Sunday, May 19, 2013

Libtards Want to Turn the Tribune into a Communal Paper

These people are completely clueless.  If the Tribune and other print news were turning out a decent product, they wouldn’t be in financial trouble.  They need to be restructured.  Better yet, they need credibility which is in short supply in today’s media.
Libtards are always railing against corporations.  Yet, if they were to take over the Tribune, they too would have to be a corporation.  I’m amazed at how stupid these people are.

 And as usual the big phantoms of everything evil, according to these idiots, are Fox News and the Kock brothers.  Gee, remind me again, who is harassing the citizens of this country.  I do believe it’s the Obama administration and his progressive minions in the federal bureaucracy.  
H/T:  Weasel Zippers 

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