Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Should Democrats Pay a Windfall Tax on Their Ill-Gotten Gains

Democrats have been screwing the American taxpayers over for years. What was once backroom graft is now openly flouted without shame. Government agencies are the vehicle that the top 1% of political grifters uses to steal the bread others have labored to make.

It’s no secret that Democratic Party operatives have been getting sweetheart deals. The Department of Energy has been outed. Bundlers for Barack Obama and his Chicago political machine were granted guaranteed loans for suspect green energy schemes. Even the life-long leech, James Johnson formerly of Fannie Mae, couldn’t pass up the latest scam:

An investment firm whose vice chairman has been an adviser and fundraiser for President Obama saw one of its portfolio companies win approval this year for $50 million in loans from the administration’s clean-energy loan program.

Washington-based Perseus says its affiliation with James A. Johnson, a major fundraiser for Obama’s campaign, played no role in persuading the Energy Department to award the loan to
Vehicle Production Group, a Miami start-up that is manufacturing wheelchair-accessible cars and taxis.

Johnson headed Obama’s vice presidential selection committee in 2008 and is the former chairman of housing mortgage giant Fannie Mae. He was listed as a campaign fundraising
bundler for Obama in the 2008 race, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, and committed to raising $200,000 to $500,000 for the upcoming presidential race.

Johnson could not be reached for comment Thursday. Perseus Chairman Frank Pearl said in an interview that it is an “absurd idea” to think that Johnson’s political connections helped the Miami company.

“I doubt there was anybody at DOE that even considered the fact that Jim was part of this firm. We went straight through the proper channels of the [loan] program,” he said

Department spokesman Damien LaVera said in a statement Thursday that “the decision to provide the Vehicle Production Group a loan was made based on the merits after more than two years of review by officials in the DOE loan program.”

So James Johnson’s connections to the Obama administration and other Democratic political operatives had no influence on this loan? HOGWASH!!

And let’s not forget all that Stimulus money that went to the unions and was laundered back to the Democratic Party.

It’s about time the Democrats pay the American people back for their ill-gotten gains. I believe a Windfall Tax should be levied on this band of grifters. Besides, don’t we all want social justice?

Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/another-obama-fundraiser-and-adviser-is-investor-in-car-company-that-won-federal-loan/2011/10/27/gIQAPsnYPM_story.html?hpid=z3

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