Saturday, November 19, 2011

Obama Shills for General Electric in Indonesia

It’s that time of week when Barack Hussein Obama gives his weekly presidential address. This time from a country that shaped his formative years: Indonesia.

Today, I’m speaking to you from Indonesia as I finish up my trip to the Asia Pacific – the region where we do most of our trade and sell most of our exports. And over the past week, the progress we’ve made in opening markets and boosting exports here will help create more jobs and more growth in the United States.

Here in Indonesia, I was proud to join leaders from some of our nation’s top companies as they announced trade deals that will support nearly 130,000 American jobs and potentially increase U.S. exports by up to $39 billion. Boeing, for example, will sell more than 200 planes to Indonesia that are built with parts from suppliers in more than 40 states. And a deal to export GE engines will support jobs at plants in Ohio and North Carolina.

These agreements will help us reach my goal of doubling American exports by 2014 – a goal we’re on pace to meet. And they’re powerful examples of how we can rebuild an economy that’s focused on what our country has always done best – making and selling products all over the world that are stamped with three proud words: “Made In America.”

Notice how he pointed out North Carolina and Ohio. These are the two states that he desperately needs in the next general election. And isn’t it shameful that this guy has reduced the presidency to a lowly salesman and shill for General Electric.

If Obama really wanted to attract businesses and create jobs in the United States he would revamp the tax code and get rid of burdensome regulations by disbanding whole federal agencies that have been the bane to the prosperity of all Americans. And let’s not forget that monstrosity that is the signature of the Anointed Ones presidency: ObamaCare.

But none of that will happen, because it’s not in his DNA. No, we will have to wait until the next election when this man faces a shameful ass beating at the polls.


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