Saturday, May 2, 2015

Apostles Preach the Gospel of Washington D.C.

Joseph de Maistre once wrote the maxim, “Every country gets the government it deserves.”  That is a powerful truism; one which deserves reflection, particularly in the world’s oldest republic turning into a free-for-all democracy.

The United States has become a Petri dish of populism despite warnings from our founding fathers.  They knew the perils of a democracy.  Life, liberty, property and self-government would eventually fall prey to demagogues who preach envy and greed from the pulpit of a grand centralized government.  These saviors from a distant capitol will take care of every base need and want of a salivating populace by taking from others.  Their “good book” is a preponderance of tax codes and regulations.  Their apostles are bureaucrats, lobbyists, community organizers, academia and so-called journalist preaching the gospel of Washington D.C.

To ensure the power of the federal pulpit, religious institutions have to be marginalized and silenced and what better way to do that then by advancing an onerous tax code that punishes political speech.  This was first done with the Tariff Act of 1894.  That law was declared unconstitutional in 1896.  Progressives wouldn’t be denied.  They once again re-established a church tax exemption in the Revenue Act of 1913.  This act is the foundation for violating the First Amendment rights of dissenting Christians in modern America by punishing churches that dare speak out against the depredations of a corrupt political system.

Progressives have found other means to advance their agenda by changing the behavior of congregants.  The Washington Free Beacon reported the following:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is spending $84,000 to study how churches can be used to combat climate change.

A taxpayer-funded graduate fellowship at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is examining 17 faith-based institutions that have implemented “sustainability initiatives” in the hopes of developing workshops to teach pastors and other religious leaders how to change the behaviors of their congregants.

“Climate change—which affects traditional faith-based efforts to improve human health, mitigate poverty and redress social inequity—is inspiring religious organizations to advocate for clean air and water, restore ecosystems, and conserve resources,” a grant for the project, which began last fall, states. “This project seeks to understand the empirical experiences of faith-based environmental efforts within communities.”

“Through what motivations and processes do congregation level sustainability initiatives emerge?” the grant asks. “What factors facilitate and/or hinder implementation of these initiatives? What environmental and community outcomes are perceived to have been achieved through these initiatives?”

“The results will provide insights into the role of religion and faith communities in motivating environmental behavior,” it said
Progressives don’t have a problem with separation of church and state as long as that church is the state.   Heterogeneous thought and governance is an apostasy to these cardinals of conformity.  Salvation can only be gained at the altar of the religion of liberalism.


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