive as the rotten apple.  When the Republicans took over the General Assembly and the governorship, his tone became particularly vicious.  The same goes for his fat ass toady, the scalawag, Britt Whitmore.

I hope these two enjoy their new digs at the after-drive time slot.  You know, the time everybody is home enjoying dinner, family and relaxing.  Geez, I wonder when their contract is up.  Ha!  Who cares?  Nobody listens to them anyway.   

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How to Open a Beer

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Tweet of the Day

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A Thumb Sucking Marathon by Libtards Near and Far

I’m amazed at the thumb sucking by libtards near and far.  I’ve had to read and listen to their whining ever since republicans took control of North Carolina's General Assembly and the governor’s office.  The GOP inherited a god awful mess and they are trying to straighten this crap out.

Decades of Democratic corruption and mismanagement have come home to roost.  Now the adults have to step in and take the bull by the horns.  You know our state legislators are doing something right when that fish wrap, New York Times pens a diatribe of the Tar Heel State.  Their complaint is no different than the rest of the teat squawkers that infest Raleigh on “Immoral Mondays.”  Here is an excerpt, published by that other liberal rag, the Charlotte Observer:

The cruelest decision by lawmakers went into effect last week: ending federal unemployment benefits for 70,000 residents. Another 100,000 will lose their checks in a few months. Those still receiving benefits will find that they have been cut by a third, to a maximum of $350 weekly from $535, and the length of time they can receive benefits has been slashed from 26 weeks to as few as 12 weeks.

At the same time, the state is also making it harder for future generations of workers to get jobs, cutting back sharply on spending for public schools. Though North Carolina has been growing rapidly, it is spending less on schools now than it did in 2007, ranking 46th in the nation in per-capita education dollars. Teacher pay is falling, 10,000 prekindergarten slots are scheduled to be removed, and even services to disabled children are being chopped.

What the Times didn’t mention is that North Carolina owes the federal government over $2 billion for unemployment payouts.  They also didn’t mention the $178 million in benefits that was overpaid in a 12 month period of time.  Now, I’m a contractor and therefore don’t qualify for unemployment.  I have to set aside money for just such occasions.  And I guarantee you; I’m not sitting on my ass waiting for the perfect job.  I have to find work, even if it means doing menial labor.

As for making it harder for future generations of workers to get jobs because of cutting back on spending for public schools, I say hogwash.  Local communities should make that determination, not the state.  If they need to hire teachers they can pay for it.  Also, you can have a first rate education and no one will hire you if businesses are constantly under assault by onerous taxation and hostile regulations.  But that kind of logic evades liberals.

A good business climate attracts companies and stimulates an entrepreneurial spirit; thus, people get hired and salaries grow higher.  Productive citizens will not need a government teat such as Medicaid and they can contribute to state programs via a sales tax when they purchase an item.  I ask, what is wrong with that?  No, liberals would rather target and punish job creators, because it makes them feel superior. 

No one can ever accuse a libtard of sound economic policies.  

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Barack Delays the Pain in Obamacare Scheme

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This is exactly what we need. 

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ACLU to Challenge Same-Sex Marriage Ban in North Carolina

Gay marriage has become a hot topic in this country.  I believe the Supreme Court made an unconstitutional ruling when they struck down Section 3 of DOMA.  Basically, five justices decided our federalist system is antiquated and our elected representatives are window dressing when it comes to passing laws.  Ultimately, we have a judicial oligarchy who will dictate policy from on high.
Of course, this is just the beginning.  Liberals will never stop suing states or individuals, until their agenda is shoved down our throats.  Recently, the ACLU announced they are suing the state of North Carolina, challenging our constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, along with a law that prohibits second-parent adoptions, either straight or gay.

Obviously, this is a back door attempt at striking down a constitutional amendment that was approved by more than 60% of the citizens of North Carolina.  But that doesn’t matter to the 25% minority that rules this country.  They will use the federal courts to impose their will upon us all.  Why not?  They’ve done it for the past 70 years.

What I find fascinating is how marriage developed in the state of North Carolina.  Here is an excerpt from the Encyclopedia of North Carolina:

Marriage in North Carolina, until 1868, could be either by license or by banns (public announcements) in the county where the bride lived.  It is estimated that in North Carolina two-thirds of all marriages prior to 1868 were by banns, as they were quicker and cheaper than licenses.  If a marriage by license was desired, a marriage bond, which was free of charge, was procured to ensure that there was no legal impediment to the union.  The bond was not proof of marriage but only of the intent to marry.  The consent of parents or guardians was required if either party was under age 15 and had not previously been married.  Those not wishing to bother with licenses and bonds could publish the banns on three successive Sundays and then be married by a clergyman or magistrate.  No public record was made of this procedure.  An act of 1868 transferred the power to issue marriage licenses to the register of deeds and made the license the only legal public record of the nuptials.

