Monday, July 30, 2018

Chris Anglin, A Wannabe Emperor in a Black Robe

Earlier this month, I published a blogpost about a scumbag Democrat who’s trying to pass himself off as a constitutional Republican, so as to split the vote in a judicial race in North Carolina. Chris Anglin is his name and every Republican voter should remember the depths of deceit this low-life is willing to go.

Mr. Anglin has published an op-ed in the Charlotte Observer in an attempt to convince the rest of us he’s not a liberal plant trying to skew an election for his comrade, Anita Earls. So let’s critique what he’s written:

This has been a dizzying decade for North Carolinians. Nearly every day we have witnessed attacks on the rule of law and the checks and balances of our democracy at both the federal and state level.

Our legislature has governed like the emperor with no clothes since gaining super majorities. The only check to its overreach has been an independent judiciary, so judicial elections have been a frequent and repeated target of power grabs.

First, N.C. lawmakers eliminated public financing for judicial races, widening the door for big money influence on the courts.

Then they made us the first state in 100 years to make judicial races partisan, including the state Supreme Court. They rigged the ballot order to favor their candidate and eliminated the primary election for this year.

The role of an independent judiciary is not to put a check on the General Assembly. They are to apply the laws that are passed by our elected representatives. An independent judiciary does not mean judges can do as they damn well please. Does this sound like a constitutional Republican to you? It doesn’t to me.

By the way, I applauded the defunding of judicial races. I don’t want my hard earned tax dollars aiding and abetting my political enemies. I also applauded the outing of judicial candidates. I want to know their political philosophy.  However, Mr. Anglin doesn't care what voters think.  He wants to put a check on our elected representatives.

They have openly expressed a desire to do away with judicial elections altogether and to give the legislature the power to control all judicial seats.

They passed six unneeded, misleading constitutional amendments that will harm voting rights, and strip power from the executive and judicial branches of government. There is nothing transparent, nor conservative about this. It’s just bad governing, putting party and power over the people.

Expressing a desire is not the same thing as doing. Don’t you just love the fact that he’s concerned about stripping power away from the executive and judicial branches when that’s exactly what Mr. Anglin wants to do to the legislative branch! What an astonishing lack of introspection.

As for these constitutional amendments, they have to be approved by the voters of North Carolina. I thought liberals - ahem - believed in democracy. Oh, and what is this blurb about voter rights? Does Mr. Anglin have a problem with voter I.D.? Why that’s not very constitutional Republican of him. Here is the last piece of nonsense written by this fraud.

North Carolinians have a chance to get off this dizzying ride. They can stand up for an independent judiciary and the checks and balances of our democracy by defeating all six unneeded, misleading Amendments, and by electing lawmakers and judges who will fight for the rule of law, not undermine it. I’m confident they will make the right choices.

And if we don't, I'm sure Mr. Anglin and his liberal buddies will find an activist judge to rule these amendments unconstitutional.  We've been down this road before.  This guy isn't fooling anyone.

Mr. Anglin is a fraud.  He doesn’t believe in the rule of law, democracy or a representative republic. Does he not understand that lawmakers make the laws? The only people who can undermine the laws are judicial activist. This guy doesn’t have a concept of how our system of government works. He referred to our elected representatives as emperors without clothes. First of all,there can only be one emperor and if Chris Anglin gets his way, that emperor will wear a black robe.


Sunday, July 29, 2018

Man Changes Gender for Cheaper Insurance

There might be something to this gender identifying scheme. A 20 year old male realized he was getting screwed by the “the man” and decided to pull the libtard card: he now identifies as a female when driving. Here is an excerpt from the Daily Wire:

In an attempt to save on car insurance, a Canadian male legally changed his gender to female resulting in almost $1,100 in savings.

According to CBC News, a man in his early 20's and only identified as "David" wanted to buy a Chevrolet Cruze and was given an insurance quote around $4,500. He then asked the insurer if his costs would change if he was a woman. He was told his yearly insurance bill would be reduced to $3,400, or $1,100 less.

“I was pretty angry about that,” David told CBC news. “And I didn’t feel like getting screwed over any more.”

When he asked the insurance agent to change his gender on the policy, his request was denied.

So instead, he changed his gender on his birth certificate and license by first obtaining a doctor's note by telling the doctor he identified as a woman.

