Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23,2010: A Date That Shall Live in Infamy

Today the Constitution has been officially discarded. Barack Obama signed a bill into law that would require all Americans to purchase health insurance. This same bill mandates that the federal government hire an army of I.R.S. agents to steal our liberty, and property. They should officially change their insignia to that of the oprichniki: a broom and a dog's head.

The whole process is an insult to our intelligence. Obama's condescending and less than ingenuous speech; his signing ceremony where he used a little kid as a prop; Nancy Pelosi and her confederates making a mockery of the civil rights movement by simulating a march to the capitol. These people have no shame.

Members of the congressional black caucus accused tea party activist of hurling racial epithets. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver said he was spat upon. No objective witness has come forward and confirmed these accusations.

I don't trust these people. After watching the corrupt machinations and outright lies these people have spewed, how can anybody believe a word they say? Until, somebody comes forward with a videotape, these conspirators should have a suspect eye leveled upon them.

The good news is that the states are filing lawsuits, and hopefully the courts will find this law unconstitutional. We can only hope.

We cannot afford another entitlement program with a new army of government overlords. It has already been stated that a value added tax will be implemented to help pay for this monstrosity. We are going to end up just like Europe. In the meantime, congressmen and their staff are exempt from participating in the very law they just passed.

I guess there really is two Americas; one for the political class and one for the rest of us.

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