Sunday, January 22, 2017

Liberal Shoots "White Supremacist" at a Gay Conservative Event

It’s time to face the facts, the two groups who commit violence, mayhem; murder and destruction of property are liberals and Muslims.  Both groups subscribe to a totalitarian ideology and have no regard for others who disagree with them.

Let’s put aside the wanton destruction of property at President Donald Trump’s inaugural and take a look at the latest outrage.  A libtard attended an event which featured gay conservative, Milo Yiannopoulos at Washington State University and shot who he thought was a “white supremacist.”  That’s outrageous enough, but it gets better.  The police let him go.  Here is an excerpt from the Daily Caller:

The shooter turned himself in Friday night after police put out a lookout, but he was released without charges “after telling investigators he fired in self-defense during a campus protest,” the Seattle Times reported. The lookout described the suspect as an Asian man in his fifties.

“One of the law-enforcement officials said the man who fired the gun claimed he had been assaulted before shooting the other man, whom he believed to be some type of white supremacist,” the report said.

The shooter was then “released pending investigation,” it said. Police did not name the shooter.

They said the 32-year-old victim had a “life-threatening gunshot wound to the abdomen.”

Come to find out, the victim is another libtard.  This is a case of mistaken identity.  These people are absolutely insane.


Jamie 'Mistress of Disaster' Gorelick is a Trump Family Advisor?

Partisan Democrats are making a big issue about Jared Kushner and possible violations of anti-nepotism laws.  I couldn’t care less if President Donald Trump hired his son-in-law as a senior advisor in the White House.  I normally skip articles like this, however, a name flared out of the pages that I found astonishing.  Here is an excerpt from the New York Post.

His hiring of Jared Kushner would not violate a federal anti-nepotism law because a loophole grants the president the authority to hire employees who are family members, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Daniel Koffsky wrote Friday.
 The 14-page Department of Justice memo matches the legal argument Kusher’s attorney Jamie Gorelick made to ensure the real estate mogul could get a role in the Trump administration.

Jamie Gorelick!  Is this the same Jamie Gorelick who played a central role in one of the biggest terrorist attacks on American soil?  Wasn’t she the one who built the wall of separation that kept intelligence agencies and law enforcement from communicating with one another about Islamic terrorists who attacked our homeland on 9/11?

Her perfidy doesn’t end there.  She was a central figure in this whole Fannie Mae – Freddie Mac disaster that caused the biggest financial disaster since the Great Depression.  This woman pulled in a whopping $26 million in total compensation while she helped engineer the biggest housing bubble in world history.  And now she’s employed by a member of the Trump family?

This woman has a gift for graft and schmoozing. 


Planned Parenthood at the Eye of Snowflake Super Storm 2017

Snowflake Super Storm 2017 flooded our nation’s capitol and major cities with interest groups imbued with an entitlement mentally.  These people believe everything is a right and that includes having access to their neighbor’s bank account.  It’s hard to believe our country has degenerated into a nation of teat squawkers, but yesterday’s turnout suggests we have made a turn for the worse.   

Planned Parenthood is at the eye of this storm.  Everything about this organization is a lie.  We’re told they’re more than an abortion factory.  They proclaim the majority of their business is centered around mammograms and prenatal care and if the federal government defunded their organization, women would have no place to go for healthcare.  Lies, all lies.  Here is an excerpt from National Review:

An accurate assessment of the group’s abortion numbers reveals that one in eight women who visits a Planned Parenthood clinic obtains an abortion. To obscure that fact, Planned Parenthood consistently overstates its other, supposedly crucial services, falsely claiming to provide mammograms and exaggerating its commitment to prenatal care. In fact, the group provides less than 1 percent of the nation’s pap tests and less than 2 percent of its breast exams and cancer screenings, while at the same time providing over 30 percent of its abortions.

 Although thousands of federally qualified health-care centers (FQHCs) across the country are able to provide women with numerous necessary services — many of them more essential than those offered by Planned Parenthood — Richards maintained that FQHCs can’t handle the volume of patients currently served by Planned Parenthood and that women therefore will still lose health-care access if the organization is defunded. This is difficult to believe, given the 13,540 FQHCs and rural health-care clinics across the country, whereas Planned Parenthood operates a mere 665 facilities. (See this excellent map to understand how drastically community clinics outnumber Planned Parenthoods, by a ratio of 20 to one.)

Planned Parenthood believes they’re entitled to taxpayer monies and so does the Democratic Party.  After all, this nonprofit is just another front group laundering money for the DNC. 


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Dr. Tom Coburn: Obamacare is a symptom of the real disease

Rep. Nancy Pelosi: Rural Americans are Holier-Than-Thou Predators

Rep. Nancy Pelosi stated on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that rural Americans are holier-than-thou predators and that she and her fellow progressives are doing God’s work.  I kid you not.

PELOSI: Well, thank you for asking that question because the cultural issue, and especially when it comes to rural America, the isolation that some people feel there, plus they don’t think that Democrats are people of faith, when the fact is that we are. And I say, this will be a little not in keeping with the spirit of the day of unity, but I say they pray in church on Sunday and prey on people the rest of the week, and while we’re doing the Lord’s work by ministering to the needs of God’s creation they are ignoring those needs which is to dishonor the God who made them.

What an outrageous statement.  Even liberal rags such as the Washington Post have chronicled the most charitable people in this country are from the heartland.

Maybe Nancy Pelosi should take a look at her own back yard.  San Francisco was rated 6th least charitable city in the country.  This is her district and she has the audacity to lecture Americans on ministering to the needs of God’s creation?  It’s time for this lady to go back to church and repent her treachery and lies. 


What Vile Lurks Under a Pussy Hat

No wonder men turn to porn when this lurks under a nasty pussy.

Ashley Judd's Nasty Rant Against Men

These people are in need of serious therapy.