“It was pretty simple,” he said. “I just basically asked for it and told them that I identify as a woman, or I’d like to identify as a woman, and he wrote me the letter I wanted.”

Is there anything that’s not for sale in a doctor’s office?


Travel Shows for the Working Man

As a working man, I have to be content within the confines a job and the concomitant responsibilities it affords me. For example, I do not have leisure to be a world traveler. As much as I like the idea of experiencing other people, cultures and historical sites, I don’t have the time, or the money to indulge my fancies. Being a vagabond is not part of my DNA. I’m sure there are millions of other Americans who are just like me and that’s probably the reason travel shows are popular.

Rick Steves’ European travels are well known. He presents an entertaining, safe and at times historically sanitized travelogue that makes anyone who watches it envious. Oh, he will give advice on how to protect your valuables from pickpockets, but overall it’s a fantasy vacation few will experience.

One of my favorites was Karl Pilkington’s, An Idiot Abroad. I don’t believe this guy intends to be funny, but you can’t help but laugh at his observations and commentary as he blunders through one episode after another. If I can relate to anyone on vacation disasters, its Karl Pilkington. I’m sure I’ve had the same WTF expression of my face as he. I do miss that show.

A couple of weeks ago, I watched Sue Perkins, The Ganges. I don’t normally like to watch a travel series about third world countries unless it’s unvarnished and that’s exactly what she brought to the table. She didn’t even spit polish it. She described India as it truly is: a shithole. Sure, she highlighted the good aspects, but overall it's a shithole.

There is one scene which is absolutely hilarious. Ms. Perkins was meandering down a back alley when she slipped and fell, scraping her knee. But that wasn’t all. She landed her hand in a pile of human poo. LOL!!! Her reaction was priceless. She cried out for her mommy and wanted to go home. Now that’s an unsanitized travelogue! You won’t see that on Rick Steves,

I do hope she produces more travel shows. Maybe she can visit another third world shithole called San Francisco. At least they provide poop pile maps.

Welcome to Charlotte, North Carolina! Leave Your American Privilege at Home

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Charlotte, North Carolina has the distinction of hosting the 2020 Republican National Convention and everyone in the area, especially conservatives, are apprehensive about the low-lifes this event will attract. No one is concerned about the delegates and their guest. No, what we’re worried about are the anarchists, communist, and teat squawkers that make-up the Democratic party. These people aren’t concerned about life, liberty and property. What they’re concerned about is shoving their ideology down our throats.

The convention is two years away and Progressives are already making demands. If Republicans come to Charlotte we must leave our “bigotry” at home. I just love being lectured to by a people who believe its okay to beat up Trump supporters and destroy or deface property that offends their delicate sensibilities. LIberals believe in tolerance as long as it’s on their terms. Their velvet glove techniques are notorious. Here is an excerpt from the latest Charlotte Observer op-ed written by Justin Perry, a tolerant liberal:

In addition to the eight white nationalists running for Congress, an N.C. GOP candidate has said that “God was a white Supremacist.” WRAL reports the fastest-growing gang population in North Carolina is white supremacist groups. CBS News reports hate crimes continue to be on the rise. Is this the “economic” anxiety that people said drove Republicans to Trump?

While integrating KKK mottos like “America First,” our president has described Latino immigrants as “infesting” our community and called African countries “shitholes.” The lack of loud and firm denouncements on the national level from non-lame duck GOP members of Congress speaks volumes.

Let’s not forget that Tony Perkins, who was recently appointed as a U.S. commissioner on International Religious Freedom, recently said we should have “never stopped criminalizing homosexuality.”

Tell me, how many of these issues relate to being fiscally conservative? How exactly does one exchange coffee and conversation with someone who wants them dead, incarcerated, or sees them as subhuman?

This is not about all Republicans. I work with and care for many people with whom I don’t agree politically, and I never have or will stop valuing their humanity. But I focus on people’s words and deeds, rhetoric and policy, and most important of all, their silence.

That’s why I invite our host committee and local GOP leadership to step up in a way that hasn’t occurred nationally. Publicly denounce all forms of racism, homophobia, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim bigotry and hate, as things that are not welcome in Charlotte. Embrace the convention, but also embrace the opportunity to reclaim your party and protect Charlotte. Ending “divisiveness” will never occur as long as fundamental questions of humanity remain.

