Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Sweet Smell of Swamp Fear

Do you smell that? Take a good whiff. That my friend is the sweet smell of fear...swamp fear. Special Counsel Robert Mueller felt compelled to hold a press conference - without questions, of course - to reiterate what was already published in his Russian non-collusion report:

"If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so," Mueller said. "We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime."

What a weasel. Yeah, if I were Mueller, I would leave town with my tail tucked between my legs. This man knew there was nothing there; yet, he destroyed innocent people’s lives all for a big show. The big man with big integrity. This man has the stench of swamp all over him.

All the rats that perpetuated this fraud are fleeing the swamp. Mueller may have thrown a bone for the dead-enders, but if there is still justice in this country a day of reckoning will fall upon these subversives. That day may just be around the corner. Here is an excerpt from Real Clear Politics:

Over the next few months, the public will finally see what kind of malfeasance there was. At least they will see some of it. Some will remain classified to protect sources and methods; some will be released only after criminal charges are filed. The initial evidence will come from two sources: a major report by DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, and the steady declassification of underlying documents by AG Barr, who was given that task by the president. Barr needed that authority because the FBI and intelligence community are resisting disclosure with all their institutional power. They fear years of abuse will be exposed.

You mean, years of abuse under the Obama administration. When this breaks, it’s going to be earth shattering and the Democrats know it. When President Trump pulls the plug, we’re going to witness hysteria unseen in Swamp history. We’ll see some crying that’ll make election night pale in comparison.


Keep it up Liberals

Monday, May 27, 2019

Judicial Oligarchs Try to Force "Special Master" Congressional Maps on States

Activist federal judges have become a serious problem in this country. These black-robed thugs are taking it upon themselves to impose their preferences for congressional districts by means of “special masters.” They tried this crap in North Carolina and failed; now they’re trying it again in Ohio. Here is an excerpt from Epoch Times:

The lower court ruling concerning Ohio had required the state to have a new electoral map in place by June 14. That three-judge panel also indicated it could make a new map on its own with assistance from a judicial officer known as a special master. The lawsuit that led to the order was brought by the Ohio A. Philip Randolph Institute and other left-leaning activist groups. Randolph was a socialist labor leader who died in 1979.

Who in the hell do these judges think they are? They have no authority to impose their maps upon anyone. Is this a republic or an oligarchy?

The Supreme Court has issued a stay on this outrage. Five unelected and unaccountable jurist will decide if we have a republic or not. The fact we have a court deciding this matter tells me we don’t.


President Trump Seals off Iran in Obama's Wonderland

There were times during the Obama administration that completely mystified me. As an American, who believes in our creed, his eight year reign was an assault on common sense and decency. Everything was muddled or completely ass-backwards.

I could go on a tangent about this Alice in Wonderland era in American history; but instead, I’ll focus on one particular foreign policy issue that makes absolutely no sense, whatsoever, and that is Iran.

Iran is an implacable enemy. How do I know that? Because their regime declares it every Friday after prayers! Their buildings are covered in anti-American murals. Their leaders spew hate at every forum available, and they fund terrorist groups around the world. It’s not that difficult to understand, unless you’re a liberal.

So what kind of a moron gives an apocalyptic regime $150 billion, opens up the world’s market to them, while completely ignoring the advice of our allies in the region. Why, of course, the Obama administration and all the dunces in the State Department; that’s who.

The Iranian regime was on the cusp of prosperity without the benefit of peace. This regime couldn’t believe their fortune. Americans elected either a fool, or a traitor as president and he ended up populating our bureaucracies who are just as foolish and traitorous as he.

But luck ran out. A true American was elected president and he believes in our creed. President Donald Trump reversed this asinine policy and now the Iranian regime, along with their terrorist networks, are on the ropes. Here is an excerpt from Fox News:

Newly declassified intelligence shows that Palestinian terror group Hamas had to introduce “austerity plans” due to lack of funding from the Iranian regime.

State Department officials say the intelligence that was shared exclusively with Fox News reveals Tehran’s diminishing resources and influence within the region, prompting cutbacks among groups backed by the regime.

