Saturday, September 27, 2014


Eric Holder Scandal Montage

The Worst of Eric Holder | SUPERcuts! #104

Eric Holder "The Cowardly AG" Resigns

Eric Holder has resigned.  Americans who believe in the rule of law and fidelity to the Constitution are sighing with relief.  This cowardly attorney general used race as a cudgel.  It was under his watch that Black Panthers intimidated voters at the polls and “Beat Whitey Night” was tolerated, yet, if a thug gets shot and killed after he robs a store and attacks a police officer, it becomes a federal case simply because the perp was black.

Eric Holder is an angry man who sees everything through a prism of race.  States couldn’t clean up their voter rolls because it was racist.  Voter ID laws were deemed racist.  The Tea Party was considered racist.  These concerned citizens were constantly harassed by the IRS and other government agencies even the DOJ has been implicated.

Laws and the Constitution mean nothing to Eric Holder.  This progressive avenger ignored DOMA and forced states and citizens to conform to HIS vision of social justice.  There is no separation of powers with this man.  He sued states that refused to fund Planned Parenthood.  And when states tried to protect their citizens from the ravages of illegal immigration, Holder‘s DOJ sued them too. 

Eric Holder’s disdain for our elected representatives is legendary.   The cowardly attorney general was held in contempt of Congress, the first time in U.S. history, for refusing to cooperate in an investigation into the deaths of border agents in the Fast and Furious scandal.  Days after a judge demanded the DOJ hand over documents, the cowardly AG resigned.  Law enforcement officers have to be relieved.  This has to be the first attorney general to hold their profession in contempt.

During the Diane Rehm’s Show on NPR, two libtards discussed Eric Holder’s legacy.  They claimed he was a champion for civil rights.  I laughed out loud.  Because of Eric Holder and Barack Obama, race relations have been set back for decades.

We all remember when the attorney general accused Americans of being cowards when it comes to race.  I say Eric Holder is the cowardly AG who used race as a means to attack and denigrate anyone who disagreed with his sense of social justice.


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