Eight GOP congressmen who are white nationalists? Since when has America First become a KKK slogan? I have no idea what this guy is talking about, but I’m sure he picked up this nonsense from Thinkprogress or some other libtard propaganda machine.

Mr. Perkins is basically telling the rest of us to shut our mouths. Anything he doesn’t agree with us on is racist, homophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim. And don’t you just love having a liberal lecture us on what our party platform should be? What else are we not allowed to talk about? How about welfare reform? Why that discriminates against the poor. What about Social Security? That’s just another way for Republicans to starve grandma and grandpa. It goes on and on and on with these people. They personalize everything right down to our bathrooms.

Maybe, liberals should put up a banner at the convention hall: Welcome to Charlotte, North Carolina! Leave Your American Privilege at Home.


Thursday, July 26, 2018

Medicare for All! Why not?

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As a card-carrying curmudgeon, nothing gives me more pleasure than reading an op-ed written by a Progressive and then tearing it to pieces. The Charlotte Observer is a prime source of absurdity, stupidity and outright propaganda for everything government. They put the I in libtard, and we can’t thank them enough for it.

When I read some of these articles. I can’t help but think these people are grasping onto a few strands of reality. Maybe that’s because in a liberal’s utopian worldview, they’re incapable of introspection. Failure is not part of their vocabulary. Why else would they double-down on centralized healthcare when the Affordable Care Act has been anything but. So hey, it’s Medicare for all! Why not!

Here is an excerpt from an op-ed written by a Mr. Bohmfalk advocating for just that:

Medicare is an extremely successful and popular government program, a very good thing for 15 percent of our citizens. As private, for-profit health insurance continues to squeeze enrollees into narrower provider networks and unaffordable cost-sharing, many Americans under 65 are desperate for relief. Most business leaders do not realize that around one-third of every healthcare dollar goes to administration, rather than healthcare. We pay around twice per person what every other country pays for healthcare, the largest share of GDP. Despite being the biggest market, we pay the world’s highest prescription drug prices. Our health outcomes, including life expectancy, rank near the bottom.

Now why is there a narrower field? Could it possibly be that Obamacare forced other insurers and providers out of business thereby squeezing enrollees into narrower networks that are unaffordable? Oh yeah, Americans need relief, alright. They need relief from an obtrusive and authoritarian federal government.

Now let’s address administrative cost. Did Obamacare reduce this bugaboo? NO! They exasperated it. Do a search on the internet and you’ll see pages of articles lamenting this government created monstrosity. But once again, this assertion of lower administrative cost is deceptive. Here is an excerpt from an article pre-Obamacare:

A more accurate measure of overhead would therefore be the administrative costs per patient, rather than per dollar of medical expenses. And by that measure, even with all the administrative advantages Medicare has over private coverage, the program's administrative costs are actually significantly higher than those of private insurers. In 2005, for example, Robert Book has shown that private insurers spent $453 per beneficiary on administrative costs, compared to $509 for Medicare. (Indeed, Robert has written the definitive paper on this subject, from which the above figure is taken.)

Remember these points the next time someone tries to tell you that Medicare is “more efficient” than private insurance.

Yes, remember this, because Mr. Bohmfalk is going to double-down. 

And as for paying twice per person in other countries, all I have to say is what do you expect? Do you expect third-world prices in a first-world country? Of course, we’re going to pay more than the rest of the world, simply because our standard of living is higher. This is basic economics.

However, if liberals insist on everything “free,” we could be like Venezuela, where healthcare is nonexistent thanks to socialism. See what free gets you?

Image result for venezuela free healthcare

Still , healthcare would be cheaper in the United States had we an actual free market system where the patient/consumer actually participated in a cost/benefit analysis rather than being dependent on a third-party payer system. Competition reduces cost whereas monopolies reduce access and inflate the prices of goods and services. Make no mistake about it, Obamacare monopolized our healthcare system.

Mr. Bohmfalk continues:

Except in the Medicare population. Once people have access to healthcare, their health dramatically improves. Medicare has a secret for the rest of the country: We can expand Medicare to cover everyone, improve it to cover prescription drugs and eliminate deductibles and co-payments, and save money in the process. The secret lies in Medicare’s 2-3 percent administrative overhead, a fraction of private insurance companies’. Politicians commonly campaign on eliminating waste, but their promises rarely materialize. With Improved Medicare for All, we can convert hundreds of billions in administrative waste to actual, life-saving healthcare.

