Saturday, January 16, 2010


Spanish language signs seem to be popping up all around the country. It isn't enough that we have to press one for English; now we are subjected to a foreign language that is becoming ubiquitous.

Businesses and municipalities are catering to a community that for the most part refuses to assimilate. Billboards and street signs litter the streets and highways of America. And if you are not careful it will cost you. A man from Arlington, Texas received a ticket for not being able to read a sign that was written in Spanish.

York, Pennsylvania is now making signs so that Latinos will be aware of snow emergency routes; failure to move your vehicle will result in having it towed.

Laws alone do not make a nation. It is language and culture that binds us. And those who are recalcitrant in assimilating should feel the full discomfort of alienation. We should not accommodate these people.

During the great waves of immigration prior to 1965, Americans devoted themselves to "Americanizing" the new arrivals. It was a social crusade to make them citizens. Everyone from businessmen, educators, social workers, the clergy, and political leaders actively promoted the acculturation of immigrants.

Companies such as Ford Motor Company, U.S. Steel, and International Harvester sponsored Americanization programs along with various chamber of commerces throughout the country. These programs taught immigrants civics, and how to speak English.

The YMCA and other nonprofits also participated; along with individual citizens who founded various organizations to promote the American way of life. Eventually their grass roots efforts grew to the state level where they too established Americanization programs. Finally the federal government got involved with the establishment of the Bureau of Naturalization programs.

Programs to instill integration, national pride, and patriotism faded in the 60's. Now the prevailing zeitgeist is multiculturalism, diversity, and a general self-loathing. The history classes of today teach students that our forefathers were a bunch of criminals; enslaving, murdering, and stealing not just from the indigenous peoples, but from those around the world.

If we don't enforce our borders; acculturate these immigrant diaspora; and instill pride and patriotism into our youth; we as a nation shall perish from the earth.



Barbara said...

This is truly amazing. Who are the people posting these signs in America? Can't someone get to the bottom of this problem? I've seen restaurants with 2 separate menus as well. Why should we have to learn a new language? We already live here!

Mike M said...

You people are ignorant, Spanish isn't the only language this is happening for, it's you're irrational fear making you see Hispanics as a threat. Even with education we are all stuck playing the "white man's" game. You aren't special. Eventually your kind will be bread out, and debates like this wont be an issue.

Luis said...

haaha well said Mike!

TLCoston said...

Well Mike and Luis, you pretty much make my point. It's not about being a "white mans" game, its about being an American. It's about becoming a people who appreciate the rule of law and natural rights, which is an alien concept in the third-world hell holes from whence you came.

But I'm sure you'll "breed" out the character traits that made this country a great nation.

scott davidson said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dear TLCoston, if you don´t care, i suggest you write all Road Comission of USA and ask them to remove these words: Nevada, Los Angeles, Toledo, Sacramento, Santa Fe, Colorado and many others!!, remember spanish language was first EUROPEAN language spoken at the US.

TLCoston said...

Those are all destinations, and pretty much common knowledge to all Americans. What I don't care for is signs that can cost an English speaking American a ticket. This is after all America. Nice try.