Thursday, February 14, 2013

Obama's Illegal Alien Policies Deteriorating Moral of Agents

Chris Crane, the union president for ICE agents, testified before Congress.  We all know the Obama administration refuses to enforce our immigration laws.  But what is revealing is the corrosive atmosphere these policies have on law enforcement.  CNSNews reported the following:

Crane testified that DHS and the Obama administration will allow ICE agents to enforce federal immigration law only if aliens have committed major crimes.

“If an alien is arrested by local police and placed in jail, again, ICE agents may not arrest them for illegal entry or VISA overstay,” Crane said. “New policies require that illegal aliens have a felony arrest or conviction or be convicted of three or more misdemeanors.

“So, many illegal aliens with criminal convictions are also now untouchable.” Crane said.

“ICE is crumbling from within,” Crane said. “Morale is at an all time low as criminal aliens are released to the streets and ICE instead takes disciplinary actions against its own officers for making lawful arrests.

“It appears clear that federal law enforcement officers are the enemy and not those who break our nation’s laws,” Crane said. “Whether it be our current immigration laws or future reforms – all will fail as long as individuals can pick and choose which laws enacted by Congress will be enforced.

“Operationally, ICE is not prepared or able to properly perform its mission and the interior of the U.S. is not secure,” said Crane, referring to ICE’s role to enforce immigration law inside United States while Customs and Border Protection are tasked with arrests and apprehensions on the border.

Crane said his union has sent a letter to the president asking him to include ICE officers and agents in discussions at the White House on immigration policy – an invitation he said has not yet been forthcoming.

“President Obama has excluded ICE officers and agents from all input on immigration reforms, as well as ICE and DHS arrest policies,” Crane said.

Crane also criticized DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, who testified ahead of Crane about the success of her agency in enforcing immigration laws, including what she called record numbers of illegal alien deportations.

“Secretary Napolitano describes these new policies as smart and effective,” Crane said. “I can assure you they are neither.”

The Obama administration holds everyone in contempt except the illegal aliens themselves.


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