Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We'll Observer Earth Day When EPA Observes the Law

You got to love this.  The National Federation of Independent Businesses declared they would observe Earth Day when the EPA observes the law.   

Regulatory agencies are supposed to assess how new rules will affect small businesses.  In this case, however, the EPA bypassed that step, arguing that the new rule is merely a definitional change and does not, therefore, require a small business impact study.

“That’s a pretty self-serving interpretation,” said Bosch.  “The President, who may support the new rule, should nevertheless respect the process and require the EPA to perform the analysis.”

NFIB has previously warned Americans that the new water regulations will give theEPA control over virtually any body of water on any homeowner's property - no matter how small or often it gets wet. Under the rule, the EPA will regulate homeowners as if they were casino developers in the Gulf Coast, NFIB warns

I wonder when the EPA will declare a national holiday for their agency, and then force all of us to celebrate it.  It could happen.  This agency seems to answer to no one.  They’re a law unto themselves.


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