Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tsar Obama Wants a More Streamlined Oprichniki

Barack Obama isn’t satisfied until he has all of his oprichnikis streamlined into a more consolidated pack. The angry Tsar wants to sic his salivating dogs on us villagers. And if Congress doesn’t give him the power, then he’ll just take it himself. The Anointed One has already demonstrated that he doesn’t give a wit about representative government. The appointment of Cordray and his Cerberus to the NLRB should be enough to disabuse us of the notion that we still have a constitution.

And if companies believe they can escape the long-arm of an Obama bureaucrat, they’d better think again. This power hungry bastard will make sure that you’re “committed” to his government. But at the same time assures everyone that he wouldn’t abuse his power. Yeah right!

The American Tsar wants a 21st century bureaucracy that will serve as a one-stop shop for small and large businesses. We will have a government that will be more efficient than the private sector. To qualify for a government subsidized guaranteed loan, all you have to do is become a campaign bundler for King Obama and the Democratic Party. After that, who cares if you succeed?

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