Monday, May 6, 2013

Look Away, Red State Land

It looks like the Divided States of America is having another great awakening.  Liberty loving citizens have signed petitions to secede from the union, as a form of protest, over an ever grasping federal government.  Red states are taking a stand against the totalitarians that infest Washington D. C.  Recently, Kansas passed a law protecting its citizens from federal gun-grabbing laws.  South Carolina’s state House passed a bill that would prohibit anyone from enforcing Obamacare on individuals and businesses.  And the whole country knows about Texas.


This is just the opening salvos of what is to be a long and contentious war of attrition.  Either we can accept the Democratic Party’s notion of America by disabusing ourselves of federalism and a constitution; or, we as a people can renounce the progressive movement by repealing the 14th, 16th, and 17th amendments, and restore limited government and the genius of our founding.

Even libtards are coming to the realization that this country cannot stand; either we are free, or totalitarian.  Lee Siegel of the Daily Beast wrote an article about our nation's conundrum.  Of course, he characterized Southerners as a bunch of illiterate hayseeds completely devoid of common sense, education and culture. 

We hillbillies have come to expect that kind of condescending attitude from elitist snobs from New York City.  Their sense of superiority is something to behold, even as their citizens flee their collective utopia.  United Van Lines submits an annual report.  I don’t see anyone migrating to blue states.  I beg you Mr. Siegel, please put up a Berlin-style wall to keep your teat squawking carpetbaggers from invading the South.  We already have a problem with illegal aliens; we don’t need your ilk down here.
What Mr. Siegel fails to understand is this isn’t a repeat of the War of Northern Aggression.  What we have is a rural vs. urban conflict.  The last general election is indicative of what truly divides America.  Take a look at the county by county map.  That says it all.


 If we are able to repeal the aforementioned amendments, and if States can implement a proportional Electoral College system, we can marginalize the paternalistic tyranny of libtards like Lee Siegel.  I don’t mind the ranting and ravings of an elitist snob, just as long as they stay out of my life.

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