Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rogue Companies Defy Federal Labor Laws

Libtards have their panties in a wad over a revelation that federal government projects funded through the vaunted Stimulus Bill have gone to companies that have suspect hiring practices.  McClatchy owned newspapers published a five part series on companies that use subcontractors to circumvent federal labor laws in order to underbid their compliant competitors.

This practice is common in the construction industry.  It is prevalent in states that are infested with illegal aliens.  North Carolina is at the top of that list.  Here is what their investigation found:

Companies using stimulus money routinely snubbed labor law and the Internal Revenue Service by treating workers as independent contractors in a clear violation of what’s allowed.

The scofflaws undercut the bids of do-it-right competitors who refused to push their roofers, painters and electricians off their payrolls and into limbo.

Laborers got swindled. They lost unemployment insurance and, in many cases, workers’ compensation benefits and fair wages. Some didn’t even know they were being hurt.

All this happened under the noses of government officials. From the White House down to county-level agencies, regulators could have stopped it. Some top government officials admit they didn’t.

Happened under government officials noses?  That is laughable!  Commonsense tells you this has been going on for decades.  The problem stems from Washington D.C. itself.  They refuse to enforce immigration laws.  Hell, they’re advocates for illegal immigration as well as their lapdogs in the media who’ve reported this!  And they have the audacity to act surprised?

Do liberals believe all illegal aliens are gardeners, maids and nannies?  Of course not!  They are in the trades.  They are taking skilled jobs that would otherwise go to Americans.

Here is an example of progressive hypocrisy.  The Charlotte Observer published a separate article on the first page of their Sunday edition, “Legal Hurdles for Child Refugees.”  Two children from Honduras made a long trek to Charlotte, NC to meet up with their mother, who by the way is an illegal alien.  And guess what she does for a living?  She paints houses.  Do you think she is an employee?  Chances are she is a subcontractor that pays no federal or state taxes.

I could barely read this piece from the Disturbers tear stained pity piece.  Yet, they’re outraged about the hiring practices of rogue companies.

Oh, and for your information, the illegal alien house painter with two illegal alien kids made a noteworthy comment:

 “I didn’t want them to make that trip here, but my biggest fear is they will be deported back,” she says.  “If they try to take my children, we would go to another place, another state, even another country.  We would leave and start over.”

We know she isn’t going to Mexico.  They don’t tolerate illegal immigrants there.

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