After 1851 all justices and clergy were required to return licenses for marriages they had performed to the clerk of court; these marriages were recorded chronologically in the Marriage Registers of each county, few of which have been published.  Therefore, the absence of a marriage bond in North Carolina does not indicate that the couple was not married in the state, but only that there is no extant civil record of it.  The percentage of extant records of marriages performed in North Carolina prior to 1868 would be generously set at 20 percent.  The counties with the largest number of extant marriage bonds are Rowan and Orange.
I don’t believe there is a single record of a same-sex marriage during that period of time.  In retrospect, we don’t have the same sense of community or morality either

Libtards Sign Petition to Repeal Bill of Rights

If the above video is any indication, we are doomed.  We have people in this country who will give away their God given rights for the promises of a wannabe dictator.  And you can damn well believe these people vote.  And look at the politicians they put in office: Democrats who sneer at our Constitution.  Worse, these officeholders look to divide us by any means possible.

Here is a comment by D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton on what amnesty means for whitey.


Norton replied, “Oh, yeah and you got to watch out because Texas -- when Texas goes full blown -- the Republicans better have it good now because they are not long for this world.”

 “Meaning what?” Erbé interjected.

“Meaning that the growth of the Hispanic population is going to mean the end of this section of this – this southern section white party of old men and they know it,” Norton said. –

Notice that this woman has no concern about our Constitution or federalist system.  No, it’s all about vengeance and political gain.  Basically, to her, it’s about having power over others.  What a sad state we’ve come too.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Obama's Anaconda is Slowly Squeezing the American People

The Obama administration’s Operation Anaconda is slowing ensnaring millions of Americans into their government health care rubric.  In North Carolina alone, it is estimated that 1 million of our citizens will qualify for subsidized policies.  Keep in mind this state has a population of about 9.7 million.  That is a huge percentage.  And that isn’t factoring in businesses that are going to dump their employees onto these exchanges.
Here is an excerpt from a Charlotte Observer article:

Chaney Stokes is among an estimated 800,000 uninsured North Carolinians who are expected to buy subsidized coverage on the new health insurance exchange. In addition, more than half of the roughly 435,000 North Carolina residents who already have individual policies are expected to switch to the cheaper, subsidized coverage.

The majority of state residents who have other types of insurance – a combined 7.6 million covered through employers, Medicare or Medicaid – are not likely to see dramatic changes in their insurance.

Enrollment in the new insurance plans begins in October and coverage starts Jan. 1. As a practical matter, many North Carolinians will have two options: Blue Cross and Blue Shield or Coventry Health Care of the Carolinas. Both have proposed multiple plans that await approval from the N.C. Department of Insurance and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Under the law, North Carolinians who qualify for subsidies are expected to receive more than $5,000 a year per household on average to offset their insurance costs, according to the U.S. Treasury Department. Subsidy levels will vary depending on income and other factors under the Affordable Care Act, which is often referred to as Obamacare.

Those who don’t get insurance will pay a fine, starting next year at $95 or 1 percent of income, whichever is greater. For Stokes, the 1 percent rule would likely apply, bumping up her potential fine to around $320. By 2016, the penalty will be $695 or 2.5 percent of income.

This country is over $17 trillion in debt, and we’re going to subsidize this monstrosity? And they have no idea on how they're going to pay for it.   This federal government anaconda is squeezing the life blood out of all of us. 


Rafael Cruz at Free the People

This man knows about totalitarian government from first hand experience.  We can see where his son, Senator Ted Cruz, gets his passion. 

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College Kids Discuss Independence Day

This is pathetic.  Progressive education at its finest.

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Celebrating Independence Day at New Bern, NC

I drove to New Bern, NC to celebrate the Fourth of July.  They had a drum and fife corps along with the reading of the Declaration of Independence on the steps of Tryon Palace.   


The man reading is portraying John Penn.  He was a signer of the Declaration.  The woman is his wife.  And the gentleman standing nearby is supposed to be the last loyalist governor of North Carolina:  Josiah Martin.


I seriously doubt Governor Martin would have been present for the reading.  If anything, he would’ve had John Penn arrested.    
Below is a loyalist heckling John Penn.   

They even had period music.
If you're a history buff, you'll enjoy New Bern.