Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Federal Government and Arrogance of Power

As the federal government expands its tentacles and wraps them around our collective throat, we can see the consequence that a powerful central authority can have over our everyday lives.

California’s San Joaquin Valley was once considered the bread basket of the world; that was until the environmental nut-jobs high-jacked the Federal Bureau of Reclamations office and the NOAA/Marine Biological Agency. These agencies used the Endangered Species Act to stop 95% of the water that was pumped into the valley in order to save a fish called the Delta Smelt.

The consequences have been devastating. Families are losing their farms. Unemployment has reached 40% in some areas with an estimated 40,000 jobs lost in the valley. The land of milk and honey has turned into a desert. The 750,000 acres of bounty now produces tumbleweeds. The loss of agricultural output from the San Joaquin will cost every one of us at the grocery store. Thanks a lot you morons in the Federal government.

Now that the democrats are trying to ram through their socialist health care program, they need the two blue dogs from that area to vote yea on their bill. Representatives Dennis Cardoza and Jim Costa have been offered a bribe. In exchange for their vote, the water spigots would be opened in the valley. I guess the Delta Smelt is about to get screwed. So much for an endangered species; social Darwinism is about to swallow a fish, at least in the San Joaquin.

I hope that the two congressmen are not deceived by the powers that be and their promises. The Democratic leadership is as fickle as the attention span of a five year old.

If the spigots do open in California, don’t think that the environmentalist are defeated. They want to control and regulate all recreational fishing. Here are a couple of excerpts from Transition Green:

"Under the new Administration, NOAA (National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration) should support legislation and initiatives to promote a coordinated, cross Federal and State agency, systematic approach to protecting, maintaining, and restoring marine ecosystem health and resilience.

"This type of 'whole ocean' ecosystem approach could be pursued through a variety of administrative and legislative vehicles and conservation tools, including the establishment and implementation of a national ocean policy to protect, maintain, and restore marine ecosystem health and resilience, and the creation of Federal-state partnerships directed to implement priority needs under such a policy. This could enhance the effectiveness of marine spatial as a critical tool for promoting ocean health and resilience...

"Well-designed protected areas are a proven method of protecting and restoring habitat and the diversity, resilience and productivity of marine life and promoting overall ocean health. These areas can also improve scientific understanding of marine functions.

"Establishing a domestic and international system of marine protected areas is critical in the face of mounting cumulative pressures from fishing, pollution, coastal and ocean development and industrialization, climate change, and ocean acidification."

The days of Andy and Opie strolling down to the fishing hole could be a thing of the past; unless you have approval from a federal bureaucrat.

Another power grab is that no one will be able to get a student loan from a private bank. The democrats want sole authority as to who will and will not get a loan. This is absolutely outrageous. Can you feel the noose tightening around your neck? But there was one bank in the whole country that would have the ability to provide student loans; and that one bank is located in Bismarck; that was until word got out. It has subsequently been scrubbed.

Little by little they are eating away at our liberties. It will be just a matter of time before they tell us how big our toilet bowls can be. Wait a minute…they already have.


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