Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Diktats from the Religion of Peace

Bare Naked Islam


Mjr said...

You know Christianity isn't any better right? I mean, religion has been a weapon to keep people down and make money for as long as it has existed. I'm thoroughly convinced after all my time on this planet that anybody acting on "faith" in the name of a book and dead people should consider the possibility that kindness could save more lives than a book of rules from 2000 years ago written by people that were just as political and manipulative as people today, but didn't understand what is now considered basic science. Religion is used to control people. None of them are that great. Bashing another one won't help you, finding truth and accepting the fact that god, even if it exists, doesn't give a rat's ass about what we do. If God cares so much, why would people not be punished immediately? Why wait until they die, when the harm is already done? It's all Bullshit. Just saying. I've actually been to Islamic countries, and they are no worse than anyone else. We have shootings, we have murder. Most of it by the hand of Christians and atheists.

TLCoston said...

I hate to tell you this, but Christianity is better. There is a big difference between the teachings of Jesus and the psychopath Muhammad. Those so-called rules of the Christian faith are about kindness, forgiveness and redemption. Your ignorance on this subject is profound.

Your belief that the Christian faith i.e. "religion" is all about control is a ridiculous statement. NO one is forcing you to go to a church, nor do Christians kill apostates which is commonplace in the Islamic world.

However, the people who are set on controlling others are liberal democrats. I have more cause to fear them than the Methodist next door.

Anonymous said...

"In the name of god the most merciful and beneficial, i state that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet." I am a Muslim that thinks all religions are equal and that we have the right to practice it and that we shouldn't start talking bad about other religions. Did you know that the Quran mentions Mary more than the bible? did you know that Muslims were nice enough to help Jewish people? Almost all my friends are Christian, only a tiny bit of them are actually Muslims so before you say that Islam is not a religion of peace remeber that just because Hitler was bad doesn't make Germans bad. in conclusion every religion is a religion of peace. Peace out bro!

TLCoston said...

I'm not just saying Islam isn't a religion of peace; I'm saying it's a political ideology in the guise of religion. Muhammad was a blood thirsty killer who wanted to control every aspect of life. I'll further say there were many false prophets who used Jesus Christ for nefarious means.

Muhammad maybe a prophet of God, but isn't the god of Jesus Christ.