Improving Medicare can be a fairly straightforward process, as described in the House bill HR 676. The taxes to fund it would be less than current healthcare spending for 95 percent of households — a clear win-win for the vast majority of us. Employers would no longer be burdened with providing health insurance and could better compete globally. Everyone truly could choose and keep their doctors, if not their current expensive and restrictive insurance plans.

Mind you, Mr. Bohmfalk stated earlier that 15% of the population is currently on Medicare. According to the trustees of Medicare, this program is scheduled for insolvency in the year 2026 - three years earlier than forecasted. And liberals want to expand it? Their vision of utopia is in reality, a dystopia.  Oh yeah, don't forget, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  LOL!!!


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Obama Administration Financed Another Islamic Terrorist Organization

Democrats love the word treason whether by accusing others, or participating. Their hysteria is amusing. Since, when has it become treasonous for a president to meet a foreign leader? This new criteria seems to apply only to Donald Trump.

I think we should take a look at what could be considered acts of treason. Is it treason for a president to ignore the treaty clause of the Constitution while supplying plane loads of cash to an enemy that declares, “Death to America” every Friday after prayers? Is it an act of treason to have side deals with same regime without the consent of Congress? What about aiding and abetting a terrorist organization that funds its murderous activities by selling drugs in the United States? Would that be considered treason? Or what about the following:

A new report released on Wednesday revealed that the Obama administration knowingly provided an Islamic terrorist-financing organization with hundreds of thousands of dollars despite the fact that the group had been designated as a terrorist-financing organization for a decade by the U.S. government.

Obama officials approved the release of well over $100,000 even after they were informed that the Khartoum-based Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA) was affiliated with Osama bin Laden and Maktab al-Khidamat (MK), which eventually became al-Qaeda.

ISRA, also referred to as the Islamic African Relief Agency (IARA), received a $200,000 taxpayer-funded grant from the Obama administration, which released at least $115,000 to the terrorist-financing organization.

Should the above activities be considered acts of treason? Here is the definition of treason: The crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or government.

These crimes are acts of betrayal, but do they meet the criteria of treason? Maybe not, but trying to overthrow a duly elected president by sabotage and sedition could. Just saying.


Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Deep State Lawyer, Rod Rosenstein

It’s about damn time! The Deep State’s lawyer, Rod Rosenstein, has just had articles of impeachment filed against him. This man has obstructed the wheels of justice for far too long. Finally, members of the Freedom Caucus have made a case that Rosenstein is not only conflicted, but that he is a participating member of a soft coup. Here is an excerpt from The Hill:

They charge that Rosenstein has a conflict of interest in Mueller's probe, stating that he is a “witness” that could be called in the ongoing investigation into potential abuse since he signed off on an FBI surveillance renewal application to wiretap Carter Page, a former adviser to the Trump campaign.

“As such, his conduct in authorizing the FISA surveillance at issue in the joint congressional investigation makes him a fact witness central to the ongoing investigation of potential FISA abuse,” read the articles of impeachment. “Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein’s failure to recuse himself in light of this inherent conflict of interest and failure to recommend the appointment of a second Special Counsel constitute dereliction of duty. Wherefore, Rod Rosenstein, by such conduct, warrants impeachment and trial, and removal from office.”

“Multiple times we’ve caught DOJ officials hiding information from Congress, withholding relevant documents, or even outright ignoring Congressional subpoenas — and now we have evidence that Mr. Rosenstein signed off on a document using unverified political opposition research as a cornerstone of a FISA application to spy on an American citizen working for the Trump campaign," Meadows continued, referring to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

Democrats knew what they were doing by forcing Jeff Sessions to recuse himself on this Russian interference fraud.  They know Rod Rosenstein is a card carrying member of the Deep State.


Allie Beth Stuckey Fake Interviews Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Deep State Defined

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So, what is the Deep State and who is running it? Whoopi Goldberg doubts that such a thing exist. Liberals laugh at such a notion, and why wouldn’t they? To them, the Beltway is a paragon of governance. They love the idea of a federal bureaucrat shoving his liberal ideology down our throats. What’s wrong with that? 

