Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Multicultural America is a Multicreedal America

 Liberals always seem to laud multiculturalism and diversity while demonizing Christianity and nationalism.  Why is that?  What is it about the American creed that is so offensive to their delicate sensibilities?  Are they so full of self-loathing that they would abandon the principles that made this country great.

Samuel Huntington wrote in his book, “Who Are We?  The Challenges to America’s Identity” the following:

“We the people of the United States” had to exist with common ethnicity, race, culture, language, and religion before we could “ordain and establish this Constitution of the United States of America.”  The Creed is unlikely to retain its salience if Americans abandon the Anglo-Protestant culture in which it has been rooted.  A multicultural America will, in time, become a multicreedal America, with groups with different cultures espousing distinctive political values and principles rooted in their particular cultures.

That sounds like a recipe for disaster.  And indeed tribalism is part of the Democratic Party’s grand scheme for a perpetual majority.  Christianity, the bedrock of American exceptionalism, has to be marginalized as well.  Huntington wrote:

Within countries, individuals who are more religious also tend to be more nationalist.  A 1983 survey of fifteen, mostly European, countries found that “in every country surveyed, those who said they were not religious are less likely to be proud of their country.”

That’s the truth.  Talk to any liberal and you can easily come to that conclusion.  Huntington concludes with this:

Dissenting Protestantism is central to America’s.  Americans are overwhelming committed to both God and country, and for Americans they are inseparable.  In a world in which religion shapes the allegiances, the alliances, and the antagonisms of people on every continent, it should not be surprising if Americans again turn to religion to find their national identity and their national purpose.

Samuel Huntington died little over a month after Barack Obama won the 2008 election.  No doubt he foresaw what this president-elect had in store for America.


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