Monday, April 25, 2011

German Woman Stands Up Against Radical Muslims; Lucky not to be in Dearbornistan, Michigan

A brave German woman stood up against a bunch of Muslim radicals at a rally in Frankfurt, Germany. Her courage is admirable. But she hadn’t better try that crap in Dearbornistan, Michigan.

Reverend Terry Jones, the infamous Koran burner, was arrested over the weekend for daring to travel into the hinterlands of America’s Islamabad. He was immediately arrested for potentially disturbing the peace:

Judge Mark Somers set the $1 peace bond after a six-person jury decided in Dearborn's 19th District Court that Jones and Sapp were likely to breach the peace through a planned protest.

The bond was set on condition that Jones and Sapp not enter the premises of the Islamic Center of America or the nearby area for three years. Jones and Sapp had planned to protest Friday near the center.

Don’t even think about it German woman! That very thought might cost you $1.00, a night in the pokey and three year banishment from the land of Dearbornistan!


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Barb K. said...

We Americans have become a nation of wimps. If my father were alive it would break his heart -

On a side note, see the recent article today about Obama's birth certificate he produced? Looks like it might be a fake. Imagine that. No one described his race as "African" back in would have said "Negro" on his birth certificate - not African!! Liar liar pants on fire!