Monday, January 30, 2017

President Donald Trump Puts Stranglehold on Regulations

If you live by the administrative state, you die by the administrative state.  Conservatives should thank President Barack Hussein Obama for showing us the way.  He believed he could rule by bureaucrat without repercussions.  Well guess what?  That knife cuts both ways.

President Donald Trump decreed the following:

"If there's a new regulation, they have to knock out two but it goes far beyond that. We're cutting regulations massively for small business and for large business but they're different. But for small business, this is what this is about today. This will be the biggest such act that our country has ever seen," Trump said. "There will be regulation, there will be control, but it will be a normalized control where you can open your business and expand your business very easily and that's what our country has been all about."

A senior administration official briefed on the order said federal agencies that want to enact a new regulation will have to identify two to cut based on their own estimate of the cost of those regulations to the economy and the private sector. Agencies will identify possible regulations to eliminate but the White House will ultimately decide which to cut.

“Any new incremental costs associated with new regulations shall, to the extent permitted by law, be offset by the elimination of existing costs associated with at least two prior regulations,” the order states. “Total incremental cost of all new regulations, including repealed regulations, to be finalized this year shall be no greater than zero”

President Donald Trump is becoming the Democratic Party’s worst nightmare.  Crow is tough to chew.


Pres. Trump Fires Lawless Acting Attorney General

President Donald Trump fired another lawless Obama appointee.  Should anyone be surprised she works at the Justice Department? 

WASHINGTON, Jan 30 (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump fired the federal government's top lawyer Sally Yates on Monday after she took the extraordinarily rare step of defying the White House and refused to defend new travel restrictions targeting seven Muslim-majority nations.
Yates said late on Monday that the Justice Department would not defend in court Trump's directive that put a 120-day hold on allowing refugees into the country, an indefinite ban on refugees from Syria and a 90-day bar on citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.
Yates said she did not believe defending the order would be "consistent with this institution's solemn obligation to always seek justice and stand for what is right."
 Hours later, she was fired. The White House said Yates "has betrayed the Department of Justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States" and portrayed her actions as political.

It’s going to take a long time to the drain the swamp of these traitors.


Liberal Women Had Better Beware of Muslim Refugees

Do liberal women understand the ramifications of allowing Muslims, particularly men, into the United States?  This is a culture and ideology they don’t understand and if they don’t watch out, they’re going to live through the horrors of Europe.

Take notice of the above moron and her sign.  Now look at what happened to a Swedish woman who was of like mind.


Trump Admin.Tells State Department Dissenters to Pound Sand

It’s time to clean out the State Department.  A dissent memo is circulating around Foggy Bottom over President Donald Trump’s refugee policy.  Thankfully, the administration told them to pound sand. 

'The president has a very clear vision. He's been clear on it since the campaign. He's been clear on it since taking office, that he's going to put the safety of this country first,' Spicer said during his briefing. 'He's going to implement things that are in the best interest of protecting this country prospectively, not reactively.' 

He brought up polling showing that more Americans agree with the travel ban, that prohibits Syrians from coming the country indefinitely, than not and proclaimed that 'the American people support what the president is doing.'

They are 'pleased that this president is taking the steps necessary to protect this country,' he said.

'If somebody has a problem with that agenda, then they should ques – then that does call into question whether or not they should continue in that post or not,' he said of State Department employees protesting the travel restrictions.

It’s about time Washington D. C. put Americans first.  The safety and wellbeing of our citizens is paramount.  No foreigner or refugee has a right to come to this country.


Sunday, January 29, 2017

California's Progressivism Responsible for "Donor" State Status

A gaggle of Californians are gathering signatures to secede from the United States.  This one party state is upset the citizens of this country voted for Donald Trump as their president and a Congress dominated by republicans.  These malcontents emphasize California’s culture, world view, and ideology is different from the rest of the country.  These people don’t want to be Americans; they want to be progressives.

President Trump’s sanctuary city policy is a major cause of consternation.  State and local politicians are confronted with a possibility that federal funds will be withheld because they’re aiding and abetting illegal aliens.  Furthermore, they’re looking for ways to stop tax dollars flowing from Sacramento to Washington D.C.

Californians believe they’re a “donor” state when it comes to federal tax dollars.  That is they pay more money to the federal government than they receive.  What they fail to understand is both federal and state government policies, along with the progressive tax code, are responsible for this disparity.

California’s policies of ridiculous mandates, regulations and high taxation are the causation of an astronomical cost of living and higher salaries.  Nobody on a Mississippi wage could afford to live there.  So when these people complain that red states get more money from the federal government than what they pay in, maybe they should reflect upon their progressive utopia and the tax system they advocate.