Hillary ClintonDemocrat282,83090.9%3
Donald J. TrumpRepublican12,7234.1
Gary JohnsonLibertarian4,9061.6
Jill SteinD.C. Statehood Green4,2581.4
100% reporting (143 of 143 precincts)

First of all, let’s establish where the Deep State resides. The obvious answer is Washington D.C. Hillary Clinton won its 3 Electoral College votes with 90.9% of the popular vote; Donald Trump a mere 4.1%. That’s pretty lopsided for our nation’s capitol don’t you think? Isn’t this town supposed to be apolitical, or at least bipartisan? HA! Just joking.

Now what is the Deep State? The Deep State consist of all these federal bureaucrats who believe they are the ones running this country; that the president, if a Republican, is just a figurehead, and Congress is just a nuisance that has to be endured. Politicians come and go; bureaucrats are forever.

Peter Strzok's Wife who was promoted to SEC director blocked all FBI investigations into Clintons

The prospect of a Trump presidency upset the apple cart. Here is a man who doesn’t understand his place and that doesn’t sit well with the hive. The Bushes understood Washington D.C. and they were quite content on the status quo; not Trump. The Deep Staters wanted Hillary Clinton and they did everything to cover up her felonious activities. Agent Peter Strzok was the point man in the FBI, but how many people know about his wife, Melissa Hodgman at the SEC? Here is an excerpt from

With Hodgman at the SEC and Strzok at the FBI it would be virtually impossible to even know what cases linked to the Clinton Foundation had criminal merit, if each were trying to keep all things Clinton-related quiet.

But Charles Ortel, an expert on the financial dealings and filings of the Clinton Foundation believes having chess pieces in place at the SEC and FBI were only a smaller part of a much larger game for the Clintons.

“The Clinton “business plan” to monetize government is broader than simply gaming one agency – they saw an opportunity to create unregulated globalist government and seeded many organizations with like-minded persons, some of whom were simply naive, but all of whom ultimately are corrupt,” Ortel said.

Ortel, a private investor and writer who exposes large complex international frauds, understands the labyrinth of the Clinton Foundation’s international scams. And while the foundation itself is not a public company which would fall under the SEC’s regulatory umbrella, its finances remain entwined with dozens of public entities that do.

I might add, wasn’t it convenient for the conspirators in the Justice Department to have Jeff Sessions recuse himself from all things related to the past election due to this “Russian interference” canard? The Deep Staters couldn’t believe their luck to have Rod Rosenstein run cover for all of their misdeeds.

Whoopi Goldberg asked who is the leader of the Deep State? In actuality, there is no leader; these people have a hive mentality. They are the Borg.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Government Sponsored Economic Crises

I was talking to a customer the other day and he brought up a subject that I suspected was happening, but don’t want to believe: We are in another housing bubble. 

I hope he’s wrong, but all the signs are there. We all remember the last one. Many businesses and families were destroyed because of that federal government created disaster. Why do I say that? Because that crisis couldn't have happened without government sponsored entities such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and all the Clinton cronies who ran those two organizations.

As a student of history, I can’t help but notice that most economic calamities that befall our country have been induced by the federal government. For instance, let’s take the Panic of 1873. Jay Cooke became the richest man in the country due to his financial dealings with the federal government, that was until his empire crashed bringing about one of the worst depressions in American history. Here is an excerpt from Murray N. Rothbard’s, The Progressive Era:

The railroad financier with the closest ties to the Republican administration was the redoubtable banker, Jay Cooke, head of Jay Cooke & Co. A small Philadelphia financier at the outset of the Civil War, Cooke had the vision to found his banking house and to wangle from the federal government a monopoly on underwriting the massive bond issues floated during the war. To sell them to the gullible public, Cooke launched the first modern propaganda campaign for selling the bonds, employing thousands of subagents and such slogans for the credulous as “A national debt a national blessing.”

Cooke obtained the highly lucrative monopoly underwriting concessions from Washington through his influence on Secretary of Treasury Salmon P. Chase. Cooke’s brother, Henry, was a long-time aide of Chase, from the latter’s tenure of Governor of Ohio,. Henry then followed Chase to WAshington. After extensive wining and dining of Chase, and after demonstrating his propaganda methods in selling government bonds, Jay Cooke won the coveted concession that was to make him one of the richest men in America and his new Jay Cooke & Co. by far the leading investment bank. Cooke became widely known as “The Tycoon,” and the phrase “as rich as Jay Cooke” became a popular saying.

