Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cross Up, Don't Sue!

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.  Well, there is nothing meek about the militant LGBT community and their praetorian guards in today’s progressive movement.  Shame isn’t exactly a resume enhancer when it comes to these people.  Everyone must accept their homosexual lifestyles even if it means forcing others to violate their conscience and/or religion.

Monomaniacal is the best way to describe these 1 percenters.  The LGBT community is so obsessed with their sexuality that they are willing to destroy the livelihood of others as a means to advance their agenda.  Any business that is remotely associated with Christianity has a huge target on its back.  Cross bearers will be forced to cater their weddings and events.  Your religion, be damned.  Your conscience, be damned.  Your lifestyle, be damned.  A Christian business owners’ slogan should be:  Cross up, Don’t Sue!

So when sympathetic Americans defend a besieged business for having the audacity for being Christian while owning a business, the LGBT community couldn’t believe it.   

A couple of years ago, militant gays attacked Chick-fil-A for defending traditional marriage.  Some in the LGBT community were brazen enough to make out in these restaurants.  They seem to enjoy shocking the senses of mainstream Americans, particularly Christians.

What’s next?  Will they parade themselves in front of churches wearing assless pants, while gerbils play peek-a-boo with parishioners attending Sunday services?

Is the LGBT community capable of shame?


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