Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ferguson Libtards "Terrorized" by Oath Keepers

Grievance mongers commemorated the one year anniversary of a thug who was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, MO.  Michael Brown, who robbed a convenience store owner and attacked a cop, has become the patron saint for Black Lives Matter looters throughout the country.
Citizens and small businesses were in need of protection.  A group called Oath Keepers answered the call which caused a commotion in libtardville.  Here is an excerpt from The St. Louis American:    

Our reporter was at the Ferguson protest on Monday, August 10 when a group of white men identified with the Oath Keepers group strutted through the throng of protestors. Belmar was on the scene, but neither he nor any of his officers stopped these heavily armed men to see if they had permits. In effect, their mere presence terrorized many protestors – our reporter said they made her fear for her life – but they were not dealt with as a threat by the chief or his officers. No one would argue that a black man carrying an assault weapon in the same tense situation would have been treated the same way.

“If those had been black men walking the streets of Ferguson with assault rifles, they would have been thrown to the ground and taken into custody,” our reporter said. “But these guys? Nothing. And at this same protest, people were brutally thrown to the ground and placed under arrest for slinging a little water. You need to tell Belmar he is going to lose all the ground he has made in this community if this keeps up.”

Did these armed “white men” loot and burn down businesses?  Did they attack police officers, or innocent civilians?  The answer to that is no.  And if their presence terrorized a liberal and/or a thug, well that’s too bad.  I’m sure local business owners appreciated Oath Keepers commitment to law and order.  God knows the Obama administration doesn’t.


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