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One of the casualties of the Panic of 1873 was the Freedman’s Bank. This institution’s clientele consisted of ex-slaves, mainly veterans of the Union army, who entrusted their life savings to a bank they thought was backed by the federal government. Boy were they wrong, especially after Henry Cooke got his mitts on it. Here is an excerpt from Mr. Speaker by James Grant:

In 1870, they amended the charter to permit a more liberal policy. No more was the management restricted to buying dull government bonds but could now roll the dice in real estate. Up, therefore, went a splendid new headquarters building for the bank on Pennsylvania Avenue. It was in this same year that the board fell under the spell of Henry D. Cooke brother of the era’s most bedazzling financier, Jay Cooke. Under Cooke’s leadership, the Freedman’s Bank finance committee took to calling the reserve fund “idle money.” Why bother with a rainy-day fund when the sun shone bright?

What extent Henry Cooke played into the demise of this institution is debatable. The Freedman’s Bank was rife with mismanagement and outright fraud; it wouldn’t have survived either way. But the underlying belief was this bank was guaranteed by the federal government and many a petition was filed decades after and all for naught. The federal government paid not one penny to a depositor.

One of the biggest shoes yet to drop is our national debt. When this federal government behemoth befalls our country, it will put all other depressions to shame. And this couldn’t have happened without the Federal Reserve (another government sponsored entity) and the greenback. Here is another excerpt from Mr. Speaker! By James Grant:

The Greenback furor is calculated to mystify most patrons of a 21st century automatic teller machine, for whom paper money is the only money they know. Not since 1971 has the dollar been remotely backed by gold, and not since 1933 has an American citizen been able to exchange paper for gold, or gold for paper, at a fixed, statutory rate. From the millennial vantage point, therefore, the paper dollar is the modern contrivance, the gold dollar the anachronism. Not so, however, in the late 1870’s. At the time, gold was the money of the future, as it had been in the past. As Reed was finishing his first congressional term and beginning his second, the gold standard was being institutionalized in Europe. Silver, now much the cheaper of the two precious metals, was the money of Mexico, China, India and other such poor and forlorn lands. Paper, held the enemies of Solon Chase, was the money of communism and anarchy.

Image result for bernie sanders and alexandria

Without fiat money, communists like Bernie Sanders and his acolytes wouldn’t have a platform to stand on. And when this whole house of cards falls around us the anarchists will have their day.


Thursday, July 19, 2018

Democrats Adopt Marxist Dictator Slogan, "For the People"

House Democrats adopted a slogan familiar to all Marxist dictators, “For the People.” I wonder how many Latin American regimes have co-opted the “people” to advance their despotism?

It’s all beginning to make sense. Democrats flood this country with Latin American illegal aliens, then use this bumper sticker slogan to manipulate their cultural inclinations for strongman politicians.

I remember watching this movie about a Latin American dictator who was under siege by a military coup. He lamented, “Where are the people?” Bullets were flying all around. This dictator couldn’t understand why his loyal subjects weren’t coming to aid he and his deep staters as they were being shot to death in his presidential palace.

“Where are the people!”

That’s exactly what’s the Democrats are going to lament this coming midterm election. Where are the people? Voting against your condescending asses.


Refugees Seek Asylum for a Higher Class of Poverty

You can barely go anywhere in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina without running into an illegal alien. There are times when you go into a store, a restaurant or a jobsite and all you hear is Spanish. Hadn’t I known better, I would assume I was transported into a third-world hellhole, or at least California. It is an amazing thing to behold.

We are told illegal aliens are looking for a better life. They need asylum from wartorn countries, or gangs, but basically what they’re searching for is a higher class of poverty.

We’ve already established that immigrants whether legal or illegal are prone to sponge off of the welfare system. American citizens are told to look beyond their leeching proclivities and welcome these refugees. I’m here to say that these Latin American countries are in a constant state of strife. For example, PBS published a timeline of Guatemala’s civil war. This has been going on since the Korean War. Actually, it’s probably been going on longer than that. Mind you, this was published in 2011:

Timeline of some key events:

1954 – The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency backed a coup commanded by Colonel Carlos Castillo Armas against the democratically-elected president, Jacobo Arbenz. He was considered a communist threat, especially after legalizing the communist party and moving to nationalize the plantations of the United Fruit Company.