This comes amid a tough sanctions regime introduced by the U.S., which sent the country into a recession, with inflation topping 50 percent.

Due to lack of funding from Iran, Hamas had to introduce “austerity plans” while other Shia militia groups were told by Iran that they need to find other sources of revenue as Iran is no longer in a position to provide them the funds.

This coincided with Lebanon-based Hezbollah’s calls on social media to donate to piggy banks. The group apparently used even children to attract contributions.

Wow! Common sense shouldn’t be a surprise, but after eight years of Obama and his stupidity, one is shocked to learn we left Wonderland.


Obama Administration Caught in Jihad Jar Against Israel

I just read an article published in Powerline that on the surface seems incredible; but, if you examine the actions of the Obama administration, it makes sense. During the eight year reign of Imam Obama, Israel was treated with a hostility comparable to a jihad. I would go even further and state the Obama administration was in league with our enemies.

Samantha Powers, Obama’s ambassador to the U.N., went on a terror in the last year of the Anointed One’s tenure. She used her position to unmask up to 300 people who she suspected were sympathetic to our most trusted ally in the Middle East. One of her victims was General Michael Flynn. She informed Sally Yates, who then used the Logan Act as a pretext, to harry president-elect Trump’s member on the transition team.

But the spying doesn’t stop there. The Obama administration also surveilled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump’s campaign, members of Congress and anyone else who was sympathetic to Israel. Here is an excerpt from Powerline:

According to a December 2015 Politico report: "One senior U.S. official described the discovery of the swept-up communication as an 'Oh s— moment' and feared that the executive branch would be accused of spying on Congress." Gee, ya think?

According to former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos, the entire counterintelligence operation into the Trump campaign may have started because of his links to Israel.

Papadopoulos told Fox and Friends last week that he was “shocked” that the Mueller report included details suggesting that he was “illicitly targeted” because of his ties to Israel.

“I was actually really impressed and quite frankly shocked that Bob Mueller told the truth about why I was illicitly targeted and it really had nothing to do with Russia. It had to do with my ties to Israel,” Papadopoulos said.

This revelation is disturbing on many levels. It’s bad enough the media kept the real motive underwraps for two years, but what’s worse is the deep state’s subterfuge. These people will do anything to accomplish their mission, including destroying innocent people’s lives and aligning our country with our most implacable enemies.


Sunday, May 26, 2019

Hey RBG, How's that South African Constitution Working Out?

Back in 2012, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg advised a group of Egyptians to look to South Africa’s constitution as the paragon for modern governance, instead of the United States. That is quite a statement coming from a Supreme Court Justice. Here is what she said:

You should certainly be aided by all the constitution-writing that has gone one since the end of World War II. I would not look to the US constitution, if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012. I might look at the constitution of South Africa. That was a deliberate attempt to have a fundamental instrument of government that embraced basic human rights, had an independent judiciary... It really is, I think, a great piece of work that was done. Much more recent than the US constitution - Canada has a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It dates from 1982. You would almost certainly look at the European Convention on Human Rights. Yes, why not take advantage of what there is elsewhere in the world?

I find it laughable that while this woman lectured Egyptians on the importance of liberty and freedom, she, along with her fellow travelers on the court, have demonstrated time after time, their contempt for our constitution and the federalist principles therein. The biggest threat to the American creed is a lawless judiciary fronting a powerful central government. The irony seems to be lost on her. Here is another excerpt:

Let me say first that a constitution, as important as it is, will mean nothing unless the people are yearning for liberty and freedom. If the people don't care, then the best constitution in the world won't make any difference. So the spirit of liberty has to be in the population, and then the constitution - first, it should safeguard basic fundamental human rights, like our First Amendment, the right to speak freely, and to publish freely, without the government as a censor.

I will give her that. South Africa’s constitution is laden with all sorts of Marxist ideology. It is a meandering mess of fourteen chapters containing 244 sections along with 8 schedules. And it’s all worthless. This utopian document isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on because the majority doesn’t believe those principles apply to white farmers. These unfortunates are being murdered and their property confiscated.