Saturday, January 28, 2017

Rings (2017) - TV Store Prank

Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Kevin Appleby Migration Advocate Extreme Vetting


I have become a Tucker Carlson fan.  This guy eviscerates these progressive scumbags and he does it with a smile on his face.  Watch the expression on this guys face at the end.  You just know he's asking himself, "What in the hell just happened?"

Iran Forgoes Kidnapping and Ransoming Americans Over Terrorists Ban

Good news!  Iran just banned American citizens from entering their Islamic hellhole of a country.  Now we don’t have to worry about these morons getting kidnapped and being held for ransom.  President Trump is a genius.

Iran said on Saturday it would stop U.S. citizens entering the country in retaliation to Washington's visa ban against Tehran and six other majority-Muslim countries announced by new U.S. President Donald Trump.

"While respecting the American people and distinguishing between them and the hostile policies of the U.S. government, Iran will implement the principle of reciprocity until the offensive U.S. limitations against Iranian nationals are lifted," a Foreign Ministry statement said.

"The restrictions against travel by Muslims to America... are an open affront against the Muslim world and the Iranian nation in particular and will be known as a great gift to extremists," said the statement, carried by state media.

The great gift to extremists was the $150 billion the Obama administration gave to Iran.  That was an affront to the citizens of the United States and our allies.



Calexit: Making America Great Again

Californians and their hordes of illegal aliens want to secede from the United States.  Advocates have organized a petition drive to put nationhood on the ballot in 2018. 

According to Marinelli, the so-called Calexit backers have about 7,000 supporters mobilized to gather signatures statewide for the new California nationhood initiative. The California Secretary of State's office said Thursday the backers of the measure must collect the signatures of 585,407 registered voters to qualify for the ballot. Organizers have until July 25, 2017, to meet the requirement.

"We think it's going to be quite easy for us to make the sell," said Marinelli. "California is a different place and has its own culture, its own history, its own identity, its own world view, and its own ideology in a large respect. So we would feel better off if we can set our own destiny, set our own path forward and not be connected to a lot of these obsolete policies of the American system."

Added Marinelli, "There's a lot of this dysfunction going on in the American system, the corruption in Washington, the animosity within the United States as a whole. So we want to break away from all that and set a new path forward. To establish for ourselves some kind of progressive republic on the western shores of North America."

I’ll sign that petition.  California is a malignant tumor on the body politic.  This union is not a suicide pact and the libtards who infest that state are killing this republic.  Detractors will say the American Civil War settled all notions of secession.  Well, there is a big difference.  The South wanted to leave the union, but the North wouldn’t let them go.  Calexit is a mutual agreement.  These people don’t want to be Americans.  They want to be progressives.  And as far as I’m concerned, good riddance.


Triumph Attends Trump’s Inauguration - CONAN on TBS

Too Funny!

Brody File Exclusive: President Trump Says Persecuted Christians Will Be...

Obama's Muslims only Syrian refugee policy tells us everything we need to know about his allegiance to the Christian faith.  Islam is antithetical and outright hostile to Western civilization.  Thank God, President Trump sees this Trojan horse for what it is.

Trailer Park Barbie

Trailer, black eyes and can of beer sold separately.  

EPA Employees Squawk for Counseling Sessions

President Trump has plenty of mandates.  One of them is to slap the EPA's hands off of our economic thermostat.  Now the only thing these self-important twits can do is cry at their desk and squawk for counseling sessions.  

Amidst employees in tears following the election of Donald Trump, the Environmental Protection Agency is offering counseling sessions on “dealing with change.”

Axios obtained slides from one of the 45-minute seminars, entitled, “Feeling pressured? Worried about change at EPA?”

Topics included “How to deal with change,” “How do you keep your composure and make better decisions under pressure?” “How can you spend your energy more wisely—and have more as a result?” and “How do you recognize and eliminate harmful habits that cause you stress?

How about unemployment counseling?  Now that’s change we can believe in.


Iron Maiden's Book of Souls Tour 2017 Comes to Charlotte, NC

Iron Maiden’s Book of Souls tour comes to Charlotte, North Carolina on June 9, 2017.  One of my favorite songs is entitled, Paschendale.  We are approaching the 100th anniversary of that god awful battle.  Here are the lyrics along with a couple of videos.

