Thursday, March 25, 2010

Are Democrats Looking For Their Reichstag Moment?

Democrats are accusing tea partiers of using acts of violence against their members who voted for the reprehensible health care reform bill. I’m beginning to wonder if these acts were caused by democratic partisians.

When Nancy Pelosi and her confederates marched to the Capitol to begin the debate on the passage of health care; not only did they mock the civil rights movement, it seemed as though they were trying to provoke an act of violence. The congressional black caucus accused protesters of hurling racial epithets. Rep. Emanuel Cleave of Missouri said he was spat on.

Are you trying to tell me that not one picture; not one clip of video can be produced on this historic event to substantiate the claims of these democrats? Something is not right.

Rep. Tom Perriello announced that his brother’s gas line from a propane tank to his grill was cut; an accompanying letter supposedly was left behind. Now, why would somebody cut a gas line to a grill? That just seems preposterous to me. I would be tempted to say “manufactured”.

Rep. Louise Slaughter of the infamous ‘deem and pass’ bill had a brick tossed through her district office window in upstate New York. A Barry Goldwater message, ‘Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice’ was attached. I wouldn’t doubt the brick thrower was an aide of Ms. Slaughter, and they committed this act of violence to play upon the sympathy of her constituents.

Rep. Stupak – the Judas from Michigan – has received a number of messages from “pro-lifers” who have let their thoughts known on his answering machine. What the media is not telling us is that Stupak and his wife was receiving threatening messages from the left wingers who were displeased with his “stance” on abortion, as reported by the Politico:

Stupak, who in numerous recent interviews has called his life a “living hell,” said during an interview on MSNBC’s “Daily Rundown” that his wife has had to unplug the family’s home phone.

Stupak said that he has been “cussed out” wherever he has gone since becoming the face of a group of roughly a dozen House Democrats who vowed to vote against the bill unless the current abortion language is removed.

“Unfortunately for my wife, she has to unplug the phone at night because you get the phone calls at 2 a.m., 3 a.m. in the morning,” the Michigan Democrat said. “They want to cuss you out.”

“My staff is overwhelmed and we're accosted basically wherever we go by people who disagree,” he added. “We should have disagreements in this country. I for one am standing on a principle most Americans agree with. There's no reason for that language, abusive behavior to my family, my staff or even myself ."

Roy Beck of NumbersUSA attended the Amnesty for Illegals march in Washington D.C. which was sponsored by S.E.I.U. Mr. Beck tried to tape a video and commentary when he and his staff were harassed by union thugs. NumbersUSA explains what happened:

What happened Sunday continues S.E.I.U.'s and its allies' months-long strategy of dogging Roy's every public appearance, trying to shout him down or hounding event organizers to bar him from speaking. We have never tried to deny them their freedom of speech.

But this time the S.E.I.U. went much further. It sent a team of attorneys dressed as "mimes" and S.E.I.U. employees to stalk, push, shove, harass and whistle down Roy and his TV crew for several hours. It was very aggressive, including incitement of the crowd toward violence.

Roy filed criminal assault charges against the mimes and their S.E.I.U. organizers, who spent hours trying to block our webcast. (All of this can be seen and heard on the homepage of

When the Federal Park Police finally ordered the S.E.I.U. agitators to move away from Roy and our TV crew, one of the "mimes" took the confrontation to a new low by falsely accusing one of our colleagues of assaulting her -- some three hours after it supposedly took place! The Park Police, acting on the word of the agitators, hand-cuffed and arrested our colleague on the National Mall. (We got him out of custody before the night was over, but he still must fight the pending criminal charge in court!)

An S.E.I.U. thug falsely accused one of Mr. Beck’s colleagues of assaulting her? Go figure. Maybe we should remember what happened to a tea partier at the hands of a group S.E.I.U. thugs last year:

Many will say I am overly suspicious, but considering the acts of these people I wouldn’t put anything pass them.

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