Today’s Democrats echo the same kind of Marxist ideology. And while this redistributive rhetoric permeates our political discourse, they’re opening our borders to third-worlders who’ll one day act as their shock troops. When that happens the United States will be fundamentally transformed into the progressive dystopia, Democrats have been waiting for.


Democrats Give the "Elastic Clause" a Whole New Meaning

Democrats in the House of Representatives are giving “oversight” a whole new meaning. It’s bad enough these intellectually-challenged deadbeats have abrogated their constitutional responsibilities to bureaucrats, they now feel free to harry and harass our president on a fictitious charge of obstruction of justice. I didn’t know the “elastic clause” included making crap up; but then again, I’m not a Democrat.

News channels are littered with pundits who spew this inviolable nonsense of congressional “oversight.” What exactly is that supposed to mean? If I’m to understand this correctly, according to these geniuses, Congress’ main purpose is to monitor the executive branch that is replete with agencies they created. And why did Congress create this vast bureaucracy? Why it was to bypass Congress’ true purpose, which is to legislate.

Progressives knew what they were doing when they farmed out their responsibilities to a network of drones with the same totalitarian worldview. There is no way in hell, Progressives could impose their Marxist ideology on the American people without employing extra-constitutional means.

Now, we know why these children - masquerading as adults - are freaking out over a Trump presidency. He is a threat to their worldview; that is why Democrats are attacking this president with a fury not seen in the history of the United States. In order to move forward, they need to destroy an innocent man. These people are putting us on notice: you will not stop centralized government. Your wealth and obedience is Washington D.C.’s for the taking.

I wonder what the Framers would think about today’s interpretation of the Necessary and Proper Clause. There is no doubt in my mind, they would be just as horrified as the rest of us in red state, America.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

One-Man-One-Vote Violates Our Federalist Principles

One of the fears our Framers had when ratifying the Constitution was a judicial oligarchy. The pseudonymous author, Brutus of the famed “Anti-Federalist” papers wrote extensively about the potential abuses of judges who would use precedent and the general welfare clause to impose their will upon the American people. He envisioned a gradual increase of the powers of the federal government at the expense of the states. He believed our federalist system would be imperiled by a gang of unelected and unaccountable black-robed thugs. And boy, was he prescient.

Brutus had the Warren Court in mind when he wrote his prophecies. This gang of self-righteous pricks was filled with a bunch of activist judges. They set a precedent that fundamentally changed the political structure within states. To obtain that objective, they had to institute a one-man-one-vote electoral system. First came Baker v. Carr then Reynolds v. Sims. Because of judicial activism, long established coalitions that put a check on majority interest were destroyed. Today, we have factions within respective states that want to secede because regions no longer have adequate representation in their General Assemblies.

When liberals think of one-man-one-vote, they point fingers at the old South and the suppression of the black vote. They automatically assume that blacks live in urban areas; it’s been my experience that there are as many blacks in rural areas as there are in big cities. If their model is a raced based dichotomy then their hypothesis is based on a fallacy.

California is a case and point. As liberal as the Golden State is declared to be, they had many chances prior to the Supreme Court’s allocation cases to establish one-man-one-vote in the state senate. California is notorious for voting referendums. The years 1928, 1948, 1960 and 1962 one-man-one-vote was overwhelmingly turned down for the well established and proven one-county-one-vote doctrine. Even liberal bastions, such as San Francisco, wanted to put a check on massive urban areas such as Los Angeles. And even a faction within Los Angeles voted no on one-man-one-vote.

Some would ask, why would voters in Los Angeles vote for a one-county-one-vote doctrine? I can answer that from my own personal experience. I live in a libtard city within a libtard county. We have no conservatives, let alone Republicans, serving on the city council or the county commission. I do not want this idiocy spreading throughout the rest of the state. I want to isolate - dare I say quarantine - this stupidity within the confines of Mecklenburg County. So it makes perfect sense to me why a faction within Los Angeles voted for malapportionment.

