Thursday, April 27, 2017

Red State, America's Economic Future is Bright

Red state, America you are looking good!  Strut your bad self on over here and give us a twirl.  Wow, your future is so bright we need to put on some shades.  What do I see?  Is that you Mississippi?  I tell you, those blue state commies are eating their words right about now.  You went from a 43rd ranking in an ALEC-Laffer 2005 – 2015 economic rating to a projected outlook of 22 in 2017.  New York is dead last!  Who’s the gummer now, libtards?

Somebody tell the morons at the Charlotte Observer that our General Assembly’s Republican supermajority has propelled the state of North Carolina from 9th place to 3rd.  The editorial board just can’t seem to keep those good economic policies down despite their ridiculous characterizations.


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