Friday, February 15, 2013

NC Commission Pushing Rule to Prohibit Christianity for Preschoolers

 The attack on Christians and religious institutions keeps chugging along.  A North Carolina commission is trying to pass a rule that would prohibit religious instruction to preschoolers.  I guess the only people who pay taxes are atheist.

 RALEIGH — The Child Care Commission made another attempt Feb. 4 to get a procedural committee that sifts through administrative rules to approve a controversial rule prohibiting religious instruction at NC Pre-K centers. The commission implements regulations at private and public centers statewide.

“They don’t teach theology in our public schools with state money,” said Angela Beacham, a member of the commission. “I do have a problem with saying we will be spending NC Pre-K dollars and setting a different criteria for religious institutions.”

NC Pre-K, formerly known as More at Four, is the state’s pre-kindergarten program designed to help 4-year-olds considered at risk of failure in school.

Earlier this year, the Rules Review Commission, which reviews administrative rules before they’re implemented, had qualms with the rule, with staff and some members saying the Child Care Commission didn’t have authority to implement such a rule. Some say that it was in conflict with a state law exempting child care centers operated by churches and other religious organizations from some state regulations.

The Rules Review Commission didn’t reject the rule outright when it reviewed it. And Alexandra Gruber, an attorney representing the Child Care Commission, said she didn’t know how the Rules Review Commission would rule on the proposed rule if it goes back.

Because we all know the Christian philosophy is evil, and only the “STATE” should be worshipped.  The earlier your children know this, the better off everyone will be.

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