Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mental Illness is Becoming a National Security Issue

There is a sickness that pervades the United States.  Young people have been conditioned into a state of self-loathing and hatred for this country.  This isn’t just a mental health issue, it’s becoming a threat to our national security.  A young woman by the name of Reality Winner personifies this sickness.  Here are some of her tweets.

 winners tweet1

winners tweet4 

winners tweet5

This kind of self-loathing is happening throughout the West.  The New American summed it up:

It’s very simple: As a civilization, the West is as out of touch with reality as is Reality. Too many of our government officials are more concerned about whether you approve of faux marriage or boys masquerading as girls — and ensuring you can’t work if you don’t — than about that trivial little matter of whether you’re loyal to the country. You can bet that if Winner had been denied clearance based on her “political beliefs,” a large swath of the nation would consider it “intolerant” and unjust discrimination.

Moreover, we’ve become so relativistic that many people don’t even know what patriotism is. Today one can be a masculinized woman but yet be “feminine”; a boy but yet be a girl; and anti-American but yet, somehow, still be considered patriotic based on the notion that his antipathy is actually love-born constructive criticism.

This sickness is called moral relativism and it will become the downfall of Western civilization.

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