Following the coup, Castillo was declared president, and set about reversing land reforms that benefited poor farmers. He also removed voting rights for illiterate Guatemalans.

1960– Guatemala’s 36-year civil war began as left-wing guerilla groups started battling government military forces. The country was now under autocratic rule by Gen. Miguel Ydigoras Fuentes, who assumed power in 1958 following the murder of Col. Castillo Armas.

The long conflict was marked by abductions and violence, including mutilations and public dumping of bodies.

1966 – Civilian rule was restored to Guatemala and Cesar Mendez was elected president, but the civil war only intensified with a major counterinsurgency campaign by the army.

1970 – Military-backed Carlos Arana was elected president, and he immediately placed the country under a state of siege, giving the military more control over civilians. For the next decade, a series of military-dominated governments escalated violence against guerilla groups and indigenous communities.

1981– The Inter-American Human Rights Commission released a report blaming the Guatemalan government for thousands of illegal executions and missing persons in the 1970s, and documenting accounts of the slaughter of members of Indian communities.

1982 – General Efrain Rios Montt seized power following a military coup. He annulled the 1965 constitution, dissolved Congress and suspended political parties.

Montt formed local civilian defense patrols alongside the military in the country and rural indigenous regions, through which he was able to reclaim most guerrilla territory.

This crackdown against the newly-united coalition, the Guatemalan Revolutionary National Unity, marks one of the most violent periods of the civil war during which a large number of indigenous civilians killed.

1985 – A new constitution was drafted and democratic elections for president resumed two years after Montt was ousted in another coup.

1993 – Then-President Jorge Serrano illegally dissolved Congress and the Supreme Court and restricted civil rights, but was later forced to resign.

1994 – Under President Ramiro De Leon Carpio, the former human rights ombudsman, peace talks between the government and rebels of the Guatemalan Revolutionary National Unity began and agreements were signed on several issues including human rights.

1996 –A new president, Alvaro Arzu, was chosen in a runoff election. Under Arzu peace negotiations were finalized. Peace accords ending the 36-year internal conflict were signed in December of 1996.

Today Guatemala is led by President Álvaro Colom of the National Unity for Hope. Almost 15 years after the end of the civil war, violence and intimidation continue to be a major problem in political and civilian life. Organized crime groups operate with relative impunity, an issue that appears likely to factor prominently in the country’s next presidential election later this year.

All of these Latin American countries are basically the same. They all have a history of political strife, civil wars and poverty. Here is what Alexis de Tocqueville wrote about Mexico in the 1830's:

The Constitution of the United States is akin to those fine creations of human endeavor which crown their inventors with renown and wealth but remain sterile in other hands.

Contemporary Mexico has illustrated this very thing.

The Mexicans, aiming for a federal system, took the federal constitution of their neighbors, the Anglo-Americans, as their model and copied it almost exactly. But although they transported the letter of the law, they failed to transfer at the same time the spirit which gave it life. As a result, they became tangled endlessly in the machinery of their double system of government. The sovereignty of states and Union entered into a collision course as they exceeded the sphere of influence assigned to them by the constitution. Even today Mexico veers constantly from anarchy to military despotism and back again.

We cannot absorb generations of Latin American refugees. There will come a time when we become just as dysfunctional as they. And what will the world do without the United States? Who will absorb American refugees looking for asylum from Latin American induced poverty, strife and civil war?


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Democrats Claim Conservative Organizations are Agents for the Kremlin

America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. These days you really have to be brave if you’re a conservative and participate in the political process. Those who feel free to wear a MAGA hat or openly profess their love of country and Christ will be hunted down, screamed at and possibly beaten. Those who served in President Trump’s campaign or administration are harassed, imprisoned and/or bankrupted by rabid partisans. The only difference between Democrats and the Putin regime is the kill ratio. However, I will say the Clintons gave ole Vladimir a run for his money.

Any person or organization that helped Donald J. Trump win the presidency has a huge target on their back. No one is immune. The National Rifle Association, the longest-standing civil rights organization and without a doubt one of the most patriotic, is under investigation by Robert Mueller’s special counsel. Democrats are alleging the NRA laundered money from Russians to the Trump Campaign. Mind you, an NRA spokesman states the FBI has not contacted their group. But that’s not going to stop Democrats:

Last month on Capitol Hill, Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee who examined Russian interactions with the NRA reached a preliminary conclusion that “the Kremlin may also have used the NRA to secretly fund Mr. Trump’s campaign.”

