Saturday, May 4, 2013

Slap Shot: A Movie Made for Men

Slap Shot has to be one of the most politically incorrect movies of all time.  And I loved it!  I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.   I wish a squishy, millennial libtard could watch it with me so I can measure the reaction on his face.  I can just imagine the thought processes of an emasculated wussy sitting in a stupor as the characters in this film assault his delicate sensibilities.  

In a day and age when a president of the United States wears mom jeans, a helmet, and bubble wrap when riding a bicycle, it felt good to reflect upon a time when men were men, and a leader of the free world could throw a baseball.


The seventies was a great era, except of course the fashion.  What in the hell was going on there?  I still remember the bellbottom pants, white belts, platform shoes, and god awful flowery shirts.  How that ensemble happened is a mystery to me.  But to be fair, the cars and music were great.  And there was none of this touchy-feely crap that has permeated our society.  Slap Shot definitely has none of that nonsense in the story line.
What I found amazing is that this movie is based on an actual minor league hockey team.  Some of the exploits are so over-the-top that you’d say there is no way that could’ve happened.  Even some of the characters are loosely based on some of the players. 

Slap Shot is a man’s movie and a top 10 cult favorite.  Hell, even today’s lesbian might enjoy it.  They’re as much of a man as our president.

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