Sunday, June 4, 2017

Western Civilization Will Be the Next Tower of Babel

Once again, the religion of peace has treated Western civilization to another demonstration of love and understanding.  Last night, Londoners were attacked by a band of terrorists, who for some reason, have misinterpreted the prophet Muhammad’s message of tolerance and coexistence.  Oh that’s right, I forgot Islam means submit.  What am I thinking?  

All successful civilizations fall and ours is not immune.  A couple of years ago, I watched a documentary on the Tower of Babel.  David Rohl demonstrated that this tale could actually be true but not for the reasons told in the Bible.  The demise of this ancient culture is a well-worn truism of which we are witnessing today in Europe and the United States.

Secrets of the Bible: Season 1 Episode 11 - The... by ghazwanmattoka

What brought the downfall of this ancient civilization is a massive migration from lesser cultures.  These immigrants were attracted to the success and wealth of others.  Unfortunately, these foreigners refused to acculturate; hence, the many languages, and without a doubt, the concomitant hostilities that brought down a great city.

What happened to the citizens of this ancient civilization?  Well, like most people who’ve had their country invaded by hostile foreigners, they fled.  Recently, DNA test were performed on Egyptian mummies.  Those tests revealed that the subjects ancestors originated from Mesopotamia and the Anatolian Peninsula.  Could they be the descendents of Babel?  David Rohl seems to think so and it looks like he may be right.

The tale of the tower of Babel is as relevant today as it is ancient.  Rome fell because of a Germanic invasion that brought about the Dark Ages.  A third world invasion into Europe and the United States could bring another.  The multiculturalists and globalists who deny history are condemning us to repeat it.  



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