Sunday, March 1, 2015

Everyone is Coming Out of the Closet But the Saints

The LGBT community is less than 1% of the population; yet, they seem to enjoy waving their peckers/strap ons in our face every chance they get.  They seem to have an entitlement mentality irrespective of discretion or morality.  As one flabbergasted preacher exclaimed, “Everyone’s coming out of the closet, but the Saints!”

I have very few television shows that I enjoy.  Last weekend, two of them – The Walking Dead and Black Sails – featured gay men making out.  I don’t want to see that.  And I suspect the vast majority of the viewing public doesn’t either.

Gay characters have been featured in film and television for decades.  This is nothing new.  But filming them making out and humping one another is completely different.

One of the reasons I, and many others, stopped watching True Blood was because of all the gay sex.  That’s fine if you’re into that thing.  But your audience is limited.

The Walking Dead and Black Sails shouldn’t be near their “jump the shark” episodes.  They will be if they keep “jumping the gerbil.” 

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