Monday, June 18, 2012

The Simpson-Mazzoli Act Was a Big Lie

How many times are we going to be duped by the federal government? Back in 1986, the Simpson-Mazzoli Act was supposed to take care of our illegal immigration problem. Americans were promised that this landmark legislation would be the cure-all, and that the citizens of this country would no longer be pestered by a third-world invasion. We were duped. Here is a brief summary of the Big Lie:

The Immigration Reform and Control Act was passed and signed into law on November 6, 1986. The purpose of this legislation was to amend, revise, and reform/re-assess the status of unauthorized immigrants set forth in the Immigration and Nationality Act. The content of this bill is overwhelming and is divided into many sections such as control of unauthorized immigration, legalization and reform of legal immigration. The focus of this précis will be on the legalization aspect of the bill.

This bill gave unauthorized aliens the opportunity to apply and gain legal status if they met mandated requirements. The fate or status of all those who applied fell into the hands of “Designated Entities” and finally the U.S. Attorney General. Applicants had to prove that they lived and maintained a continuous physical presence in the U.S. since January 1st, 1982, possess a clean criminal record, and provide proof of registration within the Selective Service. Moreover, applicants had to meet minimal knowledge requirements in U.S. history, government and the English language or be pursuing a course of study approved by the Attorney General.

This bill also outlined previsions for temporary residents’ travel, employment, false statements, numerical limitations, adjustments for status and treatment of applications by “Designated Entities”. Furthermore, after an applicant was assigned a legal status or deemed a temporary lawful resident, they were disqualified from receiving all forms of public welfare assistance for five years. The rules for applications and welfare assistance did not apply to Cuban or Haitian immigrants.

As soon as the Simpson-Mazzoli Act was passed, special interest groups were busy undermining the law. Here is a video by the National Immigration Law Center bragging about their activities:

The National Immigration Law Center believes illegal aliens are entitled to the same rights, privileges and benefits as an American citizen. A nation state is irrelevant to these people.

Simpson-Mazzoli should be a lesson to all of us. As long as we allow the federal courts to run roughshod over the states and local communities, we will continue to have an illegal alien problem.



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Make Money said...

Great Points All ! One of the Rare Reagan era Blunders -

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was and is a lie. Even the requirements to gain citizenship: I have relatives who came here hidden in car trunks. They paid about $300, were unable to speak English, were placed on CA welfare, and received citizenship. Really, such behavior by a sovereign nation cheapens the value of citizenship.

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Murphcon said...

I know a hard working guy who was legalized by the 1986 amnesty. He later married an illegal girlfriend and adopted her kids. After they became legal and "got health care coverage from the government", she dumped him. Now he has a new illegal girlfriend with kids. The kids are applying for the Obama dream act exemption. He voted for Obama and he's hoping he grants them all amnesty because they need health coverage.

Give amnesty to one and soon enough you've got a bunch on the public dole, voting for democrats.

Maybe it was Reagan's amnesty that gave us Obamunism.

Anonymous said...

"Immigration Reform and Control Act" of 1986 was also re-done during Bush/Clinton times and now Obama is proposing similar one. And what you gone do about it? Nothing... open the border and close immigration service... you don't have democracy and you don't have a republic... it's gone with the wind. All you got is an aristocracy which is telling as that they care for the poor and it's getting them re-elected each time. It just works....