Citing that finding, Lieu and Rep. Kathleen Rice, D-N.Y., asked FBI Director Christopher Wray in a May 24 letter to expand the inquiry to also explore whether Kremlin money flowed illegally to the NRA for use in influencing House and Senate races.

“Illegal campaign contributions by a foreign nation, especially one whose interests stand in stark contrast to those of the United States, threaten the very underpinnings of our democracy and cannot remain unchallenged,” Lieu and Rice wrote.

The NRA reported spending $24.4 million to back Republican candidates for Congress in 2016.

Spokespeople for the FBI and Mueller’s office declined to comment on the letter.

The senior Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee echoed concerns about whether Russian money might have found its way through the NRA to congressional races. California Rep. Adam Schiff said it's also important to trace whether the Russians used the prominent gun rights group to conceal financial backing for Trump to determine "whether that would constitute leverage against our now-president" — a favor that could leave him beholden to the Kremlin.

It’s not just the NRA that’s agents for the Kremlin, the Washington Post reported Franklin Graham and other conservatives are also in cahoots with Putin:

Top officials from the National Rifle Association, whose annual meeting Friday featured an address by Trump for the third time in three years, traveled to Moscow to visit a Russian gun manufacturer and meet government officials.

About the same time in December 2015, evangelist Franklin Graham met privately with Putin for 45 minutes, securing from the Russian president an offer to help with an upcoming conference on the persecution of Christians. Graham was impressed, telling The Washington Post that Putin “answers questions very directly and doesn’t dodge them like a lot of our politicians do.”

The growing dialogue between Russians and U.S. conservatives came at the same time experts say the Russian government stepped up efforts to cultivate and influence far-right groups in Europe and on the eve of Russia’s unprecedented intrusion into the U.S. campaign, which intelligence officials have concluded was intended to elect Trump.

Who knew the conservative movement was a front for Vladimir Putin? By the way didn’t Trump pretty much win his party’s nomination in May of 2016 despite the odds? Those Russians are savvy operatives.


Monday, July 16, 2018

Helping Liberals Move to Canada

Former Obama Official Calls for Rise of "Shadow Government"

A former Obama administration official called for the rise of a “Shadow Government” to come forward and subvert our duly elected president. This call to arms by a former federal government official should send a chill down your spine.

Still don’t believe in a Deep State? Well our enemies sure as hell do.


Putin Wants to Indict Hillary Clinton Campaign

Hey, why not?

The Many Faces of Washington D.C.

All summed up in Peter Strozk

Democrats More of a Threat to American "Democracy" Than Russia

Image: Trump and Putin hold a press conference

Boy, the Beltway courtesans are astir with consternation and indignation over this Helsinki summit. They wanted President Trump to humiliate Vladimir Putin on the world stage for meddling in our elections. According to our betters, Russia is a mortal threat to American “democracy.”

When I think of a threat to our “REPUBLIC,” it sure as hell doesn’t entail a beady eyed, ex-KGB agent who walks around half-naked. Oh no, the real threat to our country comes from a political party that has nothing but contempt for the American people and our Constitution.

When you hear of election tampering, do you think of a Russian agent, or a Democratic party operative? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I don’t see Russians, I see Democrats.

When voters pass a referendum, or a law through their elected representatives, who do you think will contest the democratic process in the courts? It sure as hell isn’t a Russian.

What group of people are constantly trying to suppress our freedom of speech, religion and association while attacking our Second Amendment right to defend ourselves? These wannabe oppressors sure as hell aren’t Muscovites.

What group of people demean the value of citizenship by obliterating our borders and flooding our country with illegal aliens? I’m sorry, but I’m not hearing Russian in my neighborhood.

I find it laughable that we have communists who have somehow infiltrated the federal government and have the audacity to lecture Americans on a Russian threat. Bernie Sanders honeymooned in the Old Soviet Union; John Brennan voted for a communist in a presidential election.  We also have a fool who is calling for a military coup! 

Are true Americans supposed to heed their advice? I don’t think so.

Let’s face the facts, Democrats are a threat to our liberty, not Russians.

Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors.” It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???