Monday, June 19, 2017

Americans Should be Wary of the Democratic Party

Democrats have once again demonstrated their propensity for violence.  They were aggressive during the campaign when they infiltrated and disrupted our rallies.  They got in our faces hoping to provoke a fight.  Some Trump supporters were surrounded and beaten.  Does anyone remember the woman who stood defiantly against a horde of illegal aliens and Marxist fanatics while they screamed profanities and pelted her with eggs?  Should we  really be surprised these lunatics would assassinate republican politicians?

Recently, I watched a documentary about the Cuban revolution and I noticed a template of sorts.  Most of the radical leaders were indoctrinated in universities.  They were usually middle to upper-middle class and professed to represent the “people.”

The Castro brothers were sons of a wealthy man.  They were bastards but at least their father didn’t disown them. As a matter of fact, Fidel went to a private elementary school before enrolling into a Jesuit preparatory school.  He married a woman whose father was a minister in Batista’s government.  Fidel was well educated and connected.

While Fidel and his band of rebels occupied the Sierra Maestra, others were inflicting violence in Havana and other urban areas.  And when that didn’t work, these rebels resorted to political assassinations.  

When the Cuban Marxists finally gained power they began to execute political opponents.  If that sounds familiar, it should.  That is exactly what happened in the French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Mao’s Cultural Revolution, Vietnamese Revolution and Hitler’s Third Reich.   

A couple of days ago, a Bernie Sanders supporter hunted and shot down Republican congressmen on a baseball field.  It didn’t take long for Democrats to make excuses for this abhorrent behavior; others claimed the GOP deserved it.  

I believe the American people should keep a wary eye on the Democratic Party.  These people no longer subscribe to the American creed.  Their allegiance is to an ideology that is foreign, violent and oppressive.       



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