Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fake News? Mainstream Media Heal Thyself!

The latest meme from butt-hurt, mainstream media is fake news derailed Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.  According to these self-proclaimed purveyors of truth, Americans are too stupid to discern manufactured stories from real ones.  And when they mean stupid, they’re talking about Trump voters.

In truth, the media should ask themselves, why doesn’t anyone trust them anymore?  Why are people turning to alternative sources?  Could it possibly be that they are the ones who manufacture fake news?  Could it possibly be that mainstream media is so biased in their reporting that they’ve become nothing more than propagandists for the Democratic Party?  Hell, The New York Times had to apologize to its readers!

My distrust dates back to the 90’s when I finally got tired of being told Republicans wanted to starve children and kill grandma and grandpa off during the so-called government shutdown.  I was disgusted by news anchors, which night after night, made excuses for the Democratic Party’s criminal behavior.  And as we can see, nothing has changed.  Hillary Clinton should be in jail for influence peddling, and violating the espionage act.  But according to the mainstream media, conservatives are the problem!

So now the local rags are replete with editorials on how Trump voters were duped by fake news.  These are the same people who lauded John Stewart’s, The Daily Show.  Conservatives didn’t take this Comedy Central show seriously, nor do we when it comes to internet sites that proclaimed Pope Francis endorsed Trump.  That is outright preposterous just like when the Charlotte Observer claimed HB2 would kill homosexuals.

I know fake news when I read it and I sure as hell don’t need a lecture about echo chambers from the morons at the Disturber who publish some of the most outrageous op-eds and stories in the country.  Mainstream media heal thyself! 


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