In a foreign field he lay
Lonely soldier, unknown grave
On his dying words he prays
Tell the world of Paschendale

Relive all that he's been through
Last communion of his soul
Rust your bullets with his tears
Let me tell you 'bout his years

Laying low in a blood filled trench
Kill tim 'til my very own death
On my face I can feel the falling rain
Never see my friends again

In the smoke, in the mud and lead
Smell the fear and the feeling of dread
Soon be time to go over the wall
Rapid fire and the end of us all

Whistles, shouts and more gun fire
Lifeless bodies hang on barbed wire
Battlefield nothing but a bloody tomb
Be reunited with my dead friends soon

Many soldiers eighteen years
Drown in mud, no more tears
Surely a war no-one can win
Killing time about to begin

Home, far away
From the war, a chance to live again
Home, far away
But the war, no chance to live again

The bodies of ours and our foes
The sea of death it overflows
In no man's land, God only knows
Into jaws of death we go

Crucified as if on a cross
Allied troops they mourn their loss
German war propaganda machine
Such before has never been seen

Swear I heard the angels cry
Pray to god no more may die
So that people know the truth
Tell the tale of Paschendale

Cruelty has a human heart
Every man does play his part
Terror of the men we kill
The human heart is hungry still

I stand my ground for the very last time
Gun is ready as I stand in line
Nervous wait for the whistle to blow
Rush of blood and over we go

Blood is falling like the rain
Its crimson cloak unveils again
The sound of guns can't hide their shame
And so we die on Paschendale

Dodging shrapnel and barbed wire
Running straight at the cannon fire
Running blind as I hold my breath
Say a prayer symphony of death

As we charge the enemy lines
A burst of fire and we go down
I choke a cry but no-one hears
Fell the blood go down my throat

Home, far away
From the war, a chance to live again
Home, far away
But the war, no chance to live again

See my spirit on the wind
Across the lines, beyond the hill
Friend and foe will meet again
Those who died at Paschendale


Affordable Health Care Through Cash and Competition

Americans were told the Affordable Care Act was the panacea for all of our healthcare needs.  This government sponsored utopia would bring down cost by forcing everyone to buy insurance, or at least enroll onto its lesser cousin, Medicaid.  This flawed ideology is based on the concept that insurance equates to healthcare.  Well how’s that working out?   

Obamacare’s mandates and regulations actually contributed to the cost of healthcare.  True reform will not come from a bureaucrat’s pen.  True affordable healthcare will come from competition and the patient playing an active role in a cost/benefit analysis.  Insurance was meant to cover catastrophes, not pap smears and prostate exams.

A man from Montana found out just how affordable a knee replacement can be when he bypassed his government mandated insurance company.  Here is an excerpt from Time:

When Art Villa found out, after one too many boating accidents, that he needed a total knee replacement, he began asking around to see how much it would cost. The hospital near his home in Helena, Mont., would charge $40,000 for the procedure, he says. But that didn't include the anesthesiologist's fee, physical therapy or a stay at a rehabilitation center afterward. A 2015 Blue Cross Blue Shield study found that one hospital in Dallas billed $16,772 for a knee replacement while another in the same area charged $61,585.

It was in the midst of this confounding research that Villa, who's 68, heard about the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, whose business model is different from that of most hospitals. There, the all-inclusive price for every operation is listed on the website. A rotator-cuff repair for the shoulder costs $8,260. A surgical procedure for carpal tunnel syndrome is $2,750. Setting and casting a basic broken leg: $1,925

What did this knee replacement cost Mr. Villa?

To Villa, the model seemed refreshingly subversive. The Surgery Center would charge $19,000 for his whole-knee replacement, a discount of nearly 50% on what Villa expected to be charged at his local hospital. And that price would include everything from airfare to the organization's only facility, in Oklahoma City, to medications and physical therapy. If unforeseen complications arose during or after the procedure, the Surgery Center would cover those costs. Villa wouldn't see another bill.

Can you imagine what the cost would be if there was competition?  This is true healthcare reform.  This is how to achieve affordable healthcare.


Friday, January 27, 2017

President Trump Turns Tables on EPA

The thugs at the Environmental Protection Agency harassed and intimidated American citizens for far too long.  These petty bureaucrats aren’t above fining Alaskans who use wood stoves to heat their homes, or farmers who build stock ponds on their own property.  Their abuses are legendary.  Now the tables have turned and its time these scumbags get their just desserts.

The Trump administration is about to dish out a special bowl of justice.  Here is an excerpt from the Daily Caller:

“President Trump said during the campaign that he would like to abolish the EPA, or ‘leave a little bit,'” he said. “I think the administration is likely to start proposing cuts to the 15,000 staff, because the fact is that a huge amount of the work of the EPA is actually done by state agencies.”

Ebell’s comments come after the Trump administration directed the agency to take down its global warming webpage, an anonymous EPA staffer told Reuters Wednesday.

“If the website goes dark, years of work we have done on climate change will disappear,” the staffer said. The staffer also said employees were scrambling to save data on the website.