Let’s face the facts, one-man-one-vote is a direct repudiation of the republic for which we stand. Having judicial oligarchs dictate congressional districts violates the federalist principles that makes us Americans.


Make Them Cry Again 2020

I, like many of you, couldn’t believe the temper-tantrum over the 2016 general election. Democrats threw a fit that one only sees at a checkout line in a grocery store. You know what I’m talking about: a kid throws his ass because mommy and daddy won’t buy him candybar. Look out! Here come the waterworks!

To witness so-called adults act in this manner is disturbing. It demonstrates a mass psychosis that is endemic to one political party. You don’t see conservatives wailing to the sky over who’s president. But that goes to show you what government means to Democrats and it isn’t American by any standard.

A recent study depicted this epic assthrowing phenomenon as nothing more than projecting mental distress:

STANFORD, Calif. — Many registered Democrats who claimed they were suffering from mental distress after Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election may have been embellishing a bit. A new study comparing online searches to public surveys show that a significant portion of Democrats were likely over-reporting their stress or mental health issues, but doing so as a means to back their party.

“Our research suggests that for many Democrats, expressing mental distress after the election was a form of partisan cheerleading,” write researchers Masha Krupenkin, David Rothschild, Shawndra Hill and Elad Yom-Tov in their findings. “Clearly, many Democrats were, and are, upset about the Republican victory in 2016; these findings do not invalidate those feelings but put their depth and related actions into perspective.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching these punks lose it on YouTube. I can’t wait to Make Them Cry Again in 2020.


Democrats Try to Emulate China's Crony Socialism

Crony capitalism is as old as civilization itself. There are varying degrees such as mercantilism, which was popular from the 16th to the 18th century. Alexander Hamilton was one of the biggest crony capitalist in American history. He submitted a two year report to Congress on the importance of government patronage and the use of tariffs to promote American industries. Hamilton’s version of crony capitalism brought about a civil war and is still in existence to this day.

Another version of crony capitalism are these private-public partnerships Democrats love to croon about. Progressives love the patronage system where they get to dole out taxpayer monies to their buddies. There is nothing more dangerous to prosperity than a politician pulling the levers of an economy. Some of their harebrained schemes are detrimental to civilization itself. One only has to take a gander at this Green New Deal to get an idea of their insanity. This eco-socialist facade isn’t about saving the planet; it’s about control over our lives. 

What Democrats really want is China’s version of crony capitalism. Here is what the Chicoms are doing in Europe. Here is an excerpt from an article written by a Czech academic and director of China studies project:

It might have helped to look more carefully before accepting Beijing’s embrace. Some of the metaphors Chinese media have attached to the Belt and Road project are revealing. They often call it “globalisation 2.0”, or the “New World Order”. What that vocabulary struggles to mask is that the whole endeavour is driven far more by politics than by markets.

Deals are negotiated at state-to-state diplomatic summits. Open tenders are shunned. Contracts are awarded by political fiat. Ostensibly commercial companies put former politicians on their payrolls by the dozen. As it turns out, CEFC’s main investments in the Czech Republic weren’t economic, they were about buying up the loyalty of Czech officials. What China has to show for itself in my country is hardly innovation. Rather, it has brought us a new take on age-old crony capitalism.

I have a feeling this is exactly the type of economic structure Democrats want to force upon Americans. This isn’t crony capitalism; this is crony socialism.


Monday, May 13, 2019

Mayor Bill de Blasio has a Hugo Chavez Complex

We all know New York City is filled with a bunch of thugs, but Mayor Bill de Blasio takes thuggery to a whole new level; I’d say a Huge Chavez level. This man had the audacity to stage a presser/protest in Trump Tower with the expressed threat to fine the President’s property into bankruptcy. This kind of tactic reminds me of Hugo Chavez’s “Expropriation” theatrics.

“His buildings are one of the biggest polluters in New York City,” de Blasio said. “Cut your emissions or we’ll cut something you really care about.”

De Blasio, who is mulling a Democratic presidential run, added: “We’ll take your money.”

He didn’t just threaten President Trump, he threatened everyone who owned a building, like a good little authoritarian.

