Sunday, January 15, 2017

Liberal Rhetoric Ad Nausem

I recently received a comment on a blog post about the monumental disaster Democrats create.  This doctrinaire spewed the usual talking points without providing data to back it up.  His assertions were easily refuted.  One that really bothered me is his insistence that Obamacare cut the number of uninsured in half and reduced healthcare cost.  He then told me to look it up.  I can say with certainty that I have “looked it up” and have done so these past 6 years.  Not only have I looked it up, I’ve lived through it as have millions of others.

Anyone with practical experience can attest to the high premiums and deductibles of insurance policies.  And I sure as hell do not consider the expansion of Medicaid rolls and increasing the national debt something worthy of praise.  No American should. 

Obamacare needs to be repealed. However, this will not go down without a fight.  Democrats, once again, are using lies and scare tactics to protect a bad law that is un-American and unconstitutional. outlined 5 myths of Obamacare repeal.  Here are a few:

It will add 20 million to uninsured rolls. This is the most pervasive myth of all, repeated ad nauseam in every news story about the law. There is no truth to it. The figure comes from the Obama administration itself, based on manipulated survey data. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services — which runs ObamaCare — says the number of uninsured declined by 15 million between 2013 and 2015 (the last year for which they have data). The Census Bureau says it dropped by less than 13 million. The Heritage Foundation looked at actual enrollment data and found that just over 14 million gained coverage by the end of 2015. Not all of this decline is because of ObamaCare, either, since millions of people got jobs over those years, many of whom gained coverage as well.

In any case, Republicans plan a transition away from ObamaCare to reforms that will make insurance more competitive and more affordable, along with rules that will encourage young people to buy and maintain coverage. The 20 million claim is pure poppycock.

It will increase health costs. Obama loves to claim that ObamaCare led to a slowdown in health costs. Not true. The rate of increase in national spending on health care had been on a steady decline well before ObamaCare became law. ObamaCare reversed that trend once it went into full effect. The rate of increase in premiums for employer-provided insurance had also slowed before ObamaCare took effect. The shift in the employer market toward Health Savings Account plans — which Democrats hate — is largely responsible for that.

Without ObamaCare, people with pre-existing conditions won't get insurance. A Kaiser Family Foundation report says that 25% of U.S. adults could be uninsurable if ObamaCare gets repealed because of pre-existing conditions. But that number is wildly inflated, since the vast majority of people get coverage through group plans or government-run programs that don't deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions. Plus, every Republican alternative to ObamaCare includes some protections for those with serious health problems.

We can expect full blown hysteria these coming months.  Democrats are good at hyperbole and dangerous rhetoric.  


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