Monday, November 8, 2010

Alaskan Federal Contractor Stumps for Murkowski

An Alaskan federal contractor gathers his employees and implicitly informs them that a vote for Lisa Murkowski is a vote for their jobs. He goes onto say that he doesn’t consider government subsidies funneled to his projects as “pork barrel spending.” Of course you don’t. Nobody considers themselves teat suckers.

Senator Lisa Murkowski is on the appropriations subcommittee: a choice appointment. Alaska is known for milking the taxpayers. The late Senator Ted Stevens was on this very same committee. He brought so much pork home that the state flag should have been changed to a squealing pig standing on the capitol steps, clutching a fistful of dollars. Remember the bridge to nowhere?

It’s this kind of attitude that is bankrupting this country.

H/T: Lonely Conservative

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