“The first of any major city on the Earth to say to building owners, ‘you've got to clean up your act, you've got to retrofit, you've got to save energy,’” de Blasio said last month. “If you don’t do it by 2030 there will be serious fines, as high as $1 million or more for the biggest buildings.”

Don’t tell me this guy doesn’t have a Hugo Chavez complex.


Sunday, May 12, 2019

There's No Civility in a Civil War

A survey conducted by Georgetown University revealed voters believe we are on the cusp of a civil war.  These same respondents want politicians to find common ground without compromising their principles. That’s a formula destined for failure.  First of all, politicians don’t have principles and liberals don’t compromise.

I believe we’re a couple of decades off from a civil war. But if Washington D.C. keeps centralizing power, sooner or later, it’ll come. This is called the United States of America and not The Federal Government of America.

Another sticking point in this survey is the lack of civility in today’s politics. The only reason people are complaining about a lack of civility is because conservatives are fighting back; liberals have always been a bunch of nasty pricks. We now have social media platforms to defend ourselves and our positions and Democrats don’t like it.

Progressives will rue the day a civil war breaks out. Cities and large urban areas are the bastions of liberalism. They are surrounded by Americans who grow food and produces the energy they need to survive. And I might add, conservatives are well armed too.


President Trump to Isolate Liberal K-12 Sanitariums

In order to restore some semblance of sanity, we must get the federal government out of our classrooms. The Obama administration is a perfect example of what happens when a bunch of radicals takeover our educational system. We get a generation of thumb-sucking morons who become offended at the sight of their own shadow. We are living in ridiculous times, thanks to the Anointed One.

President Trump has recognized the problem and is trying to isolate this insanity to a few pockets of liberal-infected sanitariums.

The order, dubbed the “Education Federalism Executive Order,” will launch a 300-day review of Obama-era regulations and guidance for school districts and directs Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to modify or repeal measures she deems an overreach by the federal government.

“For too long the government has imposed its will on state and local governments. The result has been education that spends more and achieves far, far, far less,” Mr. Trump said. “My administration has been working to reverse this federal power grab and give power back to families, cities [and] states — give power back to localities.”

The best disinfectant for terminal liberalism is decentralization of power. Federalism is the cure-all for all things libtard.


NC Economic Growth vs. Governor Roy Cooper

California Institutes a New Form of Feudalism

History can teach us a lot on what to do, and what not to do; it’s too bad Democrats slept through class. California could’ve learned from the mistakes of Emperor Diocletian. His “reforms” are said to have wiped out the middle-class and instituted Europe’s feudal system. I’ll be damned, that’s exactly what’s happening in the Golden State.

Serfdom began with a promise of security in exchange for freedom. That was a bad bargain. When Diocletian’s reforms were instituted, the heavy regulations and taxes fell upon the poor and middle-class. Many packed up their bags and left for greener pastures, until laws were passed that checked peasant mobility. These unfortunates had no other choice but to work in the fields and factories of well-connected patrons, who knew how to work the tax code. Today’s serfs simply don’t have the money to leave California’s paradise.

You wouldn’t know it from all of the hype, but, California is the poorest state in the union. Nineteen percent of its citizens live below the poverty line, far exceeding the nations average of 14%. Their state government professes to be the patron of the poor and dispossessed. However, it is their taxation and regulation policies that are the root cause for this disparity. Here is an excerpt from the This whole article is worth a read:

Traditional left wing prescriptions simply have not worked in the state, which an opinion column in the Los Angeles Times dubbed the “poverty capital” of the United States. Housing vouchers increase the cost of living. The number of those with no health insurance in California fell by more than half after the state expanded Medicaid, yet poverty remains near historic highs. California spends the third most per capita on welfare programs, yet its economy continues to fail the poor and middle class.

Despite having just 12 percent of the national population, California represents nearly a third of all Americans on welfare. Federal taxpayers shell out more than half of the $6.7 billion in the California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids program. In Texas, 6 percent of families in poverty receive welfare. In California, the figure is 66 percent. Can you guess where the poverty rate is lower? Not California.

