Thursday, April 27, 2017

The United States is NOT a Nation of Immigrants

I am sick of hearing this nonsensical bumper sticker crap, “America is a nation of immigrants.”  I am not an immigrant and neither are the vast majority of the citizens who populate this country.  I doubt 75% of the populace can name an ancestor who immigrated to the United States because they are so far removed.

The rebuttal I normally get is the only people who are not immigrants on the North American continent are native Indians.  Oh, really?  Weren’t we taught their ancestors crossed a land bridge from Siberia back in the Ice Age?  Actually, scientists can back up this claim with DNA test.

The simple fact is world history is replete with constant migrations and most of it unwelcome.  Let’s take Spain as an example, in 237 BC the Carthaginians invaded (or should we say migrated) the Iberian Peninsula.  Then came the Romans and after them the Visigoths and then the Moors.  And I’m sure the vanquished welcomed these conquering "immigrants" with open arms.

A nation consists of a people who have a common culture, language, history and governing principles.  They forge a social compact and those who wish to join must legally ask for permission and then adopt and assimilate to those guiding principles.  We call this citizenship; a nation cannot exist without it.    


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