The EPA was ordered Tuesday to hold back grants for projects and research on global warming, and instructed employees not to discuss spending freezes to the media.

Agency officials and Democrats, meanwhile, believe Trump’s animosity toward the EPA could lead to the president seeking to abandon the agency entirely.

Millions of Americans won’t shed a tear for these fanatical, anti-American bureaucrats.


Canada Refuses to Accept Teat Squawking, Trump Haters

Remember all the libtards who threatened to emigrate to Canada if Trump won the presidency?  Well, they’re still here and there’s a reason for it.  Canada won’t take them.  Supplicants will be considered if they are a skilled worker or will start a business that creates jobs and contribute to the economy.  These liberal teat squawkers are just the opposite.  Here is an excerpt from the Daily Caller:

As one hysterical liberal lamented on Facebook, “What are the actual implications of these Executive Douche Orders? Should I just pack my bags and move to Canada?” After researching the Canadian immigration system, the individual posted that he had determined that “ironically,” as an artist who could not afford to buy property and only rented a loft in Brooklyn, Canada had no desire in taking him in.

And what about those high profile scumbags who promised to leave?

Immigration rules for Australia and similar nations are comparable, with strict rules focused on accepting people that are a net value-added to their economy. (RELATED: Barbra Streisand Says She Plans To Move To Australia If Trump Wins)

Canada’s rules could be one reason Al Sharpton — who has failed to pay debts, including taxes — reneged on a promise to move there following Trump’s win. Lena Dunham also backtracked on her pledge to relocate, in spite of her assets.

Loud mouths and tax evaders contribute nothing to an economy.  It’s ironic that our neighbors have tougher immigration standards than the U.S. government.  But then again, Washington D.C. is infested with loud mouths and tax evaders.


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Did You Know Sperm Sleeps at Night?

The Early Sperm catches the egg.  Or, something like that.

H/T: Knuckledraggin 

President Trump Fires U.S. Border Patrol Chief

Let the firings begin!  President Donald Trump sacked U.S. Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan, an Obama political appointee.

The border patrol union, which endorsed Trump's presidential campaign and applauded his executive order, had been critical of Morgan. The union criticized Morgan for supporting former President Barack Obama's plans to shield certain illegal immigrants from deportation through a White House-driven amnesty.

The executive board of the National Border Patrol Council called Morgan arrogant and a 'disgrace to the Border Patrol' in an opinion piece published by on Nov. 30.

Unlike many border patrol officers, Morgan did not climb the chain of command within the agency but was appointed from the FBI.

Morgan was named to the post in June and took office in October. The former FBI agent briefly led the internal affairs department at the Border Patrol's parent agency before heading the agency of roughly 20,000 agents.

The swamp just receded a centimeter.


South Park - Safe Space - "In My Safe Space"

EPA Thugs are "Coming to Work in Tears"

How do you make federal government bureaucrats cry?  By making America great again.  The election was over two months ago and employees at the Environmental Protection Agency are still  “coming to work in tears.”  This is too good to be true.

“At EPA headquarters, the mood remains dark,” ProPublica reported Wednesday. “A longtime career communications employee said in a phone interview Tuesday that more than a few friends were ‘coming to work in tears’ each morning as they grappled with balancing the practical need to keep their jobs with their concerns for the issues they work on.”

Trump’s victory has been tough for bureaucrats. The State Department held stress workshops after the election so they would not “become paralyzed by fear.” EPA employees were caught crying before, just after the election, as were White House aides. Energy Department employees were granted counseling. Sobbing staffers greeted Hillary Clinton on Capitol Hill a month after her loss.

I wish I could be there.  Nothing brings me more joy than an EPA thug crying at his desk.  This is an Eric Cartman moment.


State Department Rats Flee a Trump Presidency

President Donald Trump has been in office just a few days and the swamp is starting to drain.  The rats at the State Department who were involved in notorious and disastrous decisions committed by the Obama administration have retired or resigned.  One of the creatures who worked there remarked this is unprecedented.

“It’s the single biggest simultaneous departure of institutional memory that anyone can remember, and that’s incredibly difficult to replicate,” said David Wade, who served as State Department chief of staff under Secretary of State John Kerry. “Department expertise in security, management, administrative and consular positions in particular are very difficult to replicate and particularly difficult to find in the private sector.”

Good riddance you traitorous bastards!  President Donald Trump is accomplishing what I thought was impossible.  The bureaucracies need cleaned out and this is a promising start.


Doctors Diagnose A Liberal

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Most SJW Moments at the DNC Chair Candidates Forum | SUPERcuts! #427

Libtard Loses it on Black Barista

When your White Guilt boils over and you project your problems onto a random black barista. Shorty face is priceless.