What’s that saying? As California goes, so goes the country. God forbid.


God Creates and Democrats Obliterate

Praise Be Booty! It's a Miracle!

"One Man, One Vote" Obliterates Counties as a Political Unit

The more radical the Democratic party becomes, the more ways they look to fix elections. One only has to look to North Carolina to see the latest tactics employed by activists. This is a battleground state and all is fair game to these people, including the rule of law. Democrats went so far as to employ District Court judges to introduce a “special master” that redrew federal and state congressional districts, which is a completely lawless act. Since that didn’t work, they are now introducing bills to amend our constitution. Here is an excerpt from the Civitas Institute:

It seems that vain hope springs eternal, because just such a bill has been referred to the NC House Committee on Redistricting. Senate Bill 641 would enshrine a redistricting commission in the NC Constitution and change the constitution’s rules for redistricting. Its primary sponsors are Ashton Wheeler Clemmons (D – Guilford), John Autry (D – Mecklenburg), Allison A. Dahle (D – Wake), and Charles Graham (D – Robeson). The redistricting proposal is one part of a bigger wish list of liberal changes to North Carolina’s elections contained in the bill, which has also been presented in the House as H574.

There are no Republicans among the House bill’s 17 sponsors, a sign that it has no chance of becoming law this session. Still, it does offer insight into what may happen if Democrats are able to win majorities in the General Assembly in the 2020 elections.

When Democrats introduce a bill, we must pay close attention to its language. As of now, the law declares senate districts must be contiguous and that counties cannot be divided. The language in the Democrat’s bill simply states this is merely a goal. That should ring alarm bells.

Their stated goal is the anti-republican mantra of “One man, one vote.” In other words, urban domination of the state of North Carolina and the obliteration of counties as a political unit. Here is NCpedia’s definition of a county:

A county, as a defined geographic subdivision of the state, serves many purposes. Churches, civic clubs, and other societal institutions use counties as convenient subdivisions for their own purposes. The business world may assign sales territories and franchises to areas composed of one or more counties. The county may play a role in the psychology of people born and raised "in the country" - it serves to establish where they are from and who they are, thus becoming a part of their personal identity. But the county was created in the first instance by the state as a political unit, and this remains its primary purpose.

The Democratic party is using “One man, one vote” to run roughshod over age-old political boundaries such as counties. Their main constituents live in big cities whose values contradict, or are outright hostile to rural citizens. In order to dominate this state, they must obliterate conservative strongholds. They will do this by employing unelected and unaccountable “special masters” who’ll redraw congressional districts.

The end result: small towns will become subservient to large urban areas. They will lose their voice in the halls of Congress and our General Assembly. That is the goal of “One man, one vote.”


Monday, May 6, 2019

Third-World Millionaires Move to America's Third-World Cities

Americans are the luckiest people in the world. I say that because we are born in the most prosperous and free country known to mankind. So, we shouldn’t be surprised people want to move here. Most are trying to escape crime, poverty and a lack of opportunity. This is usually indicative of government corruption, onerous taxes and punitive regulations.

The world’s poor aren’t the only ones on the move. Millionaires are also fleeing these hellholes. So guess the most desirous destinations for these rich foreigners to reside. Unbelievably, its Los Angeles, New York City and the San Francisco Bay area.

We have Americans trying to flee these hellhole cities; yet, this is where rich immigrants want to go. Who would’ve thunk it. Maybe the local chamber of commerce can provide these newbies with poop maps, garbage bags and steel-toed boots so they what get pricked by used syringes.

I guess third-worlders like to be reminded of home.


SPLC is the Wormtongue of the Left-Wing Inquisition

The Southern Poverty Law Center has stuck its dirty thumbs in every plum pudding in sight. These modern-day Torquemadas are hellbent on stifling dissent. The best way to stop this reformation is to wormtongue social media giants into believing conservative websites are hate mongers.

The SPLC has wormed its way into an advisory role to Google, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter. This left-wing hate group is responsible for the demonetization and outright banning of websites it accuses of trafficking in fake news and hate. This is laughable considering the crap SPLC has peddled.

