Thursday, February 14, 2013

N.C. Attorney General's Valentine's Day Advice

North Carolina’s Attorney General Roy Cooper is giving advice on Valentine’s Day.  He’s becoming a regular Barack Obama when it comes to talking down to people. 
“These scam artists do a lot of research on their victims. They try to find people of means. And it’s clear that these con artists are very convincing,” says Cooper. “Another problem is that most of them operate overseas making it difficult for law enforcement here in North Carolina and in the United States to catch them.”

Sometimes family members will alert police. Sometimes banks and wire companies will. Last year, the state was able to stop three people from boarding plans to hand-deliver cash to their sweethearts in other countries.
So in this Valentine’s season, Cooper has some advice: Remember, people online aren’t always who they say they are, and never send money to strangers you meet through internet sites, even if they say they love you.

I wonder what the people of North Carolina can do when they’re being scammed by their Attorney General.  This guy informed our DOT that we’re obligated by law to issue driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.  Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, you stinking political hack.

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