Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Reckoning After Election Day

Day of Reckoning

I couldn’t disagree more with the Bolsheviks at the Charlotte Observer’s editorial board when it comes to issues; however, we all acknowledge Election Day will not be the end of this political nightmare the central planners have created.

Tuesday will determine who runs the show.  Wednesday will commence a reckoning that is long overdue.  This election cycle has exposed the outright corruption in Washington D.C. and their dishonest lapdogs in the mainstream media.  The American people are ready to restore our Constitution and the republic for which it stands.  That means taking power away from these Potomac potlickers and marginalizing the syphilic whores that propagate their diseased policies.  That’s right; I’m talking about you Disturber.

The Charlotte Observer sees people like me as the problem.  Here is an excerpt from a recent editorial by Taylor Batten:

Vigorous policy debates are vital. But in recent years, we’ve crossed a line and now are incapable of finding common ground. Thanks to gerrymandering, social media’s echo chamber and other factors, most politicians have an incentive to dig in.

Ironically, it was the resulting gridlock in Washington that prompted voters’ disgust, which then birthed Donald Trump’s popularity. Though he may be the most offensive presidential candidate in U.S. history, the fact that some 60 million people will vote for him demonstrates the depth of people’s disgust with politics as usual.

Taylor Batten is a moron.  It wasn’t gridlock that prompted voters’ disgust and brought about Donald Trump’s candidacy, if anything it’s the opposite.  The Tea Party came into fruition when both parties bailed out the banks and the auto industry.  We were also disgusted when Democrats used the federal bureaucracy to punish their political opponents. Oh, and let’s not forget that obnoxious monstrosity called the Affordable Health Care Act.  How is that working out for everyone? 

Mr. Batten believes Donald Trump’s popularity is due to gridlock.  Hell, we want gridlock.  More importantly, we want a Congress who will stand up to a wannabe dictator with a pen and phone.  Donald Trump’s candidacy is a cry for someone to stand up and take on Washington D.C. and the administrative state.  We want our Constitution back!

And then we have the other two yahoos – Eric Frazier and Peter St. Onge – who see everything through the prism of race.  These guys are a sad lot and exemplify the Democratic Party as a whole.      

Americans must take a stand against these scoundrels who divide us into subset groups.  The Charlotte Observer would have their readers believe white America is afraid of brown skinned immigrants.  That is an outright lie.  What we want is for these people to assimilate and adopt the American creed.  That includes respecting American sovereignty, the rule of law and understanding what it means to be an American.  The editorial board at the Charlotte Observer has demonstrated they are in desperate need of a refresher course as well.     


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