But those aren’t the only plum puddings SPLC has defiled. The Poynter Institute recently published a list of 500 websites that was deemed heretical. Here is an excerpt from Reason:

How exactly the list found its way onto the Poynter website in the first place is a bit of a mystery. Poynter confirmed that its author, Barrett Golding, is a freelancer rather than an employee, but did not answer other questions about the process of greenlighting this project.

Golding's LinkedIn account lists him as a freelance podcast producer for the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC did not respond to my questions about whether other SPLC staff had any influence or involvement over the list. Golding did not immediately respond to my request for comment, either. According to his Twitter feed, he works with the SPLC's "Teaching Tolerance" project. He was formerly a research fellow at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute and a producer for NPR.

You can’t escape the Left-Wing Inquisition.


Sunday, May 5, 2019

D.C. Thugs Attack North Korean Defectors Wearing MAGA Hats

A band of D.C. thugs attacked a group of North Korean defectors simply because they wore MAGA hats. These decent and honorable people were surprised at being confronted with the same kind of totalitarian behavior they escaped from in North Korea. Here is an excerpt from PJ Media:

She told PJ Media that the Koreans were shocked that something like this could happen in America.

"They came from a totalitarian country that does not allow free speech or freedom of thought, and could not believe this assault on belief would take place in the U.S.," she explained. "They were really shocked that this could happen and knew it was not random vandalism but it was an assault on free speech."

One of the South Koreans said of the attack:

Two of us were North Korean defectors, who escaped for freedom. They had to save up money for a long time to come. We thought America is a democracy. But we had no freedom to wear a hat? We came here to speak out about human rights abuses. And we had no right to wear a hat? We thank Trump. The sanctions are working. The North Korean regime should be collapsed.

Wright said the Koreans are on their way back to South Korea.

This is what today’s Democratic Party has become.


Democrats Gerrymander Districts by Hook, Crook or Judiciary

If there is one thing I admire about Democrats, it’s they don’t accept defeat and they’re always on the offensive. It doesn’t matter if they were soundly defeated, they’ll deny it to the very end. Can anyone say Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams? Wow, this woman is delusional.

Not only are Democrats sore losers, they’re outright Machiavellian. Look at what Obama and the Clintons did to President Trump. I’m surprised he didn’t wake-up with a horse head at the foot of this bed. Unlike the mob, Democrats will go after after your friends and family too. General Michael Flynn can attest to that.

It doesn’t stop there. Democrats will not only ruin lives and reputations to gain power; they’ll use the courts to gerrymander districts. We witnessed this firsthand in North Carolina. Now, it’s Ohio’s turn.

“The court issued a meticulously detailed opinion, concluding that Ohio’s map was an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander, and ordered the state to enact a new remedial plan by June 14,” said Freda Levenson of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Ohio. “This opinion, declaring Ohio an egregiously gerrymandered state, completely validates every one of our claims and theories in every respect.”

Republicans hold 12 of Ohio’s 16 congressional districts. The plaintiffs say GOP legislative aides drew the current map after the 2010 census with careful guidance from national Republicans and former House Speaker John Boehner, whose 8th district encompassed suburban Cincinnati and the state’s rural stretches on the Indiana border. Their goal, the plaintiffs charge, was to entrench a Republican majority in the state congressional delegation for a decade.

Well, isn’t that what Democrats are doing? Aren’t they using liberal judges to gerrymander districts to their advantage? I guess it’s okay for a black-robed thug to sanction maps, instead of a duly elected General Assembly as mandated by the U.S. Constitution.

Elections are supposed to have consequences, except if you’re a Democrat. They’ll win one way or another, whether it be hook, crook or judiciary.


Planned Parenthood Sing and Chant in "Fetus Graveyard"

This is one of the most infuriating things I've ever seen: Planned Parenthood supporters sing chants in a "fetus graveyard" at the University of Texas-San Antonio setup by . “Stop, hey what’s that sound? All the fetuses are in the ground!”
0:15 / 1:52