Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Romney's McCainesque Debate Performance

What in the hell happened last night?  Mitt Romney had a chance to knockout that smug, paper president – Barack Obama.    Instead, he held up that man/child through every round; even when this spoiled brat spat a nasty remark like this: 

Everybody knows what a disaster Obama has been for this country.  Yet, his foreign policy is lauded.  And Romney acquiesced.  I’m at a loss.  Was he trying to be presidential?  Was he trying to stay above the fray?  Is he trying to sit on a lead?
Libya was teed up, and Romney whiffed.  The Muslim Brotherhood has taken over Egypt and infiltrated the highest levels of our government.  Romney whiffed.  Iraq is turning into an Iranian backwater.  Romney whiffed.  Al Qaeda and the Taliban are taking over Afghanistan.  Romney whiffed.

During the debate, I was beginning to have flashbacks of the 2008 election.  I was beginning to wonder if Sen. John McCain had taken over Romney’s body.  I thought for sure, the republican nominee was about to call the Anointed One “my friend.”
Last night is proof positive that we haven’t exorcised the progressives out of this election cycle.  It seems some of